AMC Update Friday 7/25/08

All My Children Update Friday 7/25/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jack and the cameraman are in Erica’s room; Erica and Sam want to know what the cameraman is doing there. Sam is nonplussed. He tells Jack to give him back his camera. He hugs Erica, and says if you want a picture take it now. The paparazzo does and leaves.

Frankie is mad at Fletcher, because he believes that he is following Cassie.

Tad comes to visit Jesse; Jesse accuses him of living the life of leisure. Jesse is now feeling a little pressure and second-guessing himself since he thinks that Cassie may be involved in the Richie Novak case.

Kendall is questioning Greenlee about her personal life, while they are at work. She asks how is Jake as a roommate. She is told that he is OK as long as he keeps his hands off the remote control. She asks about Aidan; Greenlee tells her she is in love with him.

Ryan catches Annie with the nanny cam. Annie tells him that she suspects that the teens Colby, Dre, Cassie and Petey had something to do with Richie's death.

Kendall wants Annie gone; she talks against her to Babe, and now to Greenlee. Greenlee is sympathetic to Annie, because of the troubles she has been having. Kendall wants Annie to leave Fusion.

Annie tells Ryan that Colby, Cassie, and Dre killed Richie.

Jack asks Erica what is she doing. She tells him that she is making up for lost time by eating all of her favorite foods, drinking her favorite drinks, and having bubble baths. She reminds Jack that he knows how much she loves her bubble bath. He reminds her of how many times they have taken one together. She gives Jack a gift. He is stunned because it is a staple gun. Sam let Jack know that Erica gave him a new silk tie; he loves it, and he is wearing it. Sam and Jack bicker over Erica. Erica opens a box of chocolates then shares them with Jack, and Sam. As Sam eats his he says. “Everyone likes a little chocolate”.

Jesse second-guesses his duties as the chief of police. He wants people to trust him not just respect him, because of who he is.

Annie is lying to Ryan by telling him that she suspected the teens of killing Richie so she had to do something. She is responsible for siccing the police on Zach and she feels guilty. Kendall hates her and she want to make it right. She tells Ryan that she does not want to get the teens in trouble.

Ryan is upset, because Annie did not come to him.

Greenlee wants Kendall to stop hassling Annie. She praises Annie for helping the company. Greenlee wants to give Annie a break because she is Ryan’s wife, and has been under a lot of stress. Ryan and Annie have Emma to worry about. Ryan loves being a dad. Greenlee believes that Annie will get better. Kendall is suspicious of the convenience of the new pregnancy Annie is experiencing. She is suspicious of Annie and the timing of the pregnancy.

Jack asks Sam if he can get him a drink. He then starts to tell Sam about Erica’s pattern with new men. Erica loves to sample men, and then she moves on to the next one. He wants to know if Sam got her released so he could date her? Erica being intrigued with someone new does not last long.

Kate walks into Tad’s living room and tells Krystal and Tad that she wet her bed. She wants her dad to help her clean up, not Krystal. Kate kisses Uncle Jesse before returning to bed.

Ryan is trying to be there for Annie who tells him that proof of the teens killing Richie could help Zach. She emphatically says that the teens killed Richie. She thinks it must be hard to live with that kind of guilt.

Kendall thinks that Ryan deserves someone better than an unstable Annie.

Greenlee insists that Kendall cut Annie some slack. She asks how many times have they forgiven each other for bad deeds such as Spike’s accident, Kendall and Aidan’s one nightstand and Kendall’s sperm implant.

Krystal thinks that Richie was cursed in the bassinet. He was an accident waiting to happen and he has caused himself and others bad luck. Krystal believes that Richie got what he deserved. She asks Jesse about his suspects. Jesse reminds her that Richie's death was not an accident. He is interested in the responsible party. He has a duty, as chief of police, to solve every crime and bring criminals to justice. Krystal does not want anyone to be punished for his death. She suggests that Jesse walk away. Jesse tells her that there are tpigj times ahead for everyone, and she should take care of her family.

Frankie threatens bodily harm to Fletcher. Angie implores him to steer clear of Fletcher, because he is dangerous.

Sam leaves to take a phone call, and Jack speaks to Erica in private. He wants to know what’s going on and why she was kissing Sam. She reminds him that she is no longer married to him, because he ended the marriage. She is free to do as she wishes. He accuses her of being in the classic Erica Kane mode. He ask how long has she has done the same thing and he wants to know how many more years will she continue the same game. He tells her that Greenlee told him to decide what he wants and to follow his heart. She knows that Erica makes him happy. Erica asks if he is there, because he wants to get back together. He refuses to have a conversation about getting back together with Sam Woods around. She tells him that she loves him and she always will. She never would have made it through incarceration without him. Jack leaves. Sam points out that Jack left his stapler. Sam makes plans with Erica for a date to show that he does not care what his campaign manager thinks nor does he care about being seeing in public. He kisses Erica, then leaves. She looks at the stapler on top of the table.

Angie tells Jesse that Cassie thinks that Fletcher is following her. Jesse tells her that he put the tail on Cassie. Angie is furious and Jesse tells her of Cassie’s possible involvement in Richie’s death. Angie is shocked.

Annie wants Ryan, Emma and herself to be happy and celebrate the new baby.

Kendall continues to bash Annie. Kendall thinks that Ryan can do better than Annie by having someone in his life that gets him; She thinks that Annie plays the pathetic wife just to keep Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan needs someone that is strong, independent, loving, and supportive. Greenlee misunderstand thinking that Kendall is talking about herself.

Tad cleans up Kate and returns her to her bed. Krystal is distraught after pleading with Jesse. Tad notices that she needs a hug then he hugs her.

The police tail enters Jesse's office and tells him that Cassie made him. Jesse is furious that he followed Cassie too closely and orders him to stop now.

Frankie enters the pool hall and beats the heck out of Fletcher, warning him to stay away from his family and Randi.

Ryan throws away the film from the nanny cam.

Kendall calls Greenlee stupid. She lets her know that she is not hot for Ryan, because she loves Zach. She tells Greenlee that Ryan is in love with her!

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