AMC Update Friday 7/18/08

All My Children Update Friday 7/18/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica is being released from prison. Sam Woods had a hand in getting her released. Jack believes that Erica deserves to be released. Erica says she did what needed to be done, and can’t wait to get out of prison. Jack tells Erica that she can go now; Erica seems stunned. Jack tells her to go and pack her bags.

Greenlee hugs Ryan; Ryan says, “So you know”? Greenlee says yes. Ryan says, “So she told you everything, believing that Kendall told her that he loved her. Greenlee tells him that she (Kendall) told him, and wants to know why didn’t he tell her. Ryan didn’t think that Greenlee wanted to go there (meaning love). Greenlee tells him that she does want to go there, and she loves him. Ryan sweeps her up in his arms as he hugs her.

Zach rushes into the hospital holding Annie shouting, “I need a doctor”. Jake and two assistants rushes over to Zach with a gurney and asked what happened. He tells them that Annie fainted when they were talking.

Annie cries out for Ryan. Zach tells her that he will get him. Zach reaches into his pocket for his phone.

Ryan asks Greenlee about Aidan. Greenlee tells Ryan that she hasn’t told him yet.

Ryan instructs her to tell Aidan. Greenlee says who cares about Aidan I want to talk about you and your memory. Ryan phone rings and Greenlee tells him that the phone is for him. Zach has called Ryan to tell him about Annie. He wants Ryan to come to the hospital because Annie has collapsed. Ryan looks shocked!

Tad is in Jesse’s office with his feet on the desk; Tad compliments Jesse.

Jesses is eating some lunch. He tells Tad that he went home for lunch, but became distracted by Angie, and did not eat. Tad teases Jesse and calls Angie and he kids.

Jesse wants to know if Tad is bored since he retired from being a private eye.

Tad tells him that he went to the toy store, and bought boats then sunk them in the pool; now he had to take Kathy, to buy new boats. Jesse now knows that Tad is beyond bored; Tad agrees. Tad asks about the Richie Novak case. Jesse doesn’t think it was an accident, because so many people wanted him dead.

Petey is on his way to Harvard and Palmer is proud. Petey wants to delay going to Harvard for six months, because he has something to do. Adam overhears the conversation and mentions that Harvard is impressive. He welcomes Petey back, and asks where he has been. Petey tells him that he has been at prep school. Palmer suggests that Petey watch out for Adam since he is the enemy. Adam calls Palmer melodramatic.

Erica is so happy about getting out of prison, and she want to see Ian and Spike. She also wants to fly to Paris to see Bianca and Miranda. Jack advises her to take one step at a time. Kendall would love for Erica to stay with her, and Jack invites her to stay with him.

Jake tells Annie that she passed out so take it easy. He wants to ask her a few questions. He asked if Annie could be pregnant. Annie tells Jake that she could not be pregnant, because Ryan had a vasectomy.

Jesse tells Tad that Richie died from blunt force trauma that could have happened before or after he died. Since there was no skid marks, the perpetrator did not try to stop.

Jake asks Annie if she has been nauseous. He also wants to know if she has been upset. Annie thinks back to her argument with Ritchie and him hitting her on the head. She mentions that she might have a concussion from when she was last hit; she saw Dr. Hubbard and he checked her out. Jake recommends that she have an MRI just in case.

Ryan arrives at the hospital with Greenlee trailing him. He asks Zach for Annie and he is told where Annie is. Greenlee ask Zach what happened then she tells him that Annie will be fine since Ryan is there. Zach is surprised that Greenlee acts and talk as if she cares. Greenlee mentions that she does care because she has forgiven Annie for breaking into her place. She notes that she has forgiven Kendall and Aidan as well. Zach is truly surprised. Greenlee mentions that she has learned forgiveness from Zach. Greenlee is happy that Ryan has his memory back, and can now have his family back.

Ryan goes to Annie’s side while Jake asks for blood work before releasing her. Annie seems fine for now. Annie apologizes for fainting because they should be celebrating; she wants to start a new life with Emma and put Richie behind them. Ryan asks why she was with Zach.

Erica thanks Jack for offering his home to her but she need some time alone. Jack understands. Erica doesn’t want to stay at the Pine Valley; she wants to stay at the Yacht Club.

