AMC Update Thursday 7/31/08

All My Children Update Thursday 7/31/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie walks into Jesse's office and asks if she is disturbing him. Her tells her no she is not, because he always has time for her. He has a folder on his desk, and she asks if it is related to the Richie Novak murder. He tells her yes, but she will not like what he has to say. Jesse tells her that he talked with Frankie about his confrontation with Fletcher, and Frankie has a stubborn streak a mile long; he cannot believe how stubborn Frankie is. Angie wonders where Frankie got his stubbornness. Angie tells Jesse how she is so disappointed that Cassie could not confide in her. They have always been close and she knows that Cassie closed up, because she is frightened. Angie tells Jesse that Cassie accused her of trusting Jesse more than she trust Cassie. She is using Jesse as an excuse. Jesse believes that Cassie is scared because her back is against the wall. They are concerned about the Randi and Frankie situation. Angie felt likes she was talking to a stranger. She knew that Cassie withheld information from her because she could see it in her eyes. Cassie could not look her way as she spoke to her.

As Cassie, Dre, and Colby enter Jesse’s apartment, Petey pushes his way in. Colby does not want him around, but Dre and Cassie are OK with him being there since he knows about their secrete. Far too many people, such as Jesse, Dre, Colby, Petey, Adam and now Krystal, are sharing their secret. Colby is worried that the secret is getting out of hand. Colby tells them that she has an idea.

JR is taking the bait and falling into the traps that Adam is setting; JR is trying to take over Chandler Enterprise from his father. JR thinks the board members are behind him, because they think he is the right man for the job. JR believes that the company should be his, because he name is on the company. He use to feel a sense of entitlement, but now he knows that it takes hard work that he had to earn. When his father was in Brookhaven eating paper, JR ran the company and kept it from going under. He is now ready for the challenge of Chandler Enterprise.

Sam gets the press together to listen to his spill about the truth. He tells the press that his dad told him that the truth would set him free. He decides that he will tell the press that he likes Erica Kane and she likes him. His campaign manager believes that telling the truth will cause him to lose votes. They will be seeing each other. He did not want his date to be with her Jack, Carmen, Kendall and Zach. He plans on making a second date with her. Erica wants their first date to start tonight. She is OK with leaving Jack, Carmen, Zach and Kendall to go someplace else.

Babe brings a family photo to JR in support of his efforts to take over his father’s company. She talks to him about what a changed man he is; she also tells him how proud of him she is. She wants JR to be sure of his tactics and make sure he is aware of the consequences of failing. She ensures him that he is not like his father, because he is a better man. JR does have second thoughts about what he is doing. He will take care of Adam for the rest of his life even though it looks as if he is stabbing his father in the back. JR thanks Babe for his turnaround. They kiss.

Krystal is concerned about Colby and she talks to Adam about her. Adam thinks that he has everything under control. He insults Krystal and tells her that she is no longer apart of the family. Family or not she is worried about Colby. Krystal believes that carrying the secret about Richie Novak is killing Colby. She sees Colby as being scared and confused. She believes that the secret is tearing Colby apart and she urges Adam to do the right thing and tell the truth. Krystal walked upon Colby having her own happy hour on the pier.

Colby is mean to Petey who continues to touch her as if they are dating. He annoys her, so she tells him that nobody likes him. Dre, and Cassie concur. Colby tells him that they want nothing to do with him. She asks why is he there?

Cassie reminds her that he is into Colby, which is why he is there. Cassie believes that secretly Colby loves the attention that she is getting from Petey. Cassie reminds Colby that she has not had a male’s attention since her brother Frankie rejected her.

Erica admits that it has been five months since her last date. Sam admits that it has been seven years since his last date. They were both nervous about being with each other tonight.

Krystal reminds Adam that he is breaking the law by aiding, and abetting the children and concealing their crime. By helping to conceal Colby’s crime Adam is making her just like him. Things will get worse not better according to Krystal. Adam is treating Colby the same way he treated his other children. They all have alcohol problems. Colby is drinking just as JR and Skye did before her. Krystal believes that booze is Colby’s water. Adam wants to know if Babe were in trouble with the law would Krystal turn her in. Krystal reminds him that lying does not help. Adam wants to know if everything wrong with Colby is his fault. He asks if he drives Colby to drink.

Angie wants the problem with Cassie to go away. Cassie is scared, and is not confiding in Angie. Jesse believes that Cassie has a reason to be scared. Security cameras show Dre, and Cassie at a convenience store near to where Richie was hit. The car Adam claims was stolen is shown outside of the store. They have been caught in a lie. They brought boys to the cabin when they said they would not. They lied about the car being stolen, and they are caught red handed.

Petey suggests that the teens take a road trip to get away from their problems. Colby suggests another plan that is not shared with the audience.

Sam admires the relationship that Erica currently has with Kendall. Erica and Kendall appear to understand and accept each other. They tell each other whatever is on their mind. Erica tells him that her relationship with Kendall was not always effortless. She suggests that he mend fences with Dre, his son. He’s trying and the last time they talked he thought that Dre would open up to him, but he later shut down after Sam received a phone call. Erica thinks that maybe Dre does not approve of Sam dating, but Sam feels that Dre does not approve of him. Erica suggests that Sam figure out how to have both a career and his son.

Dre and Cassie buy into Colby’s secret plan. Colby suggests that they stick to a plan.

Krystal talks to Adam about how the Chandlers are all drunks. They drink to numb their feelings. Adam calls her the “queen of moonshine.” He accuses her of getting drunk, then marrying Tad. Adam tells Krystal that she lost the right to voice an opinion when she ran off to get married. Krystal suggests that ignoring the situation will not make it go away.

Jesse will attempt to get the truth out of Cassie and bring her in for questioning. Angie asks if he plans to put her baby girl in prison.

JR proposes that he and Babe get married in San Diego.

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