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All My Children Update Thursday 7/10/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Kendall and Jack visit Erica. Kendall disappears and Jack tells Erica that he talked to the warden, and the warden agreed to let her talk to her consultant about the prison show makeover. Erica is excited; she turns around and Kendall has been let inside the visitor cell room. They hug. Kendall is the consultant.

Annie, and Babe are at Fusion. Annie apologized to Babe, and Babe asked how she's doing?

Randi’s pimp, Fletcher was released from prison, and Angie talked to Jesse about it. Frankie is worried about Randi since her pimp was released on bail, and he thinks it is outrageous that Fletcher is on the streets.

Aidan visits Greenlee after she called him to talk.

Kendall is inside the visitor’s cell with Erica, and mentions that it's been a long time since she's been on the other side of the bars. Erica thanks Jack for making the deal. Jack is leaving to meet with Carmen.

Jack leaves, and Kendall tells Erica that Jack still loves her; Erica says she knows. Kendall tells Erica she has been brainstorming over the new makeover show, but Erica is not interested because she wants to know about Richie, the man who almost killed Zach, and Greenlee. Kendall tells her how Greenlee, and she found Babe; she also tells her that Richie escaped, and was hit by a car. Kendall believes that now they can all move on with their lives. Erica wants to know if Zach killed Richie; Kendall answers, “No, Zach did not kill Richie".

Annie, and Babe are at work, and both are surprised the other is there. Ryan is Annie's hero, because of how he supported her. She wants to know where Babe is going to live now, and Babe says she's staying with JR, because it's all about family, and Colby needs her now.

Angie gives Jesse shortcake, and offer berries with it. They discuss Richie’s case, and the blunt forced trauma Richie received. Whether Richie’s death was murder or an accident, his killer had to hate him. Angie wants to know if he has any suspects? Jesse says if he would throw a party for the suspects, it would be standing room only in the room. He has some evidence coming in that will nail the suspect down.

Aidan ask about Jake and their living arrangements. They joke about Jake's tacky artwork. Aidan likes some of it. Greenlee says that things are working out with Jake, and she. She shows Aidan flash cars that read, “I forgive you”.

Randi is getting out of the hospital, and Frankie is telling her she's not ready to get out because of Fletcher. Randi is not afraid that Fletcher has been released, and is out on the street. Frankie is trying to convince her to stay in the hospital, because her blood pressure is high and she needs to stay. She doesn't have insurance, and has to be released. Frankie wants to know where she's going; she will stay with friends. Frankie suggests that she goes to Brooke's Safe House.

Erica is prying for more information and Kendall is being quiet. Kendall wants to know about Erika, and Sam Woods’s solitary confinement. She asked if Samuel Woods set the whole thing up. Kendall says that Sam is hot for Erika.

Sam Wood and his dad, Melvin Woods are at the marina for lunch, (the dad is being played by Melvin Van Peebles, a famous producer). They are having lunch together. Melvin asks about Dre, Dre’s band, and whom Dre is dating. Sam tells him that Dre is great. Now Melvin asks about Erica, because he saw them on TV. He knows from the look on Sam’s face in the interview that he's crazy about Erica, and it appears the feeling is mutual. Jack is at the Marina with Carmen; they wave to Sam. Melvin wants Sam, and Erica together.

Carmen wants to talk to Sam and his dad about her new song, “Carmen from the cell Block”. Jack warns against it.

Angie is releasing Randi, with follow up instructions for her health. Randi tells Angie how happy she must be to be getting rid of her. Angie rationalizes pulling Frankie off Randi’s case. Angie gives Randi a lecture about her pimp.

All the designers are lining up to be on Erica’s next makeover show. Kendall is speaking ill of Carmen, and Erica is standing up for her. Kendall just wants her mother released. Kendall wants Erica and Jack together. Erica attempts to talk about Sam and she, but Kendall is in no mood to hear it. When talking about Jack Erica mistakenly calls him Sam. Kendall catches her mistake.

Aidan ask for forgiveness, and it appears that Greenlee is going to forgive him. Aidan was wrong to lie about the one nightstand, and Greenlee agrees. As a present for himself, Aidan brought a bottle of her perfume so that he can smell her all the time. She needs a little time before she trusts again. Aidan says he will wait forever, and she can trust him forever. Greenlee says forever is a long time, and she wanted to take just one day at a time.

Jesse has Richie’s cell phone, and is reviewing his calls. He calls a number, and a girl answers. He asks who is it. It's Annie on the other line. He questions her about the time she was at the movies. Richie called her before and after the movies, and right before he hit her over the head. Annie acts as if everything is a blur. Jesse wants to talk to her about that blur.

Frankie tries to get Randi to stay somewhere else, but to no avail; then she decides to stay at Brooke's safe house.

Carmen and Jack talk about Adam. Carmen only got lost in the house, once; she hasn't broken anything yet. She wants to make Erica and Jack proud of her. He wants to talk about her new trial, but she wants to talk about Erica and him.

Sam Woods, and Melvin talk about Sam's dead wife. She was a person who lived every day to it's fullest.

Kendall cautions Erica about Sam, and how close they are getting. Erica tells Kendall about kissing Sam. Kendall is getting upset. Erica doesn't want information about the kiss to get out, because it would hurt Jack.

Annie, and Babe discuss Richie. Annie believes that Richie deserved what he got! Annie wants Babe to go home, because she was kidnapped from Fusion. Babe leaves, but not before telling Annie everyone is there for her.

Jackson talks to Erica on the phone about Carmen's case and Carmen yells out hello superstar and ask how good is the “crème brulee”.

Sam wants his son to know he'll be there for him. Melvin recommends that Sam let go of the campaign, and go to his son.

Greenlee tells Aidan that he never gave up on her when everyone else did, and he found her in the bomb shelter. They talk about Aidan saving Jake in Africa, and Greenlee says Aidan can't go back to Africa anymore. They hold each other and kiss. Aidan asks what they are to each other, and she says “US”. He thinks that that is kind of vague, but she says she needs time and he's going to give her all she needs. They say they love each other. Greenlee says she needs blue skies and is going sailing to clear her head. Aidan advises her to go sailing, and then return to him.

Angie arrives home, and calls out to Cassie when she hears loud music coming from her room. Cassie appears to be napping, and does not answer. Angie turns off the radio, then pull back the covers to find Randi in Cassie’s bed. Frankie walks into the room speaking to Randi; he is shocked when he sees Angie.

Kendall arrives at Fusion, and asks Annie what she's doing there. Jesse arrives at Fusion to chat with Annie.

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