AMC Update Tuesday 7/15/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie tries to check up on a woman at the Broad Street Shelter.  Someone knocks on her door.

Cassandra says that she had Dre turn around because she couldn’t leave Colby and Pete alone together.  Colby says that she told Pete that she was sick and he left.  Cassandra says that Dre went to tell his dad and Colby freaks out.  Cassandra says that Samuel might be able to help them and Colby says that they had a deal.  Adam overhears and asks Colby what she has done.

Annie tells “Richie” that it is over.  Jesse walks up and asks her why she would cremate the victim in the middle of the murder investigation.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she loves him for saving her for Aidan.  Aidan shows up and is happy to see that Greenlee is okay.  Jake comes in and Greenlee asks if she can go home.  Jake says that as soon as he checks her out she can go.  Jake makes fun of Greenlee for getting knocked out by a sailboat and Greenlee says that she can change the locks. 

Annie tells Jesse that it was her father’s decision to cremate Richie and that she just came to get Richie’s remains.  Annie asks Jesse why he is harassing her.  Jesse tries to get Annie to go over her statement again.

Fletcher says that he is looking for Randi.  Angie and Fletcher argue about his relationship to Randi.  Angie tells Fletcher that her husband is the chief of police and that if he comes near Randi, her husband will arrest him. 

Adam asks Colby what she has done.  Colby and Cassandra cover by mentioning a wine tasting class they want to take in college and how they got busted for not being 21.  Adam asks for the real story and reveals to Cassandra and Colby that the dean is a man, not a woman like they had claimed.  Adam tells them that he can help if they have done something wrong.  Cassandra says that maybe they should tell Adam and he swears not to get angry.  Colby tells Adam that she got drunk on her birthday and that is why they came home early from the lodge.  Colby says that Dre, who was sober, drove them home.  Adam asks if there was any damage done to the car and Colby says no.  Adam suggests that he take a look and Colby says that they didn’t mean to kill him and that it was an accident.

Angie tells Fletcher to get away from her door before she calls the cops.  Frankie comes out and asks what Fletcher is doing there.  Frankie threatens to beat up Fletcher and Angie asks Frankie to stop.  Angie says that she was afraid this would happen and Frankie says that Randi didn’t send Fletcher over there.  Angie says that Frankie brought Randi’s world, pimps and prostitutes, into their home.

Dre meets with Samuel.  They talk about Samuel’s campaign and about Dre’s grandfather.  Dre says that his grandfather told him to ask about Samuel’s “visit” to lockdown with Erica. 

Colby tells Adam the details of her birthday.  Colby says that they think they ran over Richie.  Colby asks about what happens if the cops find out and Adam tells her to worry about one thing at a time.  Adam asks to talk to Colby alone.  Colby asks Adam what she is going to do and Adam tells her to throw her friends under the bus.  Adam asks Colby to let him protect her and she says that she won’t let Cassandra and Dre take the fall.  Adam suggests that Colby was too drunk to remember the ride, but Colby says that she won’t lie about what she remembers and she won’t rat out her friends.  Colby and Adam talk about Cassandra and Dre’s families and Colby says that Dre is telling Samuel everything.

Dre says that he doesn’t know if he is okay and Samuel thinks it is about a girl.  Dre tells Samuel that he, Cassandra and Colby went up to Adam’s lodge for Colby’s birthday and were partying.  Dre says that he only had one beer, but Colby was drunk.  Dre asks Samuel if he can finish what he was saying.  Samuel asks if Dre got Cassandra pregnant.  Dre says that it isn’t even about his relationship with Cassandra.  Samuel’s phone rings and he tells Carl that he can’t talk right now.  Samuel tells Dre that his numbers are down in the polls and that any more bad news could put him out of the game.

Jesse tries to get Annie to go over her story again, but Annie doesn’t see why it matters.  Jesse says that he wants to make sure he has all the information right.  Jesse says that Richie’s phone records show that Annie was the last person Richie called before he died.  Annie says that Richie might have called her, but she didn’t talk to him.  Annie says that the last time she spoke to Richie was at the Pine Cone when he knocked her out.  Annie asks if they are finished because she has to call her dad and find out what is to be done with Richie’s ashes.  Jesse says that everything she tells him gets them closer to finding out who killed Richie.  Annie asks Jesse why he can’t leave it alone.  Jesse says that a lot of people had a reason to go after Richie and they thought he would get off without paying for what he did.  Jesse says that someone got fed up and took justice into their own hands.  Annie says that Richie was a bad guy, but he was her brother and he didn’t deserve to die like that.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she made a decision.  Aidan asks her if it was to never go sailing without a life jacket again.  Greenlee tells him that she wants them back.

Jake asks Ryan what happened.  Ryan says that he saw Greenlee get hit in the head and fall on the boat.  Ryan remembers “rescuing” Greenlee and telling her that he won’t let her go this time.  Jake suggests that he isn’t getting the whole story.

Aidan tells Greenlee that he will do whatever it takes and she says that she just wants him to be himself and love her.  Aidan tells her that he never stopped.

Jake asks Ryan what happened next and Ryan says that it isn’t a movie.  Jake convinces Ryan to keep talking and Ryan says that he tried to wake her up.  Ryan remembers telling her that he loves her and tells Jake that he doesn’t know if she heard him or not.  Jake says that Greenlee heard Ryan.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she knows he is the one for her and that “Alphonso” helped her figure it out.  She says that life is precious and you have to grab what you want.  Greenlee says that what happened doesn’t matter anymore.

