AMC Update Monday 6/30/08

All My Children Update Monday 6/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica and Samuel are trapped in solitary due to a lockdown at the prison. Samuel tries to calm Erica down, but she just gets quiet and backs up to the wall.

At Fusion, Kendall, Greenlee, Babe and Amanda talk about what Zach could be doing. The power goes out and someone screams.

At the PVPD, Angie shows up to see Jesse. A lieutenant shows up and tells Jesse how happy the department is to have him there. Jesse and the lieutenant talk about Richie. Ryan and Annie walk up and say that Richie isn’t wearing his ankle bracelet anymore.

At Fusion, Kendall turns the power back on and Amanda tries to help Greenlee. Amanda asks where Babe is.

At the mansion, JR tells Adam that Babe is moving back in.

At Fusion, Amanda looks for Babe in the lounge. Kendall asks Greenlee who pushed her. Amanda says that Babe is gone. Richie puts Babe in the trunk of a car. Kendall says that she is calling the police, but Greenlee stops her after hearing the elevator.

At the PVPD, Jesse asks Annie questions about what happened with Richie. Ryan and Angie assure Annie that it isn’t her fault that Richie escaped. Angie offers to take Annie to the hospital and check her out. Annie asks them to find Richie before he hurts anyone else.

At Fusion, the women arm themselves. Zach gets off the elevator.

At the PVPD, Ryan tells Annie that they can go home after she gives her statement. Jesse and the lieutenant talk about what the department has done to stop Richie from leaving town.

At Fusion, the women fill Zach in on what happened. Zach suspects that Richie took Babe.

At the mansion, JR and Adam talk about Babe. Krystal and Little Adam walk in. Adam offers her a drink, but she says that she has to go. JR picks up Little Adam.

At Fusion, Amanda calls the police. Zach says that he is going to check the building. Kendall pleads with Zach not to go alone and then lets him and tells him to be careful.

At the PVPD, Angie reminds Jesse that he hasn’t been sworn in yet. Jesse tells someone to get the mayor on the phone because he is taking the oath that night. Annie remembers talking to Richie about their deal. Ryan brings Annie some coffee. Jesse tells Annie that it won’t be much longer. Someone says that Richie kidnapped a woman at Fusion. Annie says, “Oh my god, Greenlee.”

At the prison, Samuel tells Erica that a lockdown is normal procedure. Erica says that she knows the drill. Samuel says that he never should have brought Erica there, but she says that she went voluntarily because she wanted him to see what it was like. Erica says that she has Samuel to thank for caring about the other inmates. Erica and Samuel talk about the other inmates. Samuel says that the system isn’t perfect, but it is good. Erica tells Samuel about her strategy for when she first came to prison and admits that she is no different than the other inmates. Erica says that everyone has demons to fight.

At Fusion, Amanda finds a picture of Babe for the police. Greenlee tells Kendall what it felt like when she got knocked off her feet. Kendall tries to comfort Greenlee, but Greenlee pushes her away.

At the PVPD, Annie realizes that Richie took Babe. Jesse meets with the mayor to get sworn in so that he can take the case. Annie asks how Richie could take Babe. Ryan asks why Annie thought that Richie took Greenlee. Jesse is sworn in as the new police chief. Annie says that she assumed that Richie took Greenlee because he trapped her in the bomb shelter. Annie freaks about Emma being in danger and Ryan assures her that Emma is fine. Annie says that she wants Richie gone and that he shouldn’t get a life.

At the prison, Erica tells Samuel about being in solitary. Erica talks about what landed her in solitary and admits that she was wrong about Samuel.

At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee talk to a cop about what might have happened. Zach walks in and says that there is no sign of Babe or Richie. Amanda and Kendall say that they have to tell JR and Krystal.

At the mansion, Krystal takes Little Adam upstairs. JR and Adam talk about the benefits of Babe moving in. Amanda tells JR that Richie kidnapped Babe from Fusion. JR tells Adam what happened and Adam says that maybe Babe went with Richie willingly. Krystal walks in as JR says that Richie kidnapped Babe.

At the PVPD, Angie convinces Annie to allow a quick exam. Ryan leaves the room. Annie says that there are bigger things to be concerned about. Annie asks the rules on the doctor-patient confidentially. Angie says that anything said stays between them. Annie asks if losing consciousness can affect a pregnancy.

At Fusion, Greenlee and Amanda go to the ladies room. Kendall says that she thought they would be safe there. Kendall asks Zach about his visit to Richie’s hotel room. Jesse walks in while Zach is talking about his plan for Richie. Kendall asks about Babe. Jesse says that he needs to gather some information and suggests that they start the interviews and announces that Zach is first. Zach tells Jesse that the system doesn’t work. Kendall walks over and offers Zach a drink. Zach says that he has to go and asks her if she trusts him. They share a kiss and Zach leaves. Greenlee tells Jesse what happened.

At the mansion, JR tells someone that he wants updates on Babe’s disappearance every 15 minutes. Krystal says that she has to go to Fusion, but JR stops her. Krystal says that she doesn’t want Kathy to see her like that and doesn’t want to leave Little Adam either. Adam tells Krystal that she can stay as long as she would like. Krystal says that she has to call Tad, but JR offers to do it anyways.

At the PVPD, Angie and Annie talk about the possibility of a pregnancy. Annie says that now isn’t a good time to find out about a pregnancy. Annie asks Angie not to tell Ryan because she doesn’t want him to be disappointed.

At the prison, Erica and Samuel talk about him and his life. They talk about his move to prosecutor and how it changed his life. Samuel tells Erica about his wife. Samuel tells Erica about the day his wife died. Samuel admits that he didn’t have to go to work.

At the mansion, Adam tries to comfort Krystal, but she admits that she overheard his conversation with JR. Krystal tells Adam to stay away from her. JR walks in and tells Krystal what Tad said. Krystal leaves to check on Little Adam. JR asks Adam what he said to Krystal.

At Fusion, Jesse finishes interviewing Amanda and she leaves. Jesse and the other police leave. Kendall says that she is sick of people attacking the women who work at Fusion.

At the prison, Erica and Samuel talk about what he has done. They start kissing. The warden and two guards walk in. The warden apologizes and Samuel asks for an explanation. Samuel says that he would like to talk to the warden in private immediately and follows Erica out.

At the mansion, JR confronts Adam about what he did to upset Krystal. Krystal walks in and tells JR to watch Little Adam sleep for a while because it made her feel better. JR admits that he loves Babe and leaves. JR walks out of the house.

At the PVPD, Ryan thanks Angie for checking out Annie. Jesse walks in and Angie asks to be kept posted. Jesse asks Annie to wait a little while to answer more questions, but Ryan says that Annie is done and they walk away.

At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee talk about what they should do.

Zach stands in his office remembering beating on Richie at the jail. Zach sits down and pulls a gun out of a drawer.

Richie and Babe enter the cabin.

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