AMC Update Wednesday 7/16/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica says that visiting hours haven’t started yet and she doesn’t want any more surprises.  Samuel says that he thinks she will like the surprise.

Colby remembers the night of the accident.  J.R. startles Colby when he laughs.  Colby says that she didn’t think anyone else was home and that she is going to go upstairs and read for a while.  Babe asks if Colby wants to hang out with them and Colby says that she is sure and that she will see them later.  J.R. stops Colby and asks her what is going on with her.

Kendall tells Zach that she is going to Fusion in a little while.  Zach asks what the latest is with weatherproof mascara.  Kendall asks how Zach can act like everything is okay and Zach says that everything is okay.  Kendall reminds Zach that Annie told the chief of police that he killed Richie.  Zach tells Kendall that he is there with her and it is over.  Kendall says that Annie shouldn’t get away with selling him out.

Annie tells Ryan that she came in quiet the previous night because she didn’t want to wake him up.  Ryan tells Annie that he remembers everything.

Greenlee asks Aidan how they got there and says that she didn’t think she would ever wake up with him again.  Aidan thanks her for forgiving him and she tells him that they are all done with that and are starting over with a clean slate.  Greenlee says that everything is back to normal.  Jake walks in and says “Honey, I’m home!”

Ryan tells Annie that the last four years of his life came back the previous day and that he remembers her.  Annie asks him if he remembers loving her.

Colby tells J.R. that there is nothing going on with her, but J.R. says that she has been acting weird since she came back from the lodge.  Colby says that she will get over it.  J.R. asks if someone messed with her and asks if it was a guy.  Colby says that no one messed with her and tells J.R. not to go all “big brother protective” on her.  J.R. says that he will always be protective of her.  Babe says that they are just worried about Colby.  Colby says that there is nothing to worry about.  Colby asks why J.R. is pushing it so much and J.R. says that it is too familiar.  J.R. suggests that Colby has a drinking problem. 

Dre and Cassandra talk about Adam.  Cassandra asks if Dre thinks that Adam can really make it go away and Dre says that Colby believes it. 

Erica asks how Samuel got in this time.  Samuel says that he is on official government business and that Erica is free to go.  Erica says that she isn’t going anywhere.

Greenlee tells Jake that he isn’t going anywhere and she and Aidan assure Jake that he isn’t in the way.  Jake agrees to give it a shot.  Jake takes a drink of something and tells Greenlee that it is disgusting.

Ryan and Annie talk about him saving Greenlee.  Ryan remembers telling Greenlee that saving her life made sense of his.  Annie asks Ryan if he remembers loving her.  Ryan says that he remembers everything.  Annie asks him to tell her some things that have come back to him.  Ryan gives her detailed examples and she asks them about their first date.  Ryan says that she doesn’t have to test him and that he really remembers everything.  Annie says that she has missed him so much and asks what is wrong.

Kendall and Zach talk about Annie’s recent weird behavior.  Zach says that Annie has had a lot going on lately and Kendall says that Annie is pretty much possessed and it started before Richie died.  Kendall says that Annie is responsible for Zach being the prime suspect in Richie’s murder.  Zach tells Kendall that he was the one who beat up Richie in jail.  Kendall agrees to let it go.  Kendall and Zach say goodbye and Zach tells someone that he needs something and he thinks the person can help.

Annie asks why things feel different if Ryan remembers their relationship and loving her.  Ryan says that maybe his brain is on overload.  Annie asks Ryan what he feels in his heart.  Ryan remembers telling Greenlee that he loves her and tells Annie that there is something he needs to tell her.  Emma comes in and says that she saw Richie on the TV and asks where he is.  Ryan says that Richie is in heaven playing with the angels like Emma’s cat, Mittens.  Annie asks Emma to get ready for camp and thanks Ryan for telling Emma that Richie is in heaven.  Annie says that she hasn’t been feeling well lately and that she’s worn down with Richie and him.  Ryan asks if there is anything he can do and Annie says that he has already done it by getting his memory back because it is one less thing for her to worry about.

Jake says that he is going to wash the hospital off of him and asks if he should give Greenlee and Aidan a warning when he comes back in the room.  Greenlee says no and that she and Aidan will be waiting fully clothed when Jake gets out of the shower.  Greenlee asks Aidan if he is moving back in with her and Aidan says that he wants them to buy a house.  Aidan says that he knows Greenlee doesn’t want kids, but a house could be like a fresh start for them and that she could paint it any color she wants.

