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All My Children Update Thursday 7/3/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Ryan arrives home, then look for Annie; he sees a note, telling him that Annie is at the movies. Jesse arrives at the Lavery’s home asking to speak to Annie about Ritchie.

Annie is at the cabin taking the gag off Ritchie; Richie says, “About time”; she puts a finger to her lips to shush him, and then begins to cut the rope the girls tied him to the chair with.

Babe, Greenlee, and Kendall are praising each other for a job well done in capturing Richie.

Greenlee thinks it felt good to mess with Richie. Babe thanks Kendall, and Greenlee for rescuing her. If they had not come, she does not know how it all would have ended. Kendall tells her not to think about it.

Colby is dancing with Dre, while Cassie and Corrina admire him.

Colby invites Ren to dance. The other girls are not so happy with Colby’s closeness to their guys.

Zach, JR, and Aidan arrive, then hug and kiss their perspective lady. The men check to see if the ladies are hurt, and ask about Ritchie. Babe says that Ritchie is tied up inside, and he’s not going anywhere. In the meantime, Annie is inside untying Ritchie.

Zach scolds Kendall for pursuing Richie by herself. Kendall makes excuses saying it was a long shot; then she apologizes. Aidan asks Greenlee if she is OK; he gives her a hug. Aidan looks at Zach and says, “Should you call the cops, or should I”? Zach suggest holding off from calling the cops for a while. Kendall is concerned about Zach going after Richie. JR, and Babe hug, and kiss each other, he offers to take her home to see their son, “Lil A”. Greenlee brags that she held a knife to Richie’s throat, so the ladies believe Richie has been punished enough. Kendall assures them that Greenlee is not kidding. When the group enters the cabin; the chair, which previously held Richie, is empty. Richie is gone.

Carmen runs into Adam when he is yelling after JR, whom is not around. Carmen is wearing a very low cut dress someone in the kitchen gave her to wear. Carmen modified the dress. Adam asks Carmen what is she wearing? Carmen mentions that Adam talks to himself, but tells him not to worry, because she can put up with it after being stir-crazy. Adam understands stir-crazy. Carmen assumes that he has been in jail since he understands stir-crazy. Adam tells her that the term is not limited to prison. Carmen can see that she, and Adam will have a real learning experience together. Adam tells her he is not her pal, and tells her that she can call him warden if she wants to, because he is her boss. Carmen is trying to be nice, because she knows what its like when your family splits.

Colby is telling Ren to have more beer, and another dance. He says no as he looks at Corrina. Ren and Corrina argue, because he was checking Colby out. Corrina wants to leave. Colby says no one can leave, because it’s her birthday. Corinna leaves anyway and Ren follows. Colby says, “Oh well, more drinks for me.

After Zach, JR, Aidan, Kendall, Greenlee and Babe find Richie gone, the men blame the ladies for not checking on him. Zach leaves to search the grounds for Richie. JR and Aidan follow.

Ryan wants to know why Jesse is there again? Jesse mentions that sometimes you miss things the first time around. Ryan asks if Jesse intends to rake Annie over the coals again. Jesse asks where is she? Ryan says she just needed to get away. Jesse looks at the note she left, and says she went to the movies? “Her brother is on the loose, and she went to the movies”, asks Jesse? Jesse asks the police to expand the search area, and trace Annie’s cell phone calls.

Jessie asks Ryan what kind of movies Annie likes. Ryan says he doesn't like where this is going. Jessie thinks it's odd that Annie went to the movies after Ritchie attacked her. Ryan asks what are you thinking? Is he thinking that Ritchie has Annie, or is he thinking that Annie is assisting Richie.

Annie cut Ritchie loose, and they are in Annie's car. Annie is berating Ritchie; saying she wanted him to get rid of Greenlee, not seduce Babe. She says she gave him alot of chances to escape, and he blew them all. Ritchie just wants them to leave. Annie finally starts the car. Richie teases her about knowing so much when her husband can’t even remember why he married her. Annie tells him he is delusional, and is not the golden boy anymore, because he cannot get anything he wants with a smile and a nice word. Richie says, “My prison shrink, god rest his soul, used to tell me you were jealous of me. Annie asks, “Why would I be jealous of you? I’ve waited my entire life for people to see the truth about you, and they finally have”. She blames him for continuing to ruin her life; she now has to fix it; she always have to fix it!

Colby says, “Lets play never have I ever”. Dre says, ”Let's not”. Colby says, “Never have I ever got drunk, had sex, and got tossed away on my birthday”. Cassie wants to leave. Colby says, “I’ll go again, never have I ever had a crush on anyone in this room”. Dre, and Cassie give her this look. Colby continues, “Never have I ever learned from my mistakes”. Colby toasts, “Here’s to the men we love, and if we love them and they don’t love us, hell to the men we love”. Cassie advises Colby to put the drinks down. Colby tells them that they are such good friends, and she loves them. Colby asks why is the world spinning? She also says, “Dre likes Cassie, and Cassie likes Dre, but shih it’s a secret”. Cassie, and Dre smile at each other.

Adam tells Carmen that his family means the world to him so stop making snap judgments. Carmen tells Adam that she can’t do anything right. Adam thinks that they are getting off to a bad start. Carmen thought his family bailed on him. Adam holds his family in too high regard to risk loosing them.

Carmen asks Adam about her chores. Adam thinks that there is a list of her duties around. Carmen is curious if the list is in the mudroom. Adam dismisses her. Carmen continues to stare at him. He tells her that she can go to her room for the night.

