AMC Update Monday 7/28/08

All My Children Update Monday 7/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Frankie shows up at Randi’s apartment. He tells her that he put a stop to Fletcher.

Angie confronts Jesse about putting a cop on Cassandra. Jesse says that he only wanted the cop to keep an eye on Cassandra, not follow her around. Angie realizes that Jesse thinks Cassandra knows something about Richie’s murder because she was driving around with Colby that night. Angie asks Jesse if he thinks that Cassandra was involved in the murder.

Annie confronts Ryan about getting rid of the video. Ryan tells Annie that Colby and Cassandra didn’t mention the hit and run. Annie says that the girls would have said more if Ryan hadn’t interrupted them. Ryan asks Annie if she wants Colby and Cassandra to go to jail for Richie’s murder.

Aidan and Zach sit down and have a drink. Zach congratulates Aidan on getting back with Greenlee. Aidan assures Zach that he won’t hurt Greenlee again because he loves her.

Greenlee asks Kendall why she thinks Ryan loves her. Kendall says that they should just forget what she said, but Greenlee won’t let it go. Kendall claims that it was a joke to shut Greenlee up about Kendall being jealous of Ryan and Annie. Kendall asks Greenlee if she wants Ryan to love her, but Greenlee says no. Kendall reminds Greenlee of her actions when Ryan first got amnesia. Greenlee asks if this is some kind of test to make sure she is committed to Aidan. Greenlee asks Kendall why she said that Ryan loves her. Kendall says that Greenlee and Ryan will always be the great love story.

Aidan and Zach talk about Greenlee. The conversation changes to Ryan’s feelings for getting his memory back.

Ryan says that if Colby, Cassandra and Dre did kill Richie and leave the scene it will change their lives. Annie tells Ryan that she heard the kids say that they killed Richie and asks Ryan if he believes her. Ryan says that he is having a hard time believing anything she says.

Jesse and Angie talk about the evidence of Colby’s car being at the scene. Jesse tells Angie about questioning Adam and the kids. Angie says that the cop scared her, Cassandra and Frankie. Jesse apologizes. Angie says that Frankie is convinced that Cassandra is being stalked by Randi’s pimp and Jesse says that he will make sure Frankie stays away from Fletcher.

Randi asks Frankie if he killed Fletcher. Frankie says that Fletcher was following her sister and that someone had to make him quit. Randi asks again if Frankie killed Fletcher and Frankie says that he has to go wash up.

Annie and Ryan talk about her recent secrets. Annie gets dizzy and Ryan tells her to sit down. Ryan offers to call the doctor, but she tells him that she and the baby will be fine. Annie tells Ryan that she doesn’t want to spend her pregnancy fighting with him and him being angry with her. Ryan says that he isn’t angry. Annie swears that she won’t keep anymore secrets and tells Ryan that she loves him.

Greenlee and Kendall talk about Greenlee and Ryan’s love story. Greenlee says that the same stuff happened when Kendall was with Ryan. Kendall says that it isn’t the same. Kendall says that her love story with Zach doesn’t even compare to Greenlee and Ryan’s. Greenlee reminds Kendall that she loves Aidan now. Kendall says that Annie has manipulated Ryan by working to get pregnant. Greenlee tells Kendall to stop what she is doing because Greenlee is happy with Aidan.

Randi talks to Babette on the phone trying to reach Fletcher. Randi tells Frankie that none of the girls have heard from Fletcher and Frankie say that Fletcher is in no shape to talk. Randi tells Frankie that he crossed the line when he made her his charity case and Frankie says that she isn’t a charity case to him. Frankie says that he had to fix her problem. Randi gets a phone call from Celine and asks if Fletcher is still alive.

Jesse leaves a message for Frankie. Angie and Jesse argue about him thinking Cassandra is a murder suspect.

Zach and Aidan talk about Ryan’s history with Greenlee and Kendall. Greenlee and Kendall walk in. Greenlee tells Zach and Aidan that she and Kendall were upstairs talking about Ryan because they are both still in love with him.

Annie suggests that she and Ryan should go upstairs and make love, but Ryan says that he needs to understand why she recorded Cassandra and Colby. Annie admits that she made the video to protect herself.

Kendall says that the joke is over, but Greenlee says that it isn’t a joke. Greenlee asks Zach and Aidan if she and Kendall can run off with Ryan. Greenlee asks Aidan if she gets a kiss goodbye and Kendall says that Greenlee went with the “Ryan obsession” that they were talking about. Zach tells Kendall that he has something to show her. Greenlee and Aidan talk about Ryan. Aidan says that he is doing some work for Ryan and that he can’t tell Greenlee about it, but he is trying to keep his promise of no more secrets. Greenlee asks Aidan to take her home and then says that he isn’t doing this.

Ryan tells Annie that she wasn’t responsible for what happened with Richie, but she says that it isn’t sinking in. Annie says that her bad feelings didn’t die with Richie and that she still feels afraid and guilty. Annie says that she made the video to prove she had nothing to do with Richie’s death.

Jesse tells Angie that Cassandra might have seen something the night Richie died and was too afraid to say anything. Jesse says that he was trying to protect Cassandra from whoever did run Richie down because he didn’t want to take the chance that she could be in danger.

Randi tells Celine that they are taking Fletcher to St. Mary’s. Randi thanks God that Fletcher is still alive. Randi tells Frankie that she doesn’t want him to hurt for Fletcher and that it’s a good thing that Fletcher is still alive because Frankie won’t have to go down for murder.

Kendall and Zach talk about a place that is theirs until the following morning. Zach asks her if she wants to get some sleep.

Frankie tells Randi that he will never hurt her. Randi says that she has some Band-Aids in her purse and that the bleeding has stopped.

Kendall and Zach talk about what she said to Greenlee and why. Kendall and Zach talk about Ryan being stuck with Annie. Zach tells Kendall to mind her own business and tells her that Ryan will figure it out on his own.

Ryan tells Annie that she has to accept that Richie is gone. Annie says that she doesn’t feel dizzy anymore. Ryan assures Annie that he wants the baby and that he will love it just as much as he loves Emma and Spike.

Angie gets home early and tells Cassandra that she breaks her heart.

Jesse asks someone to have Frankie call him. An officer comes up and says that Fletcher has been found and is at St. Mary’s hospital. The officer tells Jesse the description of the assailant and Jesse thanks him. Jesse says “Frankie”.

Randi tells Frankie to let her thank him and kisses his hand.

Zach and Kendall make love.

Ryan covers Annie and stands out on the balcony.

Frankie tells Randi that she doesn’t owe him. Frankie says that he wants her, but not like that and says that he will call her later. Frankie tells Randi that she is safe now.

Aidan and Greenlee make love.

Ryan says “Greenlee”.

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