AMC Update Wednesday 7/23/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica gets home and receives a phone call from Jack as soon as she walks in the door. Erica says that she needs some alone time and thanks Jack for calling to check in. Erica smells the flowers that Jack had delivered. Erica steps outside and enjoys her freedom.

Adam shows up to see Krystal. Krystal says that she hasn’t told anyone about Colby’s secret, but Adam can’t keep her from telling Tad.

Tad shows up to see Jesse and asks about the Novak case. Tad suggests that Jesse tell him about the new prime suspect.

Annie walks around while holding the urn that Richie’s ashes were in and thinks about what she heard Pete saying about the night Richie died. Annie’s phone rings and she tells someone that she is on her way to pick something up.

At Fusion, Babe walks in and apologizes for being late. Kendall says that if Babe wants to go home, she can. Babe and Kendall talk about what happened the night Richie died.

JR walks into Zach’s office and asks him if he needs an alibi for the night Richie died. Zach asks JR why he is really there.

Erica tells Pam that she forgives her. Erica says that Pam can make it up by cleaning out her replacement’s dressing room.

At Fusion, Babe assures Kendall that she doesn’t believe that Zach killed Richie, but she would buy him several drinks if he did. Babe and Kendall talk about Babe’s relationship with JR now and laugh about JR maturing.

At Cambias, JR and Zach talk about what JR wants. JR says that he and Zach have a lot in common and that they should compare notes and share ideas. Zach realizes that JR is talking about taking down Adam.

Krystal and Adam argue about his intentions. Krystal tells Adam what she is going to tell Tad, but Adam says that if Krystal tells Tad, Colby will get a life sentence.

In Jesse’s office, Tad and Jesse talk about how Richie died. They talk about Richie’s death and about the car that ran Richie down. Jesse says that Adam bought the car for Colby and that Cassandra might have been riding shotgun in the car when Richie was run down. Jesse tells Tad what he knows about the night in question. Jesse explains that he questioned Colby and Cassandra at his house one night when he came home. Jesse thinks that Colby and Cassandra know more than they are saying about Richie’s death. Jesse says that he is more concerned about Colby and Cassandra’s safety and that he has an undercover keeping an eye on them. Jesse and Tad agree that they have to find something that gets Colby and Cassandra off. Jesse tells Tad that Krystal is backing up Adam’s story.

Samuel meets with someone and they tell him to stay away from Erica Kane. Samuel and Carl talk about his numbers going up after his interview with Erica. Samuel and Carl disagree on what the voters will think if he stays around Erica.

Erica gets a massage and talks to Josh. They talk about the family going to Paris for a week to visit Bianca. Erica talks to Bianca while getting a manicure.

At Fusion, Babe and Kendall talk about JR. The conversation changes to Richie and his feelings for Babe. Annie walks into the office and Kendall criticizes her about being late. Erica calls Kendall and Kendall heads to the lounge. Babe asks Annie if she needs anything. Annie asks Babe if Colby would be interested in babysitting Emma. Babe gives Annie, Colby’s number and says that maybe she can figure out what is going on.

Adam and Krystal talk about her having to lie to Tad. Adam says that all she is doing is withholding information that isn’t his business. Adam asks Krystal to find out what the police know about the case. Krystal refuses to spy on her husband.

In Jesse’s office, he and Tad talk about Krystal and Adam keeping things quiet. They both admit that they know where Adam is coming from.

Opal sees Samuel and tells him that he deserves a big “thank you”.

In Jesse’s office, he and Tad talk about the children and their families. Jesse tells Tad that he and Cassandra got off to a rocky start, but things were getting better and he doesn’t want to get to know her in an interrogation room.

At Fusion, Kendall tells Annie that she is too busy to go over the information. Annie goes to the lounge to work on something. Babe suggests that Kendall is being harsh to Annie. Kendall tells Babe about the things that Annie has done recently. Kendall tells Babe that she thinks that they should fire Annie. Kendall says that she doesn’t understand how Annie could just roll over on Zach.

In Zach’s office, he and JR talk about beating Adam.

At Fusion, Kendall and Babe talk about what is going on with Annie. Annie comes back out and grabs her purse. She says that she has to go pick up Emma and that she will be on time the following day.

Erica has room service brought up and tells the spa to have the day made for 2 so that she can surprise Kendall.

Samuel tells Opal that Erica’s hard work made it so that she could get out of jail early. They talk about Erica.

Erica sits down to her table and tries to decide what to try first. She takes a bite and says that it is heaven.

Opal and Samuel talk about what he has done for Erica. Opal says that she is voting for Jack in the race for Erica.

Erica toasts to freedom and never taking it for granted.

Samuel and Opal talk about Erica’s relationship with Jack. Opal tells Samuel that she knows about everything that happened while Erica was in jail. Opal advises Samuel to stay away from Erica.

Erica says that she can do whatever she wants now.

In Zach’s office, he and JR talk about Adam. They talk about succeeding in business. JR says that he isn’t afraid of anyone and will do whatever it takes to win. JR says that he will win with or without Zach’s help.

Erica enjoys tea on the patio and looks back into her room.

In Jesse’s office, he and Tad talk about what is going on. Tad says that he was worried about Krystal. Jesse talks about the previous year of his life. Jesse talks about Cassandra, Colby, Angie and Frankie. Jesse tells Tad about Frankie getting involved with a prostitute. Tad tells Jesse to be honest with Angie no matter what because secrets always get out.

Krystal and Adam argue about what he wants her to do. Adam tries to talk about the kiss and Krystal says that she was full of fear and that maybe he comforted her a little. Adam asks Krystal when they get another chance because they could make it right this time. Krystal asks Adam to leave and admits that she feels a connection to him because they were married, but now she is married to Tad.

Samuel shows up to see Erica.

In Zach’s office, he tells JR that he has a lot to think about. JR leaves and Zach calls someone and says that there will be a war with Chandler Enterprises.

Tad gets home and Krystal says that Adam was leaving. Tad asks Krystal why she didn’t tell him about Colby’s car being stolen. Krystal says that she has to check on Jenny.

Annie calls Colby about babysitting. Annie grabs her shopping bag and pulls out a nanny cam. Annie says that Colby would really be helping her out of a jam.

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