AMC Update Wednesday 7/2/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the prison, Samuel visits with Erica after seeing the warden. Erica says that she has had enough of the wardenís apologies. Samuel asks if he overstepped by kissing her.

Carmen shows up at the mansion and looks around a little. The cell phone on the counter rings and Carmen answers Tadís call. Carmen opens the door and sees Adam kissing Krystal. Carmen tells Krystal that her husband is on the phone.

At the cabin, Kendall and Greenlee split up on the count of three and throw a log through a window. Greenlee sprays Richie with mace while Annie watches from her hiding spot. Kendall and Greenlee struggle with Richie and Babe hits him with a shovel.

At the mansion, Krystal talks to Tad about Babe. Tad says that Babe will be find. Carmen tells Adam about her happiness about her job. Adam tells Carmen to get him a drink. Krystal says that she doesnít know what to do. Krystal says that she is going to bring Little Adam home because she wants to feel useful. Krystal tells Tad that she loves him and hangs up. Carmen brings Adam a drink. Krystal says that she is going to get Little Adam and go home. Krystal asks Adam to have JR call her when he finds out anything about Babe.

Colby, Cassandra and another woman talk about the party. Colby says that the party sucks.

At the prison, Erica and Samuel talk about his influences. Samuel says that they have a problem and that it canít happen under the current circumstances.

Greenlee, Kendall and Babe tie up Richie. They find keys on the floor. Richie keeps threatening them. Kendall prepares to call the cops, but Greenlee stops her when she sees the knife. Greenlee says that she has a better idea and shows the knife to Richie.

Colby and the other girls talk about her sweet 16 party. Cassandra keeps asking questions, while Colby tries to change the subject. Someone knocks on the door and says that it is the police. Dre and someone else walk in.

At the mansion, Adam and Carmen talk about her employment experiences. Carmen says that she can take care of dirt and people. Carmen tells Adam the reasons that she is great for the job and says that she is very discrete. Carmen says that her lips are sealed about what happened.

Krystal and Little Adam return home and she asks about Babe. Tad tells Little Adam to go change for bed and Krystal says that she will be up in a few minutes. Tad says that he has everything under control. Krystal blames herself for hiring Richie, as Wes, to work at the Comeback. Krystal says that Tad always does the right thing and she apologizes. Tadís phone rings. Babe tells Tad that she is okay and Tad hands the phone to Krystal. Krystal asks questions and Babe says that she canít explain now, but needs Krystal to call JR and tell him. Babe says that Richie has been taken care of. At the cabin, Babe walks in and asks the ladies what they want to do now. Tad and Krystal talk about Babe.

At the party, Colby has a good time. Dre and Cassandra talk about her drink of choice. Cassandra tells Dre about her home life.

At the prison, Erica and Samuel talk about his feelings and about the country. Samuel says that he put Erica there, but Erica accepts full responsibility.

At the cabin, Greenlee waves the knife around and talks about killing Richie. Greenlee puts the knife to Richieís throat, while Kendall and Babe watch. Greenlee tells Richie about the conditions of the bomb shelter. Greenlee says that her life ended the day that Richie trapped her in the bomb shelter. Greenlee says that it is time that Richieís life ended too. Annie watches through the window.

At the prison, Erica and Samuel talk about everyoneís reaction to their relationship. Samuel says that he goes after what he wants and he gets it. The guard says that Jack is calling for Erica.

At the cabin, Greenlee puts the knife to Richieís throat, but Babe stops her. Babe tells Kendall and Greenlee why Richie drug her out of Fusion. Babe tells the women what Richie was going to do. Richie says that the women donít know anything about Annie. Richie says that Babe doesnít have it in her to kill him. Kendall steps forward and says that she does.

At home, Tad says that JR isnít home. Krystal says that she knew that JR would go looking for Babe. Krystal suggests that Richie forced Babe to say she was okay. Tad says that if Babe wasnít really okay, she would find a way to say something to Krystal. Tad asks Krystal what she has to be sorry for and she remembers kissing Adam.

At the cabin, Kendall explains why she should kill Richie. Annie watches in terror as Kendall holds the knife to Richieís throat. Kendall tells Richie what he almost made her lose. Kendall tells Richie that he made her lose her best friend and that he changed their lives forever. Babe gags Richie. Kendall says that Richie canít get away with anything anymore. Kendall says that no one will find or look for him and that everyone will thank her. Annie keeps watching. Kendall, Greenlee and Babe walk out onto the porch, while Richie sits inside tied to a chair. Greenlee says that she needed for him to fear for his life. Annie listens to the women talking on the porch.

At the party, Colby kisses someone and tells his girlfriend that it was only a kiss. Colby kisses him again. Cassandra comes out and sees Colby acting differently. Dre and Cassandra talk about Colby kissing the guy. Cassandra says that she doesnít have a boyfriend and Dre asks her favorite color.

At the prison, Samuel and Erica say goodbye. Erica agrees to deliver a message to Jack. Erica thanks Samuel for everything and he tells the guard that he is ready to go. Samuel leaves and Erica stands there smiling.

At home, Krystal says that she is sorry because of everything he has been through and says that he deserves some peace. Tad says that he canít even count his blessings and says that they have it all. Tad says that he has everything because of her. Krystalís phone rings and she sees that Adam is calling. Tad asks her if she is going to answer it. Krystal says that it is someone from the Comeback. Tad offers to make her some tea, but she asks him for a hug.

Adam leaves a message for Krystal. Carmen walks into the living room and asks where her bedroom is. Adam tells Carmen where her bedroom is and she says that she will check it out. Adam says that she should check with someone about her uniform. Adam leaves the room and Carmen pours herself a drink.

At the party, Cassandra tells Dre that her favorite color is green and they lean closer to each other. Colby interrupts and suggests that they should dance. Colby kisses Cassandra and Dre on the cheek and leaves to change the music.

At the prison, Erica talks to Jack on the phone and tells him that she wasnít alone in solitary.

At the cabin, Kendall explains how she knew where to look for Babe. Kendall calls Zach and tells him where they are. Annie walks into the room that Richie is in and makes sure he stays quiet. Annie picks up the knife and looks at Richie.

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