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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR talks to Statton about taking over Chandler. Babe tells JR that his methods for taking over Chandler scare her and JR says that he is going to be the only “Adam Chandler” left standing.

Adam and Barry talk about the car. Barry says that the car has been shredded and recycled. Barry says that all traces of blood were removed before the car was crushed and sent to six different countries.

Angie confronts Cassandra about hiding her art from her. Cassandra says that she knows what Angie is going to ask about and agrees to tell her everything.

Jesse confronts Frankie about injuries. Frankie says that it is his business, not Jesse’s. Jesse tells Frankie that Fletcher wasn’t after Cassandra and admits that it was a police officer. Frankie says that he has no regrets about what he did to Fletcher because it helped Randi.

Angie turns her pager off and Cassandra says that she knows that she doesn’t have to spend all her time with Colby and that nothing is happening with Dre, so there is no reason for Angie to worry. Angie says that there is more she wants to tell Cassandra. Cassandra and Angie talk about Jesse. Cassandra realizes that Jesse had her followed.

Colby asks Krystal if she followed her. Krystal finds the rum. Colby asks if Krystal is going to rat her out. Krystal says that she would rather make a deal with Colby. Colby says that she will be back to normal soon. Krystal reveals that she knows about what happened to Richie.

JR and Babe talk about Colby and her drinking. The conversation changes to Chandler Enterprises and the upcoming vote. JR admits to planting the story about Adam being crazy. JR says that his first order of business is to take over Fusion and put Babe in charge.

Statton talks to Adam and Barry about the upcoming vote. Statton leaves and Barry says that Adam always gets a kick out of double dealing against his own son. Adam says that a son will get what he deserves when he thinks that he has nothing left to learn from his father.

Jesse asks Frankie what Randi is to him. Frankie tells Jesse to do his job.

Cassandra asks if her phone is tapped and when Angie stopped trusting her. Angie explains that the tail was for Cassandra’s safety. Cassandra asks if Angie told Jesse he crossed the line or told him it was okay and that she was happy he is alive, like always.

Frankie tells Jesse that he is at work and that when Fletcher stops beating on women, he will go back to his day job. Jesse tells Frankie that now Fletcher will probably take it out on Randi and leave him alone. Frankie says that he hears what Jesse is saying and now he has to go back to kill Fletcher.

Cassandra asks Angie if she gave Jesse a free pass to invade her privacy. Cassandra says that she gave Jesse a chance and trusted him, and asks why it is okay that he doesn’t trust her. Angie says that she will always protect Cassandra. Angie asks Cassandra what she is hiding and says that she can tell her. Cassandra says that she wants to go back to Paris and live with her dad.

An intern asks Frankie if he wants to observe a surgery, but Frankie tells the intern to go ahead.

Krystal asks Colby if she is feeling better. Colby says that nothing has changed, except now Krystal knows what she is. Krystal says that she knows who Colby is and that nothing could stop her from loving Colby. Colby admits that Adam got rid of her car because there was human blood all over it. Colby says that she was too drunk to drive that night and Dre was driving when they hit Richie.

Adam says that JR thinks he has the board in his pocket, but it’s really in Adam’s. Stuart shows up and says that he delivered a landscape for the lobby. Barry leaves and Adam asks Stuart to join him. Stuart asks Adam what kind of dirty dealing he is doing now.

JR and Babe talk about the current happenings at Chandler. The lights go out and Babe screams. A woman comes in and apologizes saying that they are replacing the chandelier in the lobby and flipped the wrong breaker. JR asks Gina to close the doors and hold all his calls. JR realizes that when the lights went out, it took her back to when Richie grabbed her. JR says that if Richie wasn’t already dead, he would kill him. Babe says that she needs JR too much.

Stuart and Adam talk about Jesse’s investigation. Stuart says that he saw Colby driving the car, but Adam says that he didn’t see it.

Colby says that Krystal is probably thinking that they should turn themselves in. Krystal tells Colby what she told Jesse. Colby and Krystal talk about what would happen if Colby talked to Jesse about what happened. Colby asks Krystal what she should do. Krystal says that if Colby wants to talk to Jesse, she will hold her hand the whole time and if she doesn’t want to tell anyone, she will do whatever Colby needs.

Angie and Cassandra talk about her going back to Paris. Cassandra says that at least when she tells her real father something, he believes her. Angie says that maybe Jesse thought that Cassandra saw something she was too afraid to tell and that she and Jesse will protect Cassandra and Frankie no matter how old they are.

Frankie and Jesse talk about what Frankie is planning to do. Frankie tells Jesse what he saw in Iraq and says that he doesn’t have to prove his manhood. Jesse says that Fletcher doesn’t have to get close to Frankie to kill him because drive-bys are effective too. Frankie says that he isn’t going to run away or hide because it isn’t his style. Frankie says that he has rounds to do and that they are done.

Angie tells Cassandra that she believes in her. Cassandra says that they didn’t see anything the night Richie was killed and if Angie doesn’t trust her, Cassandra will call her dad for the ticket.

Colby tells Krystal that she promised not to tell and that she has been acting just like Adam. Krystal says that if Colby wants to find another way to keep herself from getting into trouble, they can find it together. Colby says that she has done so much worse than JR and Adam.

Stuart suggests that Adam is doing this because he wants Colby to owe him, but Adam tells Stuart not to be absurd. Adam says that Colby is his last chance.

Colby says that Krystal hates Adam, but Krystal says that she doesn’t hate Adam, but wishes she could sometimes. Colby says that Adam can keep the situation quiet and that she doesn’t deserve to hope for anything anymore.

Babe asks JR if he wants to go to work with her from now on so he can wait for her sanity to return. Babe says that she can’t just leave Fusion now because she has babysat the place for so long and feels like it is hers too. JR says that once he gets Chandler, he will go after Fusion to give her what she really deserves, because she has earned it.

Jesse asks Angie if she explained things to Cassandra and Angie asks if he talked to Frankie.

Colby asks Krystal to promise not to tell anyone and Krystal agrees.

Babe tells JR that she is with him about Chandler, but she isn’t ready to take Fusion away from Kendall and Greenlee.

Adam asks Stuart if he could commission a family portrait and Stuart tells him not to change the subject. Adam says that he will do whatever it takes to help Colby.

Colby and Cassandra talk on the phone about the situation. Cassandra says that Jesse had a tail on her and Colby says that Krystal knows. Cassandra tells Colby to stop freaking her out. Colby says that they need to do damage control to calm down Angie and Jesse. Colby says that they can trust Krystal and that they will get through it.

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