AMC Update Tuesday 7/22/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the hospital, Jake asks Angie for a consult. Jake tells Angie that she has to let Frankie live his own life.

Randi argues with someone about their procedure. Frankie shows up and asks if there is a problem. Randi asks him what he is doing there.

Pete, Cassandra, Dre and Colby get to the pool. Pete jumps in the pool and tells them that they have to have fun.

At Fusion, Greenlee tells Amanda about Annie’s pregnancy. Greenlee says that she is fine with Ryan and Annie having children.

At home, Annie asks Ryan what he thinks of a couple of baby names. Ryan says that he is going to see Doctor Cooper about the vasectomy. Annie tries to get Ryan to let it go, but he says that he has to find out what happened.

At the pool, Pete asks Colby if she needs anything else. Pete says that Colby needs him. Pete, Colby, Dre and Cassandra talk about Jesse’s investigation and talk about Pete walking away from the situation.

At the hospital, Angie says that she is a protective mother. Angie and Jake talk about Frankie being in over his head with Randi. Angie asks when Jake turned into Jesse and when he will tell her what happened between Jake and his wife. Jake asks when Angie turned into his mom.

Frankie asks Randi what the problem is. Frankie offers to help Randi, but Randi says that she isn’t interested. Frankie tells her that she can get the life she wants. Randi realizes that Frankie isn’t going to leave her alone until she lets him help.

At Fusion, Amanda and Greenlee talk about Ryan saving her. Greenlee says that it is too bad that she talked Kendall out of firing Annie. Greenlee says that everyone is back where they should be.

At home, Annie and Ryan talk about the pregnancy. Ryan says that he needs to know what happened with the surgery because apparently something went wrong. Annie tells him that it was fate and that they deserve to be happy. Ryan says that he needs some answers. Annie says that they should do it together and grabs her purse. They arrive at the clinic and someone tells him that the doctor never performed the procedures. The woman gives Ryan a copy of the lawsuit.

At Fusion, Greenlee gives Amanda a massage. Amanda and Greenlee talk about Jake. Amanda fakes a spasm in her neck and Greenlee suggests that she see a doctor. Amanda asks if Jake is working.

At the pool, Dre swims over to Cassandra and leans in for a kiss when Pete comes up. Pete grabs his towel and then shakes all over Colby. Pete takes a drink out of Colby’s glass and she says that there is rum in it. Cassandra confronts Colby about drinking. Dre tells them that they both need to chill.

Frankie and Randi go over some information, he asks questions and she answers them. They talk about her career possibilities. Frankie asks a question that isn’t on the form and she agrees. Frankie asks her how she got involved with prostitution and she says that it just happened.

At the pool, Colby keeps drinking and Pete talks about how if you look guilty you are guilty. Cassandra says that she is ready to go home. Pete tells them to give up the guilt.

At home, Annie tells someone on the phone that she is craving applesauce. She grabs Richie’s ashes and says that there is just one more thing to do.

At Fusion, Greenlee tells Amanda that she looks great except that it looks like her head is screwed onto her shoulder backwards. Amanda leaves and Greenlee tells her to get her neck fixed. Greenlee babbles about Ryan. Ryan gets off the elevator and Greenlee smiles at him. Greenlee tells Ryan that Annie isn’t there and then congratulates him on the baby. Ryan tells Greenlee that the vasectomy didn’t happen and that the doctor never performed it. He shows her the lawsuit. Ryan tells Greenlee that he loves her and he always has. Ryan says that the baby should be his with Greenlee. Greenlee snaps Ryan out of his daydream. He says that it is time for some happiness. Ryan says that he should go and Greenlee asks him what he wanted to talk to her about at the hospital.

At the hospital, Angie says that they have to reschedule a surgery because the patient isn’t stable enough. Amanda walks in and asks to see a doctor. Angie offers to take care of it and Amanda says that she will just walk it off. She looks over and sees Jake.

Randi and Frankie talk about what happened to her. Randi says that she had it rough growing up and then tries to change the subject.

At the pool, Dre tells Cassandra that she is protected and that he won’t let anything happen to her. Cassandra says that she won’t let him take the fall. They kiss. Colby gets out of the pool and walks over to her purse. She pours more rum into her glass and drinks it.

At the hospital, Amanda tells Jake about her neck. Jake massages Amanda’s neck and she asks about living with Greenlee. Amanda tells Jake that she needs a little more massaging. Two nurses talk about Frankie and Angie walks up. Angie stops one of the nurses and asks for a word.

Frankie tells Randi that her past doesn’t define who she is. Frankie and Randi talk about her and how she shuts down to block the real her out. Frankie says that they are making progress because she didn’t slap him and she didn’t walk away. Frankie says that he will see Randi later and she thanks him before he walks away.

At Fusion, Ryan says that it was nothing. Greenlee tells him that if he needs to talk, she is there.

At the pool, Pete says that it is time to pack it in and Dre tells him that he was right about what happened with Richie. Dre says that they have to think about their families. Pete says that there is no way he would do anything to hurt Colby. Colby asks if they are really all in it together.

Annie talks to Richie and tells him how sorry she is. Annie says that what happened will be their little secret and that she is living the life she wants and deserves now. Annie says that Richie has no more power over her.

At the hospital, Amanda tells Jake that he should do massages for a living and asks what he does for fun. Angie tells the nurse that she did everything right with a patient. Angie says that she would be happy to give the nurse a recommendation and invites her to dinner.

Randi says that maybe she isn’t trash and someone walks up behind her and puts her down. Randi asks Fletcher how he found her and tells Randi that Frankie is a “save the world” kind of guy. Fletcher says that she will always be trash.

At Fusion, Ryan and Greenlee talk about her happiness. Ryan kisses Greenlee on the cheek and leaves. Ryan gets on the elevator and smiles at Greenlee.

Annie dumps Richie’s ashes and says goodbye. Annie tells Richie that she is sorry, but that she had to do it. Annie says that killing him was the only way.

At the pool, Cassandra says that she has to find a way to make peace with killing someone. Dre, Colby, Pete and Cassandra agree that it never happened. Annie hears Pete say that no one has to know that Cassandra, Dre and Colby killed Richie.

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