AMC Update Tuesday 7/8/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan brings Greenlee breakfast. They talk about what happened the previous night. Aidan says that he still has the key to her place and he let himself in a couple of times to make sure that she was okay. Jake walks in and Aidan offers to help him move in.

Angie and Jesse meet for breakfast at BJ’s. They talk about Richie’s death. Krystal walks up and tells Jesse that Richie died because God knows evil when he sees it. Angie asks about Babe. Dre meets Cassandra and they sit down together. They talk about where Colby is.

At the mansion, Colby gets up. Babe and JR talk about how she slept. JR gives her some coffee and assures her that Richie can’t hurt her again. Adam walks in and says that Babe is the reason that Richie targeted JR. JR tells Adam to stop.

At the penthouse, Annie sits on the couch while Ryan talks to someone about who will be picking up Richie’s body. Ryan tells Annie that everything is set with the airline. Annie says that she can’t think about the autopsy. Zach and Kendall show up to see Annie and Kendall stops Zach from going in. Kendall and Zach walk in. Kendall tries to console Annie and doesn’t take no for an answer. Zach and Ryan talk about Zach finding Richie’s body and what the police will think.

At the mansion, JR tells Adam that he needs to back off. Adam asks what would have happened if Richie would have kidnapped Little Adam too. Babe says that she would have put her life on the line to protect her son. Colby walks in and says that she came home early because she thinks she has a bug. Adam tells her that Richie was on the loose and got killed on the road. JR says that Colby needs to go upstairs and sleep. Colby asks Babe about what happened. Babe says that Richie got killed in a hit and run the previous night.

At BJ’s, Angie, Krystal and Jesse talk about what might have happened and what should happen now. Jesse tells Krystal not to worry about Richie. Krystal leaves after she sees Dre and Cassandra. Angie and Jesse talk about Cassandra and Dre. Krystal walks over to Dre and Cassandra and says that she expected the weekend away to turn into a full-blown house party. Krystal tells Dre and Cassandra about Richie’s death the previous night and shows them the newspaper. Krystal leaves. Dre reads the paper and suggests that they hit Richie. They look over at Jesse and Angie.

At Greenlee’s, she thanks Aidan for helping Jake move in. Greenlee suggests that Aidan should check on Kendall. Jake walks in and says that Greenlee is babbling. Aidan leaves. Greenlee and Jake talk about why she invited him to move in. He starts unpacking his things. Greenlee tells him where he can put his things. They criticize each other’s belongings. They talk about what happened to her after he left.

Aidan shows up at the penthouse and tells everyone that Jake moved into Greenlee’s apartment. Zach looks at the bump on Annie’s head and she talks about the last time she saw her brother.

At the mansion, JR says that all that matters is that Richie is dead. Colby asks if Babe is okay. Adam says that she needs to explain why she came home early. JR says that Colby is home safe and Adam should be happy about it. JR and Colby step out of the room and he tells her to go take a shower and brush her teeth because he can smell the alcohol coming out of her skin. Colby says that JR isn’t as bad of a brother as she thought. Colby goes upstairs. Adam and Babe talk about Krystal’s feelings. Krystal rushes in and hugs Babe. Krystal is happy that Babe is okay and JR walks in. JR says that Babe wouldn’t let him take her to the hospital and Krystal says that Babe is too stubborn. Babe asks about Little Adam and Krystal says that she didn’t want Little Adam to freak out. JR takes Adam out of the room and Babe asks Krystal what happened. Krystal says that she was so upset that she let Adam kiss her. Babe says that they tried to give Richie what he deserved. Krystal says that Richie got exactly what he deserved.

At BJ’s, Dre and Cassandra talk about the possibility that they killed Richie. Dre tells Cassandra to act normal, but Cassandra freaks out. Angie and Jesse talk about what happened to Richie.