Samuel asks Erica what she means by she isn’t going anywhere.  Erica says that she is doing it for Samuel because what would his supporters think of him working so hard to get her in jail and then working to get her out.  Samuel realizes that she thinks it would be a bad political move for him and he disagrees.  Samuel says that when he did the interview with Erica his numbers went through the roof and Erica realizes that setting her free would get him lots of support.  Samuel says that he can have the paperwork stopped and Erica tells him that if he takes another step he loses her vote.  Erica says that she does want out of jail.

Colby and J.R. talk about alcoholism.  Colby says that she was getting some water from Adam’s bar when they came in the room and Babe asks what is really going on with Colby.  J.R. says that alcohol is like a Chandler curse and warns Colby to be careful with alcohol if she doesn’t have a problem with it.  Colby says that alcohol is J.R.’s curse and luckily she is nothing like him.

Aidan and Greenlee talk about what happened at the Yacht Club.  Greenlee says that they have to find someone for Jake.  Aidan says that she needs to butt out and that they don’t need to do anything.  Greenlee says that she wants everyone in her life to be happy, just like she is.

Annie and Ryan talk about his love for Emma.  Annie asks him what he feels about her now and he says that it is hard to explain.  Annie suggests that he show her and the phone rings.  Annie answers it and Zach tells her that he needs to talk to her.  Annie tells Ryan that she has to go to work early and suggests that they celebrate his memory coming back later.  Ryan offers to drive her, but she refuses.  Annie asks Ryan to drop Emma off at camp and they say goodbye.

J.R. gets a phone call and tells Colby and Babe that he has to take it.  Babe tells Colby that J.R. is worried about her.  Colby says that she isn’t a raging alcoholic.  Babe says that if there is something going on, Colby can come to her because Babe thinks of her as a little sister.  Colby thanks Babe for the talk and says that she couldn’t ask for a better sister.

Cassandra and Dre talk about the possibility that they killed Richie.  Dre says that if it does come out, Colby and Cassandra were never in the car and that he will protect them.

Jake asks if it is safe and Greenlee tells him it is and then tells him to sit down.  Greenlee says that no one is going anywhere and that she wants it all because she deserves it.

Ryan and Kendall talk about Greenlee’s boating “accident” and that he has remembered the last four years of his life.  Ryan apologizes for what he did to her when he first lost his memory.  Kendall tells him not to worry about it.  Kendall realizes that Ryan is still in love with Greenlee and says that Ryan has to tell Greenlee.  Ryan says that he tried, but Greenlee thanked him for saving her for Aidan.  Ryan tells Kendall that Greenlee and Aidan are back together.  Kendall says that Greenlee still has to know.  Ryan says that he never said he loves Greenlee.  Kendall promises not to tell Greenlee, but says that Ryan is making a huge mistake.  Ryan says that what he is doing is best for everyone because Greenlee has moved on and is happy.  Kendall asks about him.

Aidan suggests that he and Jake go to the gym, but Jake says no.  Greenlee says that she is thinking about who she can set Jake up with.  Jake tells Aidan that he will go to the gym with him and asks Aidan to tell Greenlee to butt out of his personal life.  Aidan says that he already told Greenlee that.  Greenlee tells Aidan not to gang up on her with Jake.  Aidan and Jake leave for the gym.

Cassandra sees Ryan and says that they can’t get away from what they did to Richie no matter where they go.  Cassandra suggests that they should come clean about what happened and Dre says that they can’t.  He tells her that if it comes out, he is the only one who takes the hit.  Cassandra asks him if he would really do that for her and he says that his dad always told him that you never let a woman down, especially one you care about.

Erica thanks Samuel for everything he has done, including landing her in jail.  Erica tells Gail that she is free and says that Gail can’t imagine how much Erica has missed real food, bubble baths and privacy.  Gail says that the girls will be sad to see her go.  Sable comes in and says that Erica ruined her life and now she will ruin Erica’s.

Babe asks J.R. if they should leave Colby alone.  J.R. says that Colby is fine, but Babe says that Colby didn’t seem fine.  J.R. suggests that it is because he freaked her out with his “booze will ruin your life” speech, but Babe thinks that there is more to it.  J.R. says that he scared Colby straight.  Colby says that she can have a drink if she wants.

Cassandra asks Dre if he really thinks everything is going to be okay.  Dre says that no one has to know what happened to Richie.

Annie shows up at Zach’s office and asks what he needed to see her about.  Zach tells her to have a seat, but Annie says that she doesn’t need to sit down.  Zach says that they should start with her wedding ring.

Ryan remembers talking to Kendall about his love for Annie and Greenlee. 

Greenlee says that maybe she should rethink the whole roommate idea.  Kendall knocks on the door and says that she has something to tell Greenlee about Ryan.

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