AMC Update Wednesday 7/30/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica can’t figure out why she is so nervous about going to dinner at the Valley Inn. Kendall and Zach surprise Erica. Zach says that they thought they would take her out to dinner to celebrate her freedom. Erica thanks them, but says that she already has a date.

Jack asks someone if they could push their meeting back a little because he has a meeting with a client who is just out of prison and that the client is running a little bit late. He thanks the person and says that some things never change.

Frankie apologizes to Jake for being late. Jake asks what happened to Frankie.

Annie and Emma look at a picture Emma drew. Annie tells Emma that they are going to have a baby too.

Aidan speaks to the receptionist at the clinic and tells them that he is looking into documents sent to Ryan that he never received.

Ryan asks what he has to do to get a beer. Greenlee says that the new house special is an unconscious girl on the beach.

Aidan and the receptionist talk about the lawsuit, that the receptionist didn’t know about. The receptionist agrees to call Aidan if they find anything that could help them clear up the issue.

Emma asks Annie if the baby is a boy. Annie explains that they don’t know yet because the baby is still in her tummy and no matter what it will be a blessing. Emma asks if Ryan loves the baby and Annie says that of course Ryan loves the baby. Annie says that nothing will ever get in the way of their happiness again.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about what he is ordering. Greenlee says that she thought they could go talk to the lawyer of the guy who owns the boat about the accident. Ryan tells Greenlee that he will always be there for her. Greenlee says that she is happy that it happened because it helped her to realize what she really wanted. Ryan says that all he wants is for Greenlee to always be happy.

Kendall says that Jack will be blown away by how Erica looks. Samuel knocks on the door and Kendall answers it. Samuel gives Erica some flowers. Erica invites Kendall and Zach to join her and Samuel for dinner, but Kendall says that she doesn’t want to intrude. Samuel agrees that they are cool with it. Erica makes arrangements for dinner. Erica tells Kendall that Samuel asked her out to dinner and she thought it would be fun. Kendall asks if Erica is done having fun with Jack.

Jack asks where she is. Carmen says that she is right there.

Erica says that she will never be done with Jack, but they aren’t together anymore and she is moving on. Kendall reminds her of what Samuel did to her. Erica says that it is over and done and that she wants to enjoy her freedom. Kendall says that Erica is asking for trouble. Erica says that trying something new is essential.

Jack and Carmen talk about her case. Jack says that they need to postpone it for as long as they can and explains that he has talked to the judge so that they can show what a model citizen Carmen is. Carmen asks Jack if he is going to say anything about her dress and Jack says that Carmen looks beautiful.

Erica says that Jack is probably doing his thing and that she is doing hers. She asks Samuel if they are ready.

Jake and Frankie talk about what happened to Frankie. Jake tells Frankie a cautionary tale about a famous pitcher. Jake says that what Randi does for a living doesn’t bother him because he used to have a mother-in-law that was a hooker. Jake tells Frankie to slow things down with Randi because he doesn’t know anything about her.

Annie lets Aidan into the penthouse. Aidan says that he thought he would stop to see Ryan and take him out for a celebratory beer and toast to the new baby. Annie says that it is sweet, but Ryan isn’t there. Aidan asks how Annie is feeling and she says that she is a little tired, but good. Aidan says that Annie couldn’t pull of something his big without help.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about her near-death experiences. Greenlee says that she scared herself the other day by telling Jack that if he wants Erica back, he should go for it.

Jack tells Carmen that they want to make the best possible impression with the judge. Carmen asks about Erica, but Jack changes the subject back to Carmen’s case. Jack says that he and Erica are fine. The maitre d’ shows Erica to her table. Carmen announces that she and Erica were cellmates. Carmen tells Jack that they are going to join Erica, Samuel, Kendall and Zach’s table so that they can keep the love of Jack’s life from getting away.

Randi shows up at a restaurant asking about the manager. Randi says that she called about the ad for a waitress and the manager told her to come by for an interview. Frankie and Jake talk about Randi applying for a job. The manager comes out and asks who Randi is. Randi explains that he told her to come by for an interview. The manager asks if Randi has any restaurant experience and she says no but she learns quick and is good with people. Jake and Frankie talk about Randi’s chance at a new life. Randi tells the manager that she will work really hard even though she has no experience or references. The manager tells her to hook a rich guy and she won’t have to work, but Randi says that she wants to work. The manager tells Randi to come back when she has something else to offer. Jake says “no, no, don’t.”

