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All My Children Update Monday 7/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the prison, Opal visits Erica. Opal shows Erica the death card and says, “Richie Novak.”

At the cabin, Jesse questions Aidan, Greenlee and Kendall. Aidan says that Babe and JR wanted to go home. Jesse asks why Zach left the scene of the crime, but Kendall doesn’t know. Jesse asks if Zach went after Richie and asks for Zach’s cell phone number. Zach’s phone rings while he is driving. He looks at it and puts it away. Jesse leaves a message for Zach. Jesse yells at Kendall and Greenlee for going to the cabin without help. Jesse tells them that they can’t leave until he gets what he wants. Jesse leaves. Kendall and Greenlee assure Aidan that they aren’t going after Richie. Jesse walks over and says that Kendall, Greenlee and Aidan can go and says that he has some questions for Zach.

At home, Ryan sits down and Annie walks in the door. She runs into Ryan’s arms. Ryan asks Annie what she was thinking and she apologizes and says that she went to a movie. Ryan says that they found Babe and that Kendall and Greenlee rescued her. Ryan tells Annie that Richie is still out there and that they will find him soon. Annie asks Ryan to tell her that Richie will never hurt them again.

Colby, Cassandra and Dré drive down the road. Colby complains about how she feels. Colby says that she needs water and Dré says that there is some in his backpack. They hit something in the road. Cassandra says that they should go back to check on whatever they hit and Dré agrees to turn around. Colby says that there is probably blood and guts all over her new car and puts her head out of the car because she is going to get sick.

Babe assures Krystal over the phone that she is fine. Babe says that Little Adam can stay with her for the night and hangs up. JR tells Babe what Jesse said. JR assures Babe that Richie will be found and that Richie can’t hurt her again. Babe says that if she hadn’t been stupid, Richie never could have hurt her.

At the prison, Erica and Opal talk about Richie’s impending death. Erica says that she has to talk to Kendall and Zach. Erica asks Opal how powerful her cards are.

Dré tells Cassandra and Colby that there aren’t any dents and that he thinks they just drove over whatever was in the road. Colby says that she just wants to go home and go to bed and Dré keeps driving.

At home, Ryan says that they need to talk about what happened. Ryan says that Jesse was there to ask Annie more questions about her visit with Richie and then her going to a movie. Ryan says that Jesse was just a little concerned. Annie says that she doesn’t know what is going on with her or who she is anymore.

At the cabin, Jesse checks with the CSI technicians and says that he is going over to the Chandler mansion. Zach calls Jesse and says that he found Richie.

At the prison, Erica tells Opal to make it good and tells her the guard’s name. Opal pretends to read the guard’s cards and Erica calls Kendall. Erica talks to Kendall about what happened.

At the mansion, Babe and JR talk about what she saw in Richie. JR consoles Babe and she thanks him for being there. JR kisses Babe. Dré, Colby and Cassandra walk in and Colby thanks Dré and Cassandra for getting her home. JR and Babe open the doors and realize that Colby is drunk.

At the prison, Erica says that she should go and Kendall thanks her for calling.

At home, Kendall tells Greenlee and Aidan about how much Erica’s phone call helped. They talk about Jesse’s suspicions about Zach. Kendall says that she is going to go check on the boys and leaves. Aidan asks how Greenlee is holding up. Greenlee admits that she and Kendall were being stupid for going after Richie and Babe, but that she wanted Richie to suffer.

Along the road, Zach tells Richie what he did wrong. The sirens get closer and the police arrive while Zach is leaning over Richie. Jesse says that he has a few questions.

At home, Ryan assures Annie that Emma is safe. Ryan answers the phone when it rings. He hangs up and tells Annie that Richie is believed to be dead. Ryan says that Richie is dead and Annie says that it is her fault. Annie says that she killed Richie. Annie says that Richie has been messing with her head for months and that she went to see him, when she shouldn’t have. Annie tells Ryan that she argued with Richie and made him angry. Annie tells Ryan that it is the reason that Richie escaped and that if she hadn’t done that he wouldn’t have escaped and he would still be monitored with the ankle bracelet. Annie says that she can’t believe that Richie is dead and she doesn’t know how she should feel about it. Annie plays with a pocket watch and remembers singing a song.

Along the road, Zach tells Jesse that he left the cabin to find Richie. Jesse asks Zach about how Richie’s body was when he found it. Aidan calls Zach and Zach says that Richie is dead. Aidan hangs up and tells Greenlee and Kendall that Richie is dead. Jesse and Zach talk about Richie’s death. Zach tells Jesse about why he should be considered a suspect, but says that it looks like a car killed Richie. Zach asks Jesse for a ride home and Jesse says that he will drive Zach home personally. Zach says that he would love to put the cover on the hole of Richie’s grave.

Zach gets home and says that he didn’t do it. Kendall says that she didn’t think he did and hugs him. Greenlee and Aidan look at each other.

At the mansion, JR confronts Colby about getting drunk. Cassandra says that everyone has mistakes. Dré says that the confrontation should wait until Colby is sober so that she will remember it. JR tells Babe that he doesn’t want Colby to end up like he did. Babe offers to help Dré and Cassandra to get Colby upstairs. JR tells Dré and Cassandra to take Colby to the kitchen. JR says that Richie is dead and that Zach found the body. Babe sits down and JR comforts her.

At home, Annie looks out the window and remembers her childhood with Richie. Ryan walks over to her and says that Jesse wants her to identify Richie’s body. Ryan offers to do it and they walk out the door.

At the prison, Opal wishes the guard luck. The guard leaves and Erica sits down. Erica thanks Opal for her help. Erica tells Opal that everyone is fine. Opal tells Erica to keep a lookout because things will change.

Aidan and Greenlee get to her apartment and she offers him coffee and then rethinks the idea. Aidan says that the last thing Greenlee needs is him hanging around and turns to leave, but Greenlee asks him not to go. Aidan apologizes for making things worse and offers to call someone for her. Greenlee says that she wants to stay there and Aidan says that he is sleeping outside the front door. Greenlee says that Aidan can sleep on the couch because it is more comfortable and he assures her that he will be fine outside the door. Aidan turns to leave and Greenlee grabs him a blanket. Aidan walks outside.

At the mansion, Babe and JR talk about what happens next. Cassandra, Colby and Dré come out of the kitchen and Colby says that she is okay now, but she is embarrassed. Colby thanks Dré and Cassandra for being such good friends and goes upstairs. Dré offers to walk Cassandra home, but she says that she is going to stay the night there to make sure that Colby is okay. They talk about how quick Colby got drunk. Dré kisses Cassandra and leaves. JR takes Babe’s hand and kisses it. She moves over to him and he holds her on the couch. Babe says that it is finally over.

At home, Kendall says that it is over, but Zach disagrees that it is far from over.

At the morgue, Annie and Ryan show up and she says that she owes Richie enough to identify his body. They walk inside and she identifies the body as Richie then holds on to Ryan.

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