AMC Update Friday 7/11/08

All My Children Update Friday 7/11/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee is at the pier taking her boat out on the water.

Angie is very angry, because she found Randi in Cassie’s bedroom. Frankie brought her there.

Babe is working home today and JR is with her. Babe is upset over how Kendall and Greenlee ignores the business and leave her to run it.

Colby, Dre and Cassie (teens) talk about hitting something the night Richie died.

Zach has asked Ryan to meet him at the marina. He had a plan for Richie that did not pan out. He wants to know what will Ryan tell Jesse if he is questioned.

Jesse comes to Fusion to continue his interview with Annie. Kendall wants to know what does he want with Annie, because Annie is spent and maybe the questions could be tabled. Jesse insists, and asks Kendall to allow him to speak to Annie alone.

Babe and JR talk about Colby and her drunken bout. Babe ask JR if he has noticed that something appears to be off with Colby. JR has not noticed anything different. Babe continues to bash Greenlee and Kendall’s neglect of the business. She now thinks she knows as much as they do, and could do a better job as an owner/manager. JR thinks that Greenlee and Kendall could show more gratitude for the work that Babe has done. Babe wants to become part owner again, but doubt that she ever will.

As Greenlee sails she talks to herself about forgiving Aidan, and the one nightstand he had with Kendall. She tries to reason out everything in her mind. She is searching out loud for answers.

Zach wants to know if Ryan would rat him out to Jesse. He tells Ryan that he did not kill Richie.

Jesse talks to Annie about her conversation with Richie after he knocked her out. He wants to know details of the conversation. Annie lies and said she never spoke to Richie, but she mistakenly dialed his number. Jesse asked detailed questioned about the movie and Annie gave him a movie name, a start time, and told him about the story. She said she went to the movies to clear her head. She offers to take a lie detector test. Jesse asks for movie tickets, and she search through her handbag.

The teens are scaring themselves to death by discussing the possibility of hitting Richie Novak with Colby’s car. The idea of hitting, and killing someone is scaring them.

Kendall calls Greenlee while she is sailing. Kendall wants to know why Greenlee is not at work.

Annie finds the movie ticket stub.

Frankie wants Randi to stay at the Hubbard’s home overnight. He will help her to find a good shelter tomorrow.

Zach appreciates Ryan’s discretion. Ryan talks about being concerned about Annie. Before leaving the marina Zach advises Ryan to stop sending mixed signals to Annie, and Greenlee. He tells Ryan to pick someone that is right for him. Ryan says he is trying to pick one person.

Colby was wasted, but he memory of hitting something is returning.

Jesse’s questions are stressing Annie out; she takes aspirins for a headache. He makes Annie remember the conversation with Richie. She starts to lie about Zach. She said that Richie told her that Zach had him beaten, and that Zach said that he would kill him. She said that Richie was afraid that Zach would beat him again. Kendall overhears Annie then walk into the room and questions Annie’s judgment. Kendall does not believe anything coming out of Richie’s mouth because he is a pathological liar. Kendall tells Jesse that Zach would never risk loosing his family again.

Angie is furious with Frankie and his decision to allow Randi to stay over night. Frankie ask to speak to her alone and she rejects him. He comes into the living room, and reminds her that he is a grown man, and she should start to treat him like one.

JR wants to buy Fusion for Babe, but she wants him to stay out of her fight with Fusion. JR says that Babe and he together can rule the world.

Colby answers the door and Petey, her childhood friend, is standing in the doorway. He is such a nerd with the ugly horn rim glasses, the plaid shirt, and weird behavior. He kept telling everyone to call him Pete.

Randi is still flippant and rude to Angie and Frankie. She leaves and Frankie chase behind her.

Ryan finds out that Greenlee has taken the boat out. The boat renter tells him that he can talk to her on the walkie-talkie. He allows Ryan to look through the binoculars as well. As Ryan watches Greenlee, memories of her come flooding back.

Zach arrives at Fusion and finds Jesse. He tells him that they had a deal that Jesse would not come over to his home, business, Kendall’s business unless he intended to arrest Zach. Jesse puts him under arrest. He hand cuffed Zach, and carted him off to prison while Kendall protested.

Annie then tries to leave, but Kendall grabs her hand, and makes her stay while she lashes out at her. Kendall cannot understand why Annie would implicate Zach, because he befriended her and made her apart of their family. Zach has been nothing but Kind to her, and he protected her. Why would Annie hurt Zach? Kendall figures out that Annie was trying to protect someone, and that someone is Annie. Annie insists that she will see Jesse, and make it right so that Zach can be released.

Angie follows Randi into the hallway, and tells him that Randi can stay for one night. Frankie tells her that Randi has already left.

JR is not letting Babe get any work done. They kiss and pet, then Babe leaves.

Petey notices that Colby’s car is dirty, has a dented fender, and has blood on it as if she hit something.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she is bringing the boat in, but she gets hit in the head with the sail. Ryan is watching everything.

Annie purposely tried to implicate Zach to throw suspicion off her.

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