At the penthouse, Zach and Aidan tell Ryan what they know about what happened to Richie. Kendall brings a tray out and talks to Annie about the death of a relative. Annie tells Kendall about her childhood with Richie. Kendall says that Annie should quit worrying about the questions that are left unanswered by Richie’s death. Kendall mentions that Annie isn’t wearing her wedding ring and Annie says that she is getting it cleaned. Ryan walks over and convinces Annie to eat something. Kendall tells Zach that Annie isn’t wearing her wedding ring and that she is having it cleaned. Kendall says that if Annie took off her wedding ring, it is for a reason.

At Greenlee’s apartment, she and Jake argue about each other’s belongings. Greenlee starts talking about Aidan and Jake tells her to get over it.

At the penthouse, Zach and Annie talk about their messed up “club” and Annie says that she really wanted to save her brother. Zach says that he won’t judge her and that whatever she did or didn’t do doesn’t matter. Annie says that Zach has a right to hate Richie. Zach tells Annie that if she needs to talk, he is there. Annie hugs Zach and thanks him. Kendall, Ryan and Aidan talk about Zach finding Richie and whether or not he will need an alibi. Aidan says that Kendall should call Greenlee and Kendall says that Aidan should be with Greenlee.

At Greenlee’s apartment, Jake tells her where he was thinking about putting his things. Greenlee moves something and says that it is where Aidan put it. Jake and Greenlee talk about what Aidan has done. Jake says that he has to take a shower and leaves.

At BJ’s, Cassandra asks Dre to distract her by talking about something else. Dre says that he was thinking about considering the breakfast their first date. Cassandra says that she isn’t conventional. They talk about their first kiss and Dre says that all he could think about was wanting to kiss her again. Angie and Jesse talk about Richie’s death. Angie says that she wants to say hi to Cassandra and Dre, but Jesse says that it is a bad idea. Jesse leaves and Angie walks over to Cassandra and Dre. They say that they had a good time, but it was boring at the lodge. Angie says that she wants to go to the hospital to check on the autopsy report and leaves. Cassandra asks Dre what they are going to do.

At the mansion, Krystal and JR talk about if it is time for Babe to go to her own home. Krystal says that Babe has a home and that is where she belongs. Krystal tells Babe to call her when she packs her things and Krystal will drive her home. Krystal walks out of the room and stops when she sees Adam. Colby answers her phone when Cassandra calls. Cassandra says that she and Colby need to talk in person.

Jesse and Angie run into each other at the hospital. They talk about a nurse and a guard that are married and both retired early. Angie leaves and Jesse says that he needs an update on the Novak case.

At the penthouse, Zach’s phone rings. Kendall helps Annie find her purse and Annie says that this is probably the last thing she will ever do for her brother. Ryan and Annie leave. Zach leaves and Kendall follows.

At the mansion, Krystal tells Adam to leave her alone and let her go home. Adam asks Krystal to kiss him like she did the previous night and leans in. JR and Babe talk about what is going on with Krystal. JR says that Krystal isn’t going to be happy if Babe stays at the mansion. JR says that he will help Babe pack, but she says that he won’t.

At Greenlee’s apartment, the doorbell rings and she opens it. Aidan steps in front of the door with index cards in his hands that say, “Don’t Talk, Just Read.” Jake asks who it is and Greenlee says that it is a takeout menu. Aidan flips to the next index card that says, “Talking Doesn’t Help.” Aidan flips the index cards and they tell Greenlee how much he loves her and then walks away.

At the mansion, Babe tells JR that she believes him and that she is there with him and for him because she knows that he is there for her. They share a kiss. Adam says that he understands how difficult it is for Krystal. Krystal says that he doesn’t know what is going on in her heart and her head. Adam leans closer, but Krystal walks away. Colby asks Cassandra and Dre what is going on. Cassandra and Dre talk about the possibility that they hit and killed Richie.

Annie and Ryan arrive at the hospital. Angie tells them that it will be over soon.

Zach arrives at the station to talk to Jesse. Jesse says that he would like to ask some more questions about Zach and Richie.

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