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All My Children Update Thursday 7/17/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Fletcher, Randi’s pimp, is at the police station to pick up Randi. Jesse decided to sneak her out of the back door so that she would not run into Fletcher. As Randi is walking out of the station, she runs into Frankie. Jesse slams Fletcher into a chair, and warns him about pimping in his town on his watch. Fletcher thought Angie was kidding about her husband being the police chief. Randi is not interested in talking to Frankie so he buys her time for talking only. He pays one hundred dollars for twenty-five minutes. Jesse warns Fletcher about coming to his home making threats. Jesse tells him he want him out of town. He impulsively decides to arrest Fletcher for being dumb as a sack of hammers.

Ryan and Tad are at the marina racing boats in the swimming pool. Tad intended to teach his daughter Kate how to sail the boat, but she is at camp. Ryan is so happy that he recovered his memory. Tad talks about how he felt when he lost his memory. He also talks about revelations he had. Ryan has a flashback of telling Greenlee he loves her while she was out cold.

Zach tells Annie to meet him at his office in twenty minutes. She walks into the door and says," I am here, what is it". He places her ring on his desk. She acts as if the ring is not hers, but later changes her mind, and identifies it. She wants to know how did Zach get it, because she thought she had lost it. Zach laughs and tell her that there are four pawn shops in Pine Valley and the shop clerk at one described her perfectly. Annie admits to losing it, but Zach reminds her that she told Kendall that she took the ring to the shop for cleaning. Zach wants to know how much money did she get for her ring to cover Richie’s bail. Zach asked if Richie was blackmailing her. Annie asked why would she pawn her ring. Zach responded that she needed a lot of money, and did not want Ryan to know about it, so she pawned her ring.

Kendall is at Greenlee’s home telling her that Ryan has his memory back. Greenlee is happy, because she thinks that now everyone can be happy. Kendall doesn’t think so because she knows that Ryan loving Greenlee will change everything.

Ryan and Tad talk about family and relationships. Ryan compliments Tad on his life with Krystal. Ryan and Tad bet fifty dollars on winning the race. Ryan has decisions and choices to make since he has his memory back. Tad calls Ryan a con artist for winning the race. They talk about destiny.

Jesse arrives home. Angie is worried about Frankie being mixed up with Randi. Jesse assures her that they locked up Fletcher so she need not worry about him. Jesse is not worried about Frankie because he is not trying to bring Randi over for Sunday dinner like Angie did with him. Angie tells Jesse that Randi is beautiful and she is worried about the way Frankie looks at her.

Annie lied on Richie before and had him put away, but she did not think that he would make bail by providing proof of her lies. Annie asked Zach to stop with the accusations, because Ryan and she have a chance to be together. Zach asks again if Richie is blackmailing her and did she give him the money to help bail him out. Annie says, “Yes, God help me” as she finally confesses. Zach wants to know what Richie had over her and she tells him that Richie did not want to return to prison; Richie say he would rather die than return to prison. When she was up on the witness stand and saw the faces of all of those people Richie hurt she knew it was because of her. She said that Richie hurt Zach, and Greenlee and trapped them in the hole; He made JR sick, and kidnapped Babe. Her brother is dead because of her. Zach doesn’t understand why her brother hit her on the head after she gave him the money. She explained that he needed more money. She believes that if she had not helped her brother, he would still be alive. Richie called her an ungrateful bitch and as she turned to leave he hit her on the head and knocked her out. She begins to cry and Zach offered her his handkerchief then kneels in front of her as she sits in a chair.

Kendall starts to bash Annie to Greenlee. Kendall tells Greenlee that Annie tried to set up Zach for Richie’s murder. Greenlee understand the pressure that Annie is under and ask Kendall to give Annie a break. She asks what would Kendall do if Zach forgets he loves her. Greenlee’s new attitude is to forgive and forget. Greenlee know that that people must learn how to trust and forgive which is how she forgave Aidan and Kendall. Kendall is touched that Greenlee forgives her for what she did; they hug. Kendall wants to make sure that Greenlee really means what she said.

Greenlee, like Zach, now understands why Kendall and Aidan did what they did, so she had to learn to let it go. She asks Kendall to let go of her anger towards Annie. Greenlee believes that everything is perfect because Ryan loves Annie, Kendall loves Zach, and she loves Aidan. There is a flashback of Ryan telling Greenlee he loves her, while she is unconscious. Greenlee is now happy.

Zach tells Annie that he considers her one of his friends and he doesn’t want to hurt her. She asked, even after I sold you out to Jesse. Zach doesn’t care about that, because he knows she were under pressure. He tells her now that she got that lie out of her system to tell him what really happened. She gets up then turns to leave. Zach calls her back saying, “Hey Annie, not yet”. Richie’s voice is overheard telling her to tell Zach why he was black mailing her. His voice also asks her to tell Zach that she has been lying to Ryan all this time. Richie also wants Annie to tell Zach how she picked up that ranch and crushed his skull with it. Annie tells Zach that Ryan has his memory. Zach says, "What, since when? She tells him that Greenlee fell, and hit her head on the boat and Ryan saved her; his memory returned. Annie asked did Ryan tell Zach. Zach says no. Zach says he will ask her one more time to tell him about Richie.

Jesse advises Angie to allow Frankie to make his own mistakes.

Frankie wants to talk to Randi and wants to know what makes Randi tick, and why she would decide to be a prostitute. Randi is not interested in talking about herself. Since Frankie is not interested in having sex, Randi asks if he is into girls. He tries to talk to her, and she slaps him. They wrestle a little; she starts to cry and they hug a little.

Annie did not think that Richie would put her on the witness stand in front of all of those people and make her testify. She did not expect him to prove that she lied on him and accused him of a false crime.

Jesse noticed the way Angie is dressed; he compliments her. They decide to have a little afternoon delight; since Jesse is the boss he does not have to rush back. They make love, then Jesse returns to work.

Greenlee needs to return to Fusion. She sees Ryan; she hugs him and then tells him that Kendall told her everything. From the look on Ryan’s face it is clear that he believes that Kendall told Greenlee that he loves her.

Frankie decides to leave Randi some contacts for assistance in case she wants them. He gives up, because she must make the next step.

Zach want to know what Richie had over Annie. Annie says, “Oh God Zach I want to tell you; want to tell you what really, but before she can finish her sentence she begin to faint. Zach breaks her fall by catching her.

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