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All My Children Update Friday 6/27/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Samuel Woods arrives at the prison to see Erica.

Angie arrives home with dinner, and dessert. Jessie is on the phone with the dean of Pine Valley University. Jesse hangs up, then he tries to convince Angie that he is cool with the professor’s job.

Ryan, and Zach burst into Richie's room to find Annie knocked out cold. She awakens. Zach asks why she is there in Richie’s room, and where is Richie?

The ladies (Kendall, Greenlee, Babe and Amanda) are at Fusion watching the news about Richie; Babe is unnerved; they talk about the new marketing campaign to take their minds off of things.

Babe is worried that Richie will come after her. Greenlee tries to reassure Babe that Richie has the monitoring bracelet on. Kendall says she has locked down the doors, and elevators. They try to get back to work. Kendall, and Babe snap at each other, because Babe is still upset at how Kendall is treating her even though she ran the company while Greenlee was missing. Richie realizes he is locked out, and tries another way in. The ladies turn to talk of Annie. Amanda tells them to lay off of Annie, because she has enough going on. Greenlee says a snide comment saying that Annie must be tough to be on the witness stand, and be called out as a liar.

Zach wants to know why did Annie come to Richie’s room, and what did they talk about. Annie tells Ryan, and Zach that she came there to convince Richie to plead guilty; she just wants him out of her life, all of their lives. She does not want to put everyone through the rigors of a trial. Zach looks at her suspiciously. He asks her over and over again what does she remember.

Erica asks Sam why is he at the prison? He surprised her by saying he is keeping his promise; he is there to interview her, and to find out what she is going through in prison. He will file a report addressing what is taking place in the prison.

Jessie tells Angie that he is working on the curriculum for his class. Angie kisses him, and is glad he has it all worked out. She apologizes for getting upset with him for helping Randi.

Frankie goes to Randi's room, but she is not there.

Angie knows that Jessie had Randi’s best interests at heart when he tried to help her; she wishes there were more people out there like him. She is proud of him! They hug, then kiss.

Frankie asked a nurse how a patient could just disappear? He sends the nurse to look for Randi; he hears a noise, then finds Randi on the floor in the corner. He picks her up, then takes her back to her hospital bed.

Kendall is talking about their Fusion’s “Eye Candy” line of products, and working on an ad campaign. They talk of Christmas and Amanda says she wants a man under her tree. She looks at Greenlee then says she is not the only manless girl there. Greenlee tells her that she has a man in her house, and it's Jake. Amanda screeches, and says, “You got him already, and I didn't even have a chance”. Greenlee lets it slip that she slept with Josh. They start pointing fingers at who slept with whom. Babe slept with Josh, Kendall slept with Aidan, and they remember Greenlee once had a thing with Jake. Someone brings up Annie, and Amanda mentions how Annie told off Greenlee.

The police are at the Pinecone Motel taking Annie's statement.

Richie climbs up to the Fusion roof while the girls are talking. Kendall hopes this “Richie drama” doesn't push Annie over the top.

Erica, Sam and a guard return to the place where Erica was in solitary confinement. At first she is reluctant to walk in, but later does.

Randi is back in the hospital bed. Frankie tells her to call the next time she wants to take a walk. She says she is fine. He tells her that she just had brain surgery; she needs to heal. She tells him to get over his God complex; He should stop trying to save her.

Jessie is happy; they have finished dinner, and are eating dessert. Jessie lights candles. Angie takes his hands in hers then tells him she loves him, but he owes her a rich long life. She tells him that he has a gift and she saw it when he went after Richie Novak, and he when he went after Randi’s pimp. She wants him to use the gift. She gives him a box to open. In the box is a police Captain’s hat. He is surprised, and touched.

Zach, and Ryan think Annie doesn't remember more. Zach turns to Annie with a hard look, and asks if she trusts him? She says yes; he asks if she remember anything else? Ryan takes her hands, and tells her its okay. She looks worriedly at Zach, and Ryan.

The Fusion ladies brainstorm about their campaign; Greenlee, and Kendall are friendly. Richie is lurking on Fusion’s roof then slowly opens the roof door.

Sam reassures Erica that it's her call to go in. She says she has to face it, its just four walls. She goes in and then asks him to shut the door. He stays in with her. She begins to speak of how that first day when they put her in solitary and shut the door, it was as if the world went away; she was all alone. He tells her that she is not alone now.

Jessie says he thought Angie didn't want him to take the job; he asks if she is sure? She says yes, I'm sure. He asks what changed her mind? She says Randi, you knew what to do and what was right. She tells him he doesn’t belong in a classroom; he belong where he can see people, and touch their lives. They kiss and then she picks up the phone and tells him to call whoever he needs to call to accept, and become the new Chief of Police.

Frankie, and Randi talk about her pimp. Frankie says he will be behind bars a long time. Randi frets about when her pimp gets out of jail; Frankie says he won't let anything happen to her. She tells Frankie again to stay out of her life.

Annie is getting a bit frantic; she assures Zach, and Ryan that if she knew more about where Richie went, she would tell them. Her voice escalates as she is getting closer, and closer to losing it. Ryan stops the questioning, and Zach apologizes.

The Fusion ladies hear a noise on the roof, and Babe asks, “What was that”? Richie quickly shuts the roof door.

Angie puts Jessie's police chiefs hat on, then shows him the mirror. He says BAM, that sure looks good. They are both happy. Angie apologizes for trying to stop him from doing what he loves. He asks Angie to hold the hat while he calls Frankie; she puts it on. Jessie is a bit worried about how Cassie will take the news. Angie notes that Cassie is spending the night at the Chandler’s. Jessie decides to wait until he can tell both Frankie and Cassie together. Angie is fretting about Frankie's involvement with Randi.

Erica tells Sam about Gwendolyn, the ladybug she tried to make friends with, but nothing worked; the walls, and the silence were a weapon. Sleep was her only escape, except for all the nightmares. Sam is sorry she had to go through that. Erica looks at Sam with concern, then tells him he looks tired. He admits he is exhausted.

The ladies search around Fusion, and decide nothing is there; they think it was just a mouse. Richie listen in on their conversation. Babe mentions that she needs to call JR. Amanda asks if they are back on? Babe admits she is back in the mansion, because JR thinks it’s safer while Richie is on the loose. They all tease Babe about her on again off again relationship with JR. Babe snaps at them, and tells them to drop it. Amanda says that Greenlee has coconuts for brains, because she won't take Aidan back. Greenlee tells her that she can have him, if she wants him. Amanda asks if Greenlee is for real? Kendall answers, “Of course, she is not”.

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