Jack tells Erica that the prison has fond memories of her. She tells Jack that a new inmate threatened her; she won’t miss the new inmate, but she will miss other friends. A voice in the crowd says, “We’ll miss you. Someone in the crowd is holding a sign that reads, “Goodbye Erica”.

Adam asks if Petey should take a year off from college with his talent? Palmer advises Petey not to trust Adam. Adam receives a phone call; he starts to talk about how good Chandler Enterprises has been this year. Adam tells Petey to stop brown nosing; he wants to talk to Petey about the crime he committed. Petey looks confused and asks Adam what is he talking about. Adam says he’s talking about the rape.

Jesse talks to the mayor on the phone and tells him he will inform him of any changes in the case; he hangs up the phone. Jesse knows he has to solve this case. Tad says solving cases is in Jesse’s blood and he will do well. Jesse thinks he has to be good in order to close the door to thugs like Papal!

Annie tells Ryan that Zach’s office called to see how she was doing. Ryan asked why didn’t she tell him. Annie’s head is fuzzy and Jake comes in asking for blood tests. Ryan leaves. Jake tells Annie that Ryan has a problem with blood, then ask if she does?

Ryan asks Greenlee to leave so that he can talk to Zach in private. He wants too know why Zach called Annie. Zach suggest that Ryan ask Annie why she was called. Ryan did that, but Annie told him she does not remember; now he is asking Zach. Greenlee walks into Annie’s room and asks about her. Annie starts to accuse her of wanting Ryan, then tells her to stay away from him. Annie wants Greenlee to stay away from her. Greenlee says she no longer wants Ryan. Annie threatens to make Greenlee stay away from Ryan. Ryan mistakenly thinks that Kendall told Greenlee that he loves her but Kendall did not breathe a word to Ryan. Annie tells Greenlee that Ryan doesn’t love her he loves his wife.

Zach tells Ryan that Greenlee has secrets. Ryan suspected as much. Zach tells him how Annie pawned her ring to pay Richie’s bail money. Ryan mentions that Annie has not worn her ring for awhile. Ryan is disappointed that Annie did not confide in him.

Greenlee tells Annie that she reconciled with Aidan. Greenlee believes that Annie is crazy. Annie order Greenlee out of her room. Zach ask about Annie and Greenlee tells him that she is psycho. Greenlee advises that Annie be kept away from sharp objects

Petey tells Adam that he did not rape anybody. Adam suggests that he did if he says so. Adam suggests that all he has to do is find a girl at Petey’s school who is in need of money. Petey wants to know why would Adam set him up. Adam tells him because he knows that Colby was involved in an accident.

The inmates give Erica a going away party. As a gift she is given a jumpsuit. They also give her a trophy. Erica will treasure their friendship.

Jesses mentions the tire tracks taken off of Richie’s clothes. They know the car that hit him was expensive. Tad is shocked.

Jesse visits Adam and is asked why is he there. He is also asked if he wants a drink; Jesse says no because he is on duty. Jesse asks why Adam’s new car mowed Richie Novak down.

Greenlee tells Ryan what his lovely wife did to her. Jake tells Ryan that he is going to release Annie. Jake will allow Annie to tell Ryan what is wrong with her. Ryan walks into Annie’s room to find her crying.

Erica says goodbye to the inmates. Erica tells Jack that she is not trying to push him away. She needs a little alone time to become acclimated to freedom. She is hungry and Jack asks where would she like to eat. She will eat anywhere that does not have cream corn and mystery meat. The new inmate blocks Erica’s exit, because she wants to give her a present.

Adam wants Petey to forget everything he knows about Colby's car and the accident, or he'll make sure Petey gets convicted of rape. Adam tells Jesse that he reported the new car stolen. The car was involved in a hit and run. Jesse asks hard questions.

Zach asks Greenlee if Annie is OK; Greenlee says that Annie is insane. Zach wants to know what happened because he thought that Annie was on her forgiveness list? Greenlee agrees that she was on her list until she went off on her for talking to Ryan. Zach looks at her funny. She asks him not to look at her like that since he was not there.

Ryan wants to know what is wrong with Annie. She is crying because she is happy. She tells Ryan that she is happy because she is pregnant. Ryan is stunned.

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