AMC Update Tuesday 7/1/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/1/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach twirls a gun on his desk and finally picks it up and loads it. JR walks in and asks if Zach has an extra one for him.

At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee talk about what Richie has done. They talk about what Richie might do to Babe and where he might have taken her. Greenlee looks at a picture of Babe and Little A. Kendall takes the picture.

At the hospital, Angie and Jake talk about a patient. Angie says that she can handle Randi. Angie says that Randi’s employment is not her business. Randi assures Angie that she isn’t in to Frankie.

At the mansion, Adam tells Krystal that Babe will be okay. Krystal says that Adam doesn’t care about what happens to Babe.

At the cabin, Babe tries to talk to Richie about what he is doing. She stands up and limps a few steps, but Richie grabs her and locks her in a closet. Babe begs him to let her out. Richie grabs his phone and calls Annie. Annie reminds Richie that he was supposed to get rid of Greenlee, not Babe. Richie tells Annie to shut up and do as he says.

At Fusion, Kendall tells Greenlee about the picture. Kendall tells Greenlee about the cabin and Greenlee realizes that Kendall thinks that Richie took Babe to the cabin.

At the cabin, Richie tells Annie what to do. He tells Annie to bring him the money immediately because he needs more money. Annie and Richie talk about her part in his escape. Annie agrees to go to the cabin and they hang up. Richie unlocks the closet and lets Babe out. She limps across the room. Babe asks Richie not to hurt Little A or her. Richie says that he is doing it because he loves her and wants to be with her.

At the mansion, Krystal and Adam argue about his feelings concerning Babe’s kidnapping. Adam says that he was jealous of Babe and JR’s “second chance”. Adam asks Krystal why they don’t get another chance too.

In Zach’s office, JR and Zach talk about what happened with Richie. Zach says that Babe is the one person Richie really cares about and that Babe will be fine. Zach says that Richie and Babe aren’t going anywhere. Zach suggests that they call Richie and trace the call.

At the hospital, Jake and Frankie talk about Angie taking Frankie off Randi’s case. Frankie and Jake talk about Randi’s medical history. Frankie says that he chose to do something about Randi because there is something about her. Randi and Angie talk about Frankie’s involvement. Randi wonders why the doctors won’t let her live her life. Randi tells Angie that if it weren’t for Frankie she wouldn’t be there. Angie says that Randi should blame herself for what happened.

At the cabin, Babe tells Richie that he is a fugitive. Richie suggests that they make a run for it and Babe realizes that he is serious. Babe says that she can’t just pick up and leave. Richie’s phone rings and he grabs Babe’s throat. Richie answers JR’s call. JR asks to speak to Babe. Richie says that Babe is in the shower because they worked up quite a sweat and that Babe went with Richie willingly. JR says that Richie dragged Babe out of Fusion. Richie says that JR will never see Babe again and hangs up. Aidan says that he traced the call. Babe apologizes for saying anything. Richie picks up a knife and stabs Babe’s cell phone.

At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee talk about Richie’s actions. Kendall says that she knows where the cabin is because Babe told her. They get ready to leave and Kendall picks up the phone to call Zach, but Greenlee stops her. They leave Fusion.

At the penthouse, Annie puts some money in an envelope and leaves a note for Ryan on the table saying that she went to the movies.

In Zach’s office, Aidan, Zach and JR look at Aidan’s computer. Aidan asks why they didn’t go through the cops and JR says that the cops screwed up the first time. Aidan says that he is with JR and Zach!

At the mansion, Krystal says that she can’t. Adam says that he just wanted her to understand where he was coming from. Krystal worries that Richie is going to hurt Babe. Adam says that he understands what Krystal is going through, but they have to remember who Babe is. Adam says that Krystal has raised a smart, capable, brave young woman and that he has always been fascinated by Babe because she isn’t afraid of him. Krystal says that it sounds like Adam cares about Babe.

At the cabin, Babe looks at her phone and says that she can’t leave her son. Babe says that Little A needs his mother. Richie says that when they get settled, he will come back for Little A. Babe says that JR is a good father to Little A. Babe and Richie talk about what they have been through. They talk about what it was like at the cabin before.

At the hospital, Jake and Frankie talk about Randi. Jake tells Frankie to get over it. Randi says that she doesn’t want help from Frankie or Angie. Angie tells Randi to stop protecting the man who put her in the hospital.

At the mansion, Adam brings Krystal a drink. Adam says that they should keep the things he said about Babe to themselves because he has a reputation to uphold. Adam tells Krystal not to think about it if Babe isn’t okay. Adam promises that Babe will come home to Krystal. Krystal cries and Adam comforts her.

At the cabin, Richie apologizes for grabbing Babe and putting her in the trunk of his car. Babe says that she understands why he did it. Babe says that she let everyone else decide about him for her. Richie says that he brought her to the cabin to make everything easier. Babe says that she needs him to show her that it is real. Babe says that she wants him. They kiss and Babe knees him in the groin. She tries to run, but he grabs her and beats her to the door. Richie throws Babe on the couch.

At the hospital, Jake and Frankie talk about Randi and what she wants. Jake tells Frankie to wait for Randi to ask for help. Randi tells Angie that she doesn’t have family or friends. Angie says that if Randi needs to talk, she is there and leaves.

In Zach’s car, Aidan watches the map. JR says that Adam thinks Babe ran off with Richie willingly. Aidan says that Zach is trying to go through all the options. JR says that there is no way that Babe would team up with Richie. Zach grabs his phone to call Kendall.

Kendall and Greenlee walk up to a cabin in the woods. Greenlee sees one of Babe’s shoes and realizes that they are at the right cabin. Kendall gives Greenlee some pepper spray. Inside the cabin, Babe says that Richie is delusional. Richie says that Babe is going to love him one way or another. Kendall’s phone rings and Richie wonders what is going on. Kendall and Greenlee hide as Richie looks outside.

At the hospital, Jake enters Randi’s room. Randi says that she is happy it wasn’t Angie coming in. Randi asks if Frankie is around and says that she was just wondering. Frankie tells Angie that he will see her later and that he is exhausted. Frankie says that he isn’t angry with Angie for taking him off Randi’s case and that she made the right call.

At the mansion, Adam assures Krystal that Babe will be back in her arms before the night is through and that he will see to Richie’s punishment personally. Krystal thanks Adam and they share a kiss.

In Zach’s car, Aidan asks him what he would have told Kendall.

At the cabin, Babe screams for help. Kendall and Greenlee split up on the count of three.

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