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All My Children Update Thursday 7/24/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Annie is setting up a camera in her home in front of the sofa. She has asked Colby to babysit for her, and suggested that she bring her friends along. Annie wants to film them talking about Richie’s murder. She is the one who actually murdered Richie but they think they are responsible; their confession will assist her in getting away with murder. Colby has agreed to babysit, but only Cassie will come with her. In front of Annie’s door a man walks by and Cassie swears that she has seen him before. She thinks they are being followed. They sit on the sofa and Cassie feels funny about being there. There are pictures all around of Annie, and Richie. Annie sets them up by talking about Richie, and his horrible death. She also talks about how sad it is that someone could kill Richie. Annie leaves then says to herself, “OK girls start talking”

Frankie meets Randi at a restaurant. He is upset that she left the shelter, and an opportunity for a job and a new start. Randi tells him how stupid he is for a doctor. She suggests that he backs off. He insists that she listens to someone else other than Fletcher. She tells Frankie how Fletcher found her so she had to leave. She believes whatever comes out of Fletcher’s mouth and is not listening to Frankie.

Jake’s shift started and he runs into Angie. They talk about the long hours and the tiredness that doctors feel. Angie suggests getting a volunteer after Jake ask about interns. She mentioned Frankie’s assistant, Colby for Jake. Jake rejects that idea. Angie notices that his hesitation is more than passing; she asks if he know something bad about Colby or does he hate Adam.

Jack and Greenlee are at the marina discussing Ryan’s vasectomy. Jack want to know how Greenlee feels about it. Greenlee is OK with it because she is with Aidan. He reminds her that she left town, because she could not have Ryan’s baby. That’s in the past for Greenlee, because now she loves Aidan. Jack wants her to have it all because he is her father. Greenlee tells Jack that she is OK with Annie’s pregnancy; she doesn’t want kids.

Ryan is at Aidan’s office. He wants Aidan to check out why he was not informed that his vasectomy never took place. They talk about the class action suit that affects twenty people. Ryan does not know what to make of everything. Aidan thinks that the vasectomy and Annie’s pregnancy is a lot to take in.

Jake tells Angie that Colby Chandler was once Colby Martin. Her mother, Liza wanted a child and asked Jake to be the sperm donor. Jake is Colby’s biological daughter. Adam broke into the clinic and switch samples so the results would show that he is Colby’s biological father.

Ryan is thrilled to have another kid. He will have three kids and he is thrilled that he is having another.

Jack asks Greenlee if she is OK with not having kids. She asks Jack about his love life. She asks about Erica, and Jack cannot believe that she is pushing Erica and he together. If Erica is what he really wants, she would support their relationship.

Erica and Sam talk about her relationship with Jack. Sam wants to know should he step back. She tells him that she and Jack will always love each other, but now they are in different places. Since Erica’s incarceration Erica want to feel like everything is new. Erica and Sam flirt. As they lean in to kiss each other someone knocks on the door.

Frankie cannot believe Randi; she buys Fletcher’s put down of her, but will not believe his opinion of her. Randi insists that she is what she is and all she knows is prostitution. Frankie sees something different when he looks at Randi; he tries to get her to look at herself through his eyes.

As Jake talks, Angie continues to sit; she put her feet up. Jake cannot believe that she is not going to leave; he says, “You are trying so hard to get all up into my business”. Jake is Colby’s biological father. Adam switches the samples. Colby was one year old when he decided he wanted to be a father; he had fatherhood taken from under him.

Cassie wants to talk about the look on Annie’s face when she spoke of Richie. Colby suggest that she talk about something else, and forget about Richie. Colby wants to talk about boys; she suggests talking about Dre.

Erica had the bellboy bring up gifts she brought for her family and friends. She pulled out a gift for Sam. He is pleased that she thought of him. She gave him a beautiful purple necktie, then she assisted him with putting it on.

Greenlee tells Jack that she loves Aidan, and she doesn’t want Ryan, because that is her choice. She implores him to go to Erica if he wants her. He told her to return to Aidan, and now she is returning the favor.

Aidan ask Ryan if Greenlee talked to him about her not wanting kids. Ryan reminds Aidan that Greenlee could change her mind since she has been known to change it. Ryan reminds Aidan that he want him to check Doctor Cooper’s office to find out why he was never contacted about the error at the sperm bank (Annie is shown taking another letter from the mailbox that is addressed to Ryan).

Jack cannot believe Greenlee’s happy attitude.

Sam has his new necktie on. Erica wants to know if having a relationship with her would hurt his campaign. His staff is calling her a “wild card” that could impact his campaign. Erica’s door is ajar and a cameraman is peeking through the door to snap a picture.

Randi warns Frankie to beware of Fletcher, because he is sneaky. Frankie leaves her at the restaurant.

Ryan comes home.

Angie notes that it must be difficult for Jake to see his daughter Colby. He tells Angie that one-minute Colby was his daughter, and the next she was not. He tells Angie that he will see her around, then he starts to leave. Angie asks if there is more to his story. When she realizes that he has left she says, “I guess not”.

Cassie returns home to find Angie there. Cassie is upset and she tells Angie about the man who has been following her. Frankie identifies the stalker as Fletcher after Cassie describes him.

Randi receives a text message from Fletcher saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide”.

Jack arrives at Erica’s room and sees the cameraman peeking. He shoves him through the door and they both get a look at Erica in Sam’s arms. Jack is shocked.

Jake is jogging and runs into a lady (Beth Elders) on the trail. He apologizes and they continue on their way; he stops a minute to stare at here.

Ryan thinks about Greenlee; Greenlee is shown calling Aidan; they both tell the other that they love each other.

Annie returns home, and is checking the camera as Ryan walks down the stairs. He asks her what is she doing? She turns around and looks at him with a guilty look.

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