Ryan asks Jesse if he thinks that Annie with this beautiful little girl would help that whack job brothere of hers, when it is she who has been warning everyone since day one. He also points out that Annie loves Emma more than herself. Jesse heard that Ryan couldn’t remember most of Ritchie’s time in Pine Valley. Ryan reminds him that he has been filled in. Jesse tells his men to check all theaters for Annie.

Greenlee can’t believe Richie is gone; she should have frisked him. While the men are searching the grounds, Greenlee ask about a shadow by the window? Greenlee asks if the room is getting smaller. The ladies argue over what they should have done. Kendall grabs a fireplace poker then runs yelling, and screaming toward the door as Aidan enters.

Ritchie pokes fun of Annie, and says she’s always whining about “big bad Ritchie” making Annie’s life so horrible. Annie yells at him to shut up, and tells him that he really does hate her. Richie accuses her of hating him instead of being his sister. Annie tells him that she is his sister. They argue about how she sent him to prison; then about their mom committing suicide. Richie says he have always loved her, and tried to help her. Annie accuses him of destroying her family. Richie asks which family, the one that you are trying to snag now, or the one you had? Richie tells her not to blame him for her life it’s always been her life. She says it’s his fault she married the first guy that would have her. Richie thinks its time they parted, because he doesn’t need her, because he has her money and her car.

Ryan is getting angry as he defends Annie to Jesse. Annie needed some time to herself. Ryan confesses that Annie is not answering her cell phone and he is concerned, because Ritchie is out there. Jessie calls in a lookout for Annie Lavery, then gives her description.

Aidan tells Kendall to put the poker down, because she is safe. Kendall apologizes.

JR, and Zach rushes back, because they heard a scream. Kendall hugs Zach because she is shaking like a leaf on a tree. The men have determined the direction Richie is driving.

Annie yells that Richie almost got her killed. She asked if Richie is crazy? Richie laughs and says, you should know the answer to that.

Annie wants Richie gone for good. Rithcie threatens to drive away, and leave Annie. Annie gets concerned because the authorities would know she helped him; she is not taking the fall for him. Richie tells Annie that she has to keep her head if she wants to tell another lie to her loving husband. Annie tells him to get out of the car now! He pushes her over the edge by taunting her and she screams at him to get out of the car, then starts hitting him.

Ryan tells Jesse that Richie is a sociopath, but he’s still her bother. He suggests that Jesse take care of Richie and he will take care of his wife. Jesse suggests they do both. He understands that Ryan wants to protect Annie, but suggest that if he hears from her, he will call Jesse.

Cassie, and Dre try to get Colby to leave with them and she says no, she is not leaving. She had two crappy birthdays in a row, and wants this one to be fun!

Aidan is on phone with Jesse. Jesse is told that Babe is OK. He is also told that Richie has escaped, and the ropes were cut. The police ask that they remain at the cabin for questioning. Kendall is leaving to be with her boys. JR is taking Babe home and has said that she will not be waiting. Zach tells Kendal to go home, but she is concerned about what Zach will do. Zach tells Kendall that he is not asking her permission to find Richie. Aidan will take Kendall, and Greenlee home using Zach’s car. Zach will take Richie’s car that was left at the cabin. JR tells Zach to take care of Ritchie permanently. Zach tells JR to take Babe home.

Carmen worked on her uniform and made it worse. Adam asks what the heck is she doing? Carmen couldn’t find the rulebook so she worked on her uniform. Adam hates it. Carmen has a lot of pent up energy from being in a cell. Adam asks for a scotch. Carmen wants to drink beer; she thinks that Adam wouldn’ t have beer in his home. Adam tells her about the truckers Krystal had over along with tons of kegs of beer. Carmen asks if Krystal was the married woman he was kissing? Adam yells, “Do I have to repeat every order, you’re dismissed”!

Babe wants to stay at the cabin and speak to the police. Kendall hugs Babe and say goodbye. She can’t change Zach’s mind about chasing down Richie. Greenlee and Aidan tells Kendall that she won’t change Zach’s mind. Greenlee calls him a big boy. Zach kiss her, then leaves.

Annie calls. Ryan asks if she is with Richie? Annie pretends that she never seen Richie. Annie explains not returning calls, because she turned off the phone at the movies. The camera shows that Annie is in the car alone. Richie is missing. Jesse gets a call saying that Annie is not at any theatre. He puts out an all points bulletin (APB) on Annie.

Adam calls to speak with Colby. Cassie answers the phone and tries to stall Adam, She asks how he is and thanks him for inviting her up to the lodge for Colby's party. Adam says she is welcome then asks can he speak to Colby? Cassie says she is in the bathroom taking a shower. Adam says at her birthday party? Dre is making signs to Cassie. Dre helps her make a story to explain why Colby is taking a shower (in truth, Colby is actually passed out on the sofa). Cassie explains they were taking a walk, and Colby fell. Adam says okay, have her call me.

Dre, and Cassie rouse Colby to take her home. Dre will drive her car, and she says no one better throw up in her new car. Dre says I don't think we are the ones you have to worry about.

Jessie wants updates on Annie Lavery's whereabouts.

After Zach leaves, Greenlee embrace Kendall saying that she hopes she did the right thing by allowing Zach to pursue Richie alone. Aidan watches them with a half smile on his face.

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