Erica tells the paparazzi that she is happy to be home. Kendall tells Erica that their table is ready. The paparazzi ask about Erica’s relationship with Samuel Woods. Jackson tries to get Carmen to stop, but Carmen says that they have to do it. Zach says that he told Samuel that it would get crazy. Jack agrees reluctantly. Erica says hi to Jack. Carmen tells Kendall that she could use her for the next book. Jack tells Erica that she looks very nice. Erica invites Jack and Carmen to join them. Jack says that Erica hasn’t broken her new toy yet and Erica says that she doesn’t play with toys anymore.

Annie asks Emma to put her PJ’s on and Emma agrees. Annie asks Aidan what she couldn’t pull off without help. Aidan says that she has a child, a job and another baby on the way and she just lost her brother. Aidan says that she is dealing with a lot and that he thought she must have some kind of help. Annie says that she will probably get someone full time when the baby is born, but for now it is just Corrina a lot and someone else once in a while. Annie asks Aidan what he really wants to know.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she forgave Kendall too. Greenlee asks Ryan if Kendall has been acting strange lately and says that Kendall has been kind of evasive lately, but says that Kendall is probably still weirded out about Richie. Greenlee asks Ryan if he has told Kendall something that he hasn’t told her.

Aidan says that he isn’t good with small talk and apologizes for sounding like he is interrogating her. Annie asks about Greenlee and they talk about his reunion with Greenlee. Annie asks why they haven’t gotten back to the engagement part of their relationship yet. Aidan says that he is waiting on Greenlee’s lead. Annie says that Greenlee is probably waiting for Aidan to take the romantic lead.

Ryan says that Greenlee can’t stand Kendall knowing something that she doesn’t know. Greenlee asks if Kendall knows something she doesn’t and Ryan tells her that she is being paranoid. Greenlee says that she told Aidan she was running off with Ryan and that it seemed like Aidan thought she was serious.

Erica orders a bottle of champagne and a sparkling cider. Carmen orders a pina colada. Samuel says that he didn’t know there were photographers dedicated to “Erica Kaneism.” Carmen, Kendall and Zach talk about the picture of Erica’s last wedding. Erica asks Kendall about the boys. Kendall and Zach talk about the boys. Erica says that Samuel has a son too. They talk about Samuel’s son’s feelings for Samuel’s campaign. Zach suggests that they leave, but Kendall says that Erica is in rare form. Zach and Kendall agree to leave before the bloodshed.

Randi says “Wait”. Jake tells Frankie to drink his beer. Frankie says that he has to do something, but jake says to let it take it’s course. Jake and Frankie talk about how much they are alike.

Carmen talks about her nicknames for Samuel and Jack. Kendall says that Zach needs a nickname. The conversation changes to Carmen’s childhood.

Annie agrees to tell Ryan that Aidan stopped. Aidan says that he is really happy for Annie and Ryan about the baby. Annie thanks him and says that it is a miracle.

Greenlee suggests that they talk about Ryan for a while, but Ryan says that he has nothing for her. Greenlee asks Ryan if he is happy and Ryan says that he is going to become a weatherman so that he can hold up the symbols for the types of weather and she will know how he feels. Ryan says that things with Annie are good. Ryan says that he loves being a dad, but being Annie’s husband is complicated right now and says that they are working on it. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is happy. Greenlee says that Ryan and Annie belong together. Ryan says that his kids need him. Greenlee asks about what Ryan needs.

Zach suggests that he and Kendall leave so that they can kiss the boys goodnight, but Kendall asks him if they can stay a little longer. Zach agrees. Carmen tells Jack that Erica just went to put some powder on her nose. Jack says that he is going to go and Carmen tells him he can’t. Carmen asks who is going to drive Erica home and where Samuel is.

Samuel finds Erica and he admits that he was looking forward to spending time with just her. Erica suggests that they finish dinner and have dessert alone. Samuel tells her to catch up with her family and friends and that they will do it another time.

Jake tells Frankie to let Randi go and call her later.

Ryan asks Greenlee what the following day’s forecast for Mexico is. Greenlee asks Ryan what he needs. Ryan tells weather jokes and Greenlee smiles. Ryan says that all he needs is to see the smile on her face. Greenlee says that she is rooting for an amazing future for Ryan and Annie.

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