AMC Update Wednesday 7/9/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita


Samuel tells Erica that he isnít the average politician.

Frankie and Randi talk about her release.  Frankie says that Fletcher is getting out of jail that day and he isnít signing her release until he knows that her boyfriend canít put her back in there.

Colby says that she is just hung over.  Dre tells her that they might have killed someone the previous night. 

Angie tells Annie that the autopsy will take a while and suggests a movie while she waits.  Ryan tells Angie that Annie was at a movie when Richie died.  Annie says that even in death, everything is about Richie and he wonít leave her alone.

Jesse and Zach talk about Zach finding Richieís body.  Jesse says that Zach is a person of interest if it turns out that Richie was murdered.

Angie leaves to make her rounds.  Ryan suggests to Annie that they get some fresh air.  Annie says that she wants to go, but canít because her brother is really dead and there is no way she can undo it. 

Jesse tells an officer to re-interview a neighbor.  Jesse and Zach talk about why Zach should be nervous and be considered a suspect.  Zach says that he isnít foolish enough to be standing next to the victim when the police got there if he was the killer.

Dre says that they should have stopped when they hit whatever they hit.  Colby asks questions and Cassandra and Dre fill her in.  Dre says that he knows how it could have happened and explains. 

Samuel and Erica talk to an interviewer about them being past him prosecuting her.  Erica says that on her show, she was complimenting Samuel, but he thought she was mocking him.  Erica talks about her two incidents with solitary confinement. 

Frankie tries to convince Randi that he wants to help, but she thinks that he is trying to control her.  Frankie mocks Randi.  Randi covers and says that she was laughing because her sister used to bother her about it, and it had nothing to do with Frankie.  A nurse comes in and says that they have to draw more blood.  Frankie leaves.

Annie tells Ryan that the only thing the autopsy report is going to tell her is that she failed her brother.

Jesse tells Zach a possible scenario for Zach killing Richie.  Zach sticks to his innocence and Jesse asks Zach to wait around until he gets the call from the coroner.

Frankie stops to see Randi and suggests that they call her sister.  Randi says that her sister is dead.

Colby talks about Richie kidnapping Babe.  Dre says that he will confess and say that he was alone driving the car.  Cassandra asks Dre if he is trying to go to prison.

Erica and Samuel continue their interview.  Erica suggests that the interviewer ask Samuel personal questions.  Samuel admits that he was in an R&B cappella group in college. 

Angie tells Ryan and Annie that Richie died from blunt force trauma to the head.  Angie says that most likely Richie was hit by the car and then hit his head.  Annie asks if he suffered and Angie says that the death was most likely instantaneous. 

Jesse answers his phone and Angie tells him that Richie died from blunt force trauma to the head.  Angie says that there is definite evidence that a car hit Richie.  Zach asks if his name was tattooed under Richieís fingernails.  Jesse tells Zach he can go, but suggests that they talk about the bruises he tattooed all over Richie.

Erica and Samuel wrap up their interview.  Samuel says that Erica is an incredible lady.  Erica asks Samuel how long he will be gone because people will miss him.

Dre, Colby and Cassandra talk about what would happen if they told their parents.  They talk about whose role in the previous nightís ďcrimeĒ was worse.  Cassandra says that they canít tell anyone what happened.

Ryan realizes that Annie hated the idea of them doing the autopsy on Richie.  Annie says that she really did want the best for Richie, but maybe he will be at peace now.  Annie remembers what happened the previous night.  Annie remembers hitting Richie with the tire iron and then trying to wake him up. 

Randi tells Frankie that one of them needs to get out of the room and Frankie says that she better find someone to sign her release papers.  Randi says that she isnít talking to him because he keeps trying to get in her business.  Randi asks why he doesnít try calling one of her cousins in Puerto Rico and Frankie says that she probably doesnít have cousins in Puerto Rico.  Frankie tells Randi to walk because that is the only way she is going to get released.  Randi says that she can walk and that men canít keep their eyes off her when she does.

Erica and Samuel talk about him going back on the road.  Erica says that she is capable of taking care of herself. 

Jesse and Zach talk about Richie getting beat up in jail.  Jesse assures Zach that a cop didnít do it and accuses Zach of paying Wallace off to get some quality time with Richie.  Jesse suggests that they look at Zachís financials and Zach says that he doesnít think anyone paid Wallace with a personal check.  Jesse assures Zach that he will find the proof. 

Samuel and Erica talk about him wanting her to help convince people to donate to his campaign.  Erica reminds him that she is a convict and he says that she is Erica Kane.  The guard comes over and says that it is time to go. 

Frankie and Randi argue about him trying to help her.  He asks if she needs anything before he leaves and she says no.  Randi thanks him.  Angie asks about Randi and Frankie says that she is probably ready to be released.

Cassandra and Colby agree that they canít tell anyone what happened, but Dre is hesitant.  Reluctantly, Dre agrees.

Jesse suggests that Zach should just confess.  Zach says that they are done and that he is going home.  Jesse says that he will be in touch and Zach reminds him to have a warrant first.

Annie says that she doesnít know what she would do if she ever lost Ryan.  Ryan says that he never wants to hurt her like that.  Annie comments that Richieís death seems to have brought them closer.  Ryan offers to take Annie home.

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