AMC Update Monday 7/21/08

All My Children Update Monday 7/21/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the hospital, Greenlee walks around and talks to Zach about Annie. Zach tells Greenlee to calm down. Kendall and Aidan walk up and ask about Annie. Annie tells Ryan that she is pregnant. Ryan says that he knew that Annie was hiding something and that the father of her child can’t be him.

At the mansion, Adam asks Jesse if anyone even looked for the car. Jesse tells Adam about the police report. Adam and Jesse argue. Krystal walks in and Jesse fills her in.

Cassandra, Colby and Dre talk about their secret.

At the prison, Erica is held prisoner by Sable and Jack walks up as Sable forces Erica to say that she had sex with Sable’s husband. Jack and Erica try to get Sable to drop the weapon. Sable and Erica talk about Sable’s husband. The police rush in and Jack tries to stop them.

Colby, Cassandra and Dre talk about their secret. Cassandra says that she already feels wrong inside. Colby tells her what happens if they confess. Colby says that they were going to protect their families by keeping it a secret. Pete comes in.

At the mansion, Jesse and Adam come back in and Adam asks if they are done. Jesse asks about the security. Adam suggests some possible people who might have stolen the car. Krystal asks Jesse to tell Angie he said hi. Jesse leaves and Krystal confronts Adam. Adam tells Krystal that she isn’t a part of the family.

At the hospital, Annie and Ryan talk about his vasectomy and her pregnancy. Annie says that she would never cheat on him and he says that obviously that isn’t the case. Ryan says that he won’t hold the pregnancy against Annie. Annie says that she didn’t cheat on him and tells him to get a DNA test done because he needs to know the truth. Ryan leaves and walks past Greenlee, Zach, Kendall and Aidan. Kendall and Greenlee ask about Annie and Ryan tells them that she is pregnant. Ryan leaves with a nurse to talk about some medical things. Greenlee reminds everyone that Ryan had a vasectomy. Aidan and Zach leave. Greenlee and Kendall talk about Annie cheating on Ryan. Greenlee and Kendall walk into Annie’s room and she says that the news is wonderful.

At the prison, Jack asks the police to back down. Erica and Sable talk about Harry. Jack tells Sable that Erica never slept with Harry. Sable asks Jack if Erica ever broke his heart.

Colby, Cassandra and Dre talk to Pete about Adam’s actions. Pete assures them that he won’t rat on them. Cassandra says that she should go back to Paris and Dre says that they need to stay calm. Colby says that it sucks that she didn’t inherit more of Adam’s blood because he has ice water in his veins.

At the mansion, Krystal and Adam talk about the things he can’t do to her. Adam says that his children are none of her concern. Adam says that he doesn’t need Krystal’s advice anymore. Adam admits that Colby’s car was never stolen and Krystal asks what Colby did.

At the prison, Jack tells Sable that no matter what has happened between him and Erica has nothing to do with Sable and Harry. Erica and Jack talk about their relationship even though they are divorced. Jack tells Sable to think about it because she isn’t a murderer.

At the hospital, Annie assures Kendall and Greenlee that the baby is Ryan’s. Kendall and Greenlee leave and Annie says that she and Ryan love each other. Kendall says that Annie may love Ryan, but is interrupted before she can finish what she was saying. Kendall and Greenlee walk back over to Ryan and he says that the doctor’s are running the analysis immediately because there is a chance that the baby is his. Ryan asks to speak to Greenlee alone and asks her if there is anything he can do to make it easier on her. Kendall interrupts and tells Ryan that she didn’t tell Greenlee that he still loves her. Ryan says that he knows that Kendall told Greenlee, but Kendall says that she never told Greenlee. Greenlee and Aidan talk about her reactions to Annie’s pregnancy. The nurse brings the results in and Ryan opens the envelope. Ryan says that Annie should know and leaves the room. Ryan gives Annie the results. Aidan goes to get coffee. Annie opens the results and Ryan realizes that he can still have children. Annie says that the baby is their second chance. Greenlee listens at the door and then walks away.

Colby and Pete talk about Adam. Dre and Cassandra stand off to the side of the room. Colby says that they are telling no one about it and tells Pete to keep his mouth shut. Jesse walks in.

At the prison, Sable tells Erica to admit to seducing Harry. Erica says that she didn’t do it. Jack tries to talk Erica down and Erica gets free. Erica tells Sable that if Harry was fantasizing about her it was only to escape the hell of being married to Sable.

At the hospital, Greenlee tells Kendall, Aidan and Zach that Ryan can still have kids. Greenlee says that they have to be happy for Ryan. Annie tells Ryan that everything has been leading up to the moment. Annie says that she would never think about touching anyone else. Ryan remembers Kendall finding out that he is still in love with Greenlee. Ryan says that everything is hard to process and that they should take things slow. Annie thinks that Ryan wants her to terminate the pregnancy. Annie asks Ryan to tell her that he wants the baby as much as she does. Annie says that the baby can fix everything. Ryan suggests that they go home. Ryan goes out and tells everyone that he is taking Annie home. Kendall, Zach, Greenlee and Aidan leave and Ryan makes eye contact with Greenlee before going back into Annie’s room.

At home, Jesse introduces himself to Pete. Jesse asks Colby about her car and about coming home from the lodge on the same road that Richie was killed on.

At the mansion, Krystal realizes that Colby hit Richie. Adam says that nothing ever happened. Krystal and Adam talk about how his cover up will help and Adam asks Krystal to keep the secret. Adam asks Krystal to keep Colby’s secret. Adam says that Colby needs his protection and asks Krystal to help him protect Colby and not tell anyone. Krystal says that she will do it for Colby and leaves.

At home, Jesse looks out the windows and tells Colby that he is all over the investigation for her stolen car. Jesse leaves. Dre, Colby, Pete and Cassandra talk about Jesse’s investigation. Jesse makes a call from outside the apartment and asks a cop to keep an eye on Colby and Cassandra.

At the prison, Sable is dragged off. Erica talks about how much she has changed since first being locked up with Sable. Erica asks Jack to get her out of there. Jack and Erica are released from the cell and Erica says that she is free.

At ConFusion, Zach and Kendall go to get drinks for Greenlee and Aidan. Zach orders the drinks and Kendall tells him that Ryan is still in love with Greenlee. Kendall says that Annie couldn’t have trapped Ryan better if she had planned it. Greenlee says that she has everything she could ever want.

At the hospital, Annie comes in and Ryan asks her if she is ready to go home.

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