Ryan and Jake talk about the possibility of the right words bringing someone back.  Ryan remembers what he said to Greenlee about remembering everything on the way to save her.  Jake says that whatever Ryan told Greenlee made the difference and Ryan hopes that Jake is right.

Greenlee and Aidan talk about Ryan saving her.

Jake tells Ryan that he is free to go.  Jake says that he would like to know how it’s going with Ryan’s memory.  Ryan remembers telling Greenlee that his life didn’t make sense without her.

Frankie asks Angie if she has found Randi yet.  Angie says that they tried, but she has called everywhere.  Frankie says that they aren’t trying hard enough and that she needs help.  Angie tells Frankie that Randi doesn’t need his help and that she won’t let him take the risk.  Frankie says that he isn’t giving up on Randi and Angie says that he doesn’t even know her.  Angie tells Frankie about the women like Randi she knew in New York.  Frankie says that he has to do it.  Angie asks if he is in love with Randi and Frankie says no, but he has to help her.  Angie tells Frankie that he can keep trying to patch up Randi and hide her from Fletcher, but he can’t fix the “deeper” pain she is in.  Frankie says that he can try and Angie says that it won’t get him anywhere until Randi wants to change.  Frankie says that he respects Angie’s advice, but disagrees and says that he has to get to work.

Samuel tells Dre that his opponent is trying to find any mistake to get him out.  Samuel tells Dre about the call from Carl and about his polls going up after being on Erica’s show.  Samuel says that if he wants to stay in the race, there can’t be anymore mistakes or surprises.

Colby tells Adam that Dre is telling Samuel everything as they speak and that his plan to screw Dre over won’t work.  Colby says that she is being rude to her friend and Adam says that they aren’t done.  Colby says that what he is asking her to do is wrong and Adam says that running over a man and driving away after killing him is wrong and what Adam wants her to do is necessary.  Colby says that she cares about people other than Chandlers and won’t stab people in the back like him. 

Samuel says that most politicians’ kids are messed up and that he has never had to worry about that with Dre.  Samuel says that he is going to turn off his electronic leash and give his son his undivided attention.  Samuel asks Dre what he wanted to say.  Dre says that he won’t be around any underage drinking and that he thinks Samuel will be a great Senator.

Adam asks Colby if he has ever let anything bad happen to her and Colby admits that she is scared.  Adam says that he wants her to let him make the whole thing go away.  Colby asks about Cassandra and Dre.  Adam tells Colby to think about what she has to look forward to and asks if she trusts him.  Colby says that she does.

Annie asks Jesse about the investigation.  Jesse says that he didn’t officially arrest Zach.  Annie says that she thought after she told him about Zach beating Richie up and threatening to kill him he would have been arrested.  Jesse says that he doesn’t have enough to charge anyone right now.  Jesse says that he has to find out who killed Richie and how.  Annie says that Richie was hit by a car and Jesse says that it is one possibility.  Annie says that she will cooperate however she can, but she needs to sign for Richie’s ashes and leave.  Jesse says that he will be in touch. 

Colby asks Dre what happened and Adam realizes that Dre didn’t tell Samuel about the hit-and-run.  Dre reminds Cassandra and Colby that they agreed not to tell Adam and Colby says that Adam can help them.  Adam asks them where they went after leaving Richie.  Dre says that they didn’t go anywhere and that they only stopped along the road for a couple of minutes and that they got some bottled water at a gas station.  Adam asks them how they paid and Dre says that they used Cash.  Colby says that Petey Cortlandt knows about the accident because he saw blood on her car.  Adam tells them to stay there and be quiet while he makes some calls.

Ryan talks to Emma.  Ryan pays Corrina for watching Emma.  Ryan tells Emma how much he missed her and Ryan suggests that they play a game of “Do You Remember?”.  Ryan tells Emma how much he remembers about her and Spike.

Greenlee asks Aidan where he went and he says that he went on a rescue mission.  Jake tells Greenlee that she can leave as long as she stays on dry land and takes a boating safety course.  Greenlee says to keep her away from water.  Aidan asks her about bath time and a hot tub and she says that she can handle that.  Aidan asks her about a waterbed and Greenlee tells him to get her out of there.  Aidan says that there is someone who wants to tag along and gives Greenlee “Alphonso”.  Aidan says that Alphonso is a strong swimmer and would do anything to get back to her.

Jake tells Frankie that he is going to have a beer and watch the game.  Frankie asks if Randi has been through there and Jake says no.

Jesse asks Angie if Frankie is okay and she says that Frankie is fine, but the situation with Randi and Fletcher is getting out of control.  Jesse says that he will handle Fletcher, but first he has to get a patrol car to look for Randi.  Randi tells an officer to get his hands off her and the officer says to book her for solicitation.

Samuel tells someone that he will see Erica first thing in the morning.

Cassandra asks what they do next and Dre says that it is out of their hands.  Adam says that he needs more details about what happened that night and Colby says that they can’t do it right now.  Adam agrees and tells them to relax and that everything is under control.  Colby, Dre and Cassandra go upstairs.  Adam calls Barry to make Colby’s new car disappear and then makes a call to report the car stolen.

Aidan and Greenlee walk into her apartment kissing.

Ryan picks up a flyer for the Pine Valley Yacht Club and remembers.

Annie tells “Richie” that she had no choice and that she is sorry.  She hears Richie say that she will never get away with it.

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