AMC Update Monday 7/14/08

All My Children Update Monday 7/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At home, Tad and Kathy read a book while eating cookies. Krystal walks in and asks them what they are doing. Krystal tries to talk Kathy into going to camp. Kathy runs upstairs and Krystal thanks Tad.

At the mansion, Pete tells Colby, Cassandra and Dre that there is blood on Colby’s car.

Zach and Jesse get out of the car. Jesse tells Zach that he has a witness who knows that Zach beat Richie up in jail.

Ryan watches Greenlee out on a boat. Greenlee hits her head and falls unconscious. Ryan heads out to save her.

At home, Tad says that he is going to go check on Kathy and Krystal says that they need to talk about it. Krystal says that Kathy needs to start her new life. Krystal opens the door and Carmen says that she needs to talk to her about Adam.

At Fusion, Kendall and Annie talk about the possibility that Zach killed Richie. They fight over what Annie did to Zach. Kendall says that she is happy that Richie is dead and leaves.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan goes to rescue Greenlee and remembers his past with her. Ryan gets to Greenlee’s boat and checks for a pulse. Ryan kisses Greenlee and tells her that he isn’t letting her go this time.

At home, Krystal and Tad listen to what Carmen has to say about Adam. Carmen asks Krystal how to run Adam’s house. Tad leaves to check on Kathy after introducing himself to Carmen. Carmen says that she didn’t see anything happen between Krystal and Adam.

Jesse asks Zach to explain the whole night that Richie died. Zach says that someone took care of his trouble.

At the mansion, Colby, Cassandra and Dre cover their attitudes. Colby, Cassandra and Dre tell Pete about hitting something. Pete offers to see what kind of blood is on the car, but Colby says that he can’t.

At Fusion, Annie sits at the desk crying. Annie remembers Kendall suspecting her. Annie’s phone rings and tells someone that she will be right there. Annie leaves Fusion.

Someone says that they will make sure the paramedics can get through. Ryan gets Greenlee back to shore and tells her that she has to be okay because he loves her. Greenlee opens her eyes.

At home, Tad sits by Kathy on the stairs. Tad apologizes for Kathy’s life being different. Kathy says that she doesn’t want to go to camp, but Tad says that she would have a lot of fun. Tad tells Kathy that they have to respect Krystal because they are family. Kathy promises to go to camp the following day and goes upstairs with Tad to finish the cookies. Carmen and Krystal talk about Babe and Little Adam.

At the mansion, Colby, Cassandra and Dre cover the blood up. Pete keeps asking questions.

At the crime scene, Jesse and Zach discuss the details of Richie’s death.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan talks to the paramedics about Greenlee and what happened. Ryan says that he is going with them because he is her husband.

At her home, Krystal tells Carmen about Adam. They talk about what Carmen’s duties around the house are. Tad listens from the stairs, while Krystal and Carmen talk about Adam. Tad sits down and comments on Krystal’s crash course on trying to survive Adam.

At the station, Kendall shows up looking for Zach. Jesse says that he needs to see Richie’s body again.

Annie shows up at the morgue.

At the mansion, Pete agrees to drop it. Cassandra suggests that they go back outside and Dre says that he is going to go grab some drinks. Pete admits that he tested the blood on Colby’s car before he rang the doorbell and says that it is human blood. Pete suggests that it is Richie Novak’s blood.

At the station, Jesse and Zach walk in. Zach tells Kendall where they were.

At the hospital, Ryan asks about Greenlee’s condition and is told that she should be fine. A nurse tells Ryan that he saved Greenlee’s life. Ryan tells Greenlee that when he was going to rescue her, his memories came back. Ryan says that he remembers loving Greenlee and that she was the one thing that fixed his amnesia. Ryan says that his life didn’t make sense without her and kisses her on the forehead. Greenlee wakes up and pulls the mask off her face.

At home, Tad and Krystal talk about Carmen. Tad makes sure that Krystal knows as much about him as she does Adam. Tad suggests that she send him to camp the next day. They share a kiss.

At the mansion, Pete tells them that he won’t say anything. Dre and Cassandra leave. Colby tells Pete to go home, but he says that he will hang out for a while and invites Colby to sit beside him on the couch.

At the station, Jesse calls the morgue to see Richie’s body again, but finds out that Richie is gone.

At the morgue, Annie tells them that she is there about Richie. A man gives her a jar of ashes along with his condolences.

At the hospital, Ryan and Greenlee talk about what happened to her. Greenlee tells Ryan that she loves him for saving her for Aidan.

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