AMC Update Thursday 6/26/08

All My Children Update Thursday 6/26/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Carmen is packing up to leave the prison; she is very thankful to Erica for getting her released.

Aidan is working out in the gym, when he runs into Jake. Aidan is angry, because Richie is out on bail.

Ryan is trying to reassure Annie that Richie won't bother them. Annie is having memories of Richie threatening her, and asking her for the bail money. Ryan is trying to coax Annie into talking to him.

Richie is staying at the Port Charles Motel. Flowers are delivered to his room with a note that reads, “Enjoy your freedom while it last” signed “Z”. Zach is on the phone telling the listener, “ Remember that one-way trip we planned? Well it's going to happen tonight”.

Annie feels that it is her fault that Richie is back on the streets. She thinks he is going to get away with everything. Richie calls demanding that Annie come over and help him cover his tracks. Annie pretends that the caller is Emma. Annie tells Ryan that she has to work at Fusion to help Greenlee, and Kendall pull an all-nighter. Ryan tells her to stay home; he will get take-out and will return. Ryan leaves, and Annie rushes out the door to meet Richie.

Carmen will receive a retrial, and has been released on bail. Erica thinks that Carmen’s charges will be dropped. Carmen is scared that Adam won't like her or the job that she does. Erica tries to reassure her, that Adam can be fair. Erica tells Carmen that she was married to Adam twice. Carmen is surprised. Erica tells her not to worry, because she will figure Adam out. Jackson is coming by to pick her up. Jack is looking forward to seeing Carmen work as a maid at the Chandler residence. He knows that Carmen will tell Adam off, and that will be hysterical!

Aidan, and Jake compare notes on Greenlee. Jake tells Aidan that Greenlee is still angry with Kendall, but she is working through it. Aidan ask Jake if he is Greenlee’s new best friend. Jake explains that he is her new roommate as of this morning. Aidan isn't happy about them rooming together.

Krystal, and Tad have a night out without the kids. Colby is babysitting. It is June, but Tad talks about getting a picture of the kids for a X-mas card. Tad wants to take pictures from now until then. He's happier then he has been in a long time, because he has both of his girls under one roof, and a beautiful woman as a wife.

Zach is making plans with his pilot to be ready for take-off. Ryan stops by and he wants to know what Zach plans to do about Richie Novak. Zach is hesitant to tell Ryan his plans. Ryan wants to make sure that Zach, and he doesn't cross paths; if Richie gets away with his crimes, Ryan plans to kill him. Zach is shocked but remain cautious.

Richie is watching TV when Annie arrives. Annie wants to finish their plans.

Zach wants to know if Ryan is fully on-board no matter what. Ryan lists all of Richie dirty deeds, then agrees to be on-board. Zach says that Richie isn’t going to make it to his trial.

Annie gave Richie the bail money, and now wants to know what else he wants? Richie thanks her for her performance on the stand. She wished he had warned her of his intent. She suggests they end their deal, and he can leave town. Richie suggests that she come with him. She says no. Richie tells her that Ryan will find out the kind of person she really is. He tells Annie that she is crazy if she thinks she has a future with Lavery.

Ryan wants to know how Zach is going to kill Richie. Zach does not admit to a plan to kill Richie. Ryan is confused because if Zach thinks that Richie will not make it to the trial he must have a plan to keep him away. Zach make it clear that he did not say Richie would not make it to the trial; he said that Richie isn’t going to be at the trial. He believes that Richie will skip bail, and run.

Aidan wants to know when Jake and Greenlee became friends. Jake says it just happened; they are only roommates. Aidan thinks that Jake is trying to move in on Greenlee, and he doesn’t like it. Jake sees that Aidan wants to hit someone; he suggests that Aidan hit him.

Colby calls Tad, because Kathy is missing. Tad, and Krystal rush home.

Erica asks Jack to help boost Carmen’s confidence. Carmen arrives all dressed up; she owes everything to Erica. She is sad about leaving Erica behind.

Zach decides that he does need Ryan’s assistance so he asks him if he has plans tonight. Ryan says nothing that can't be changed. Zach tells Ryan that Richie is going on a flight tonight, but he doesn't know it.

Annie gives Richie extra money to get out of town. She asked Richie to get rid of Greenlee as well. He agreed to get rid of Greenlee; he tells her to turn around, and she says, “Don't kill me”. He says, “I won't, but I have to make it look like we were fighting, don't I”? He knocks her out by hitting her on the head with a bottle.

Erica tells Carmen that she can do this; she has a new opportunity. Carmen finally agrees, and Erica asks her to promise to always be her good friend. They cry, and hug then Carmen leaves.

Tad arrives home, and asks Colby questions. Colby tells him how she put Emma, and Jenny to bed, but Kathy wanted to stay up to wait for Tad. She left her alone and put the light on for Kathy; when she returned she was gone. Tad tells Krystal to call the police, then he goes outside to frantically search for Kathy.

Jake thinks that his idea to move in as Greenlee’s roommate is the wrong decision. Aidan thinks better of it, then ask him to move in with Greenlee.

Ryan calls Annie and leaves a message telling her that he has to get some things done. He asks her to call him if she needs him. Zach tells Ryan that they need to go get Richie into an airplane, but he might not be cooperative. Helping him get Richie on the plane is where he needs Ryan's help. Ryan asks about the ankle monitor. Zach says, “We will cut it. Before the police knows what is going on we'll be thirty-thousand feet in the air”.

Annie is unconscious. Richie says, “Thanks Sis for all the memories”. He leaves Annie lying on the floor.

Jake is confused because now Aidan want him to move in with Greenlee. Jake wants to know why did Aidan change his mind. Aidan tells Jake that he is Greenlee’s friend, and he trusts Jake with Greenlee. Richie was let out on bail; Greenlee will need someone to protect her.

Erica asks Jack to give Adam a swift kick in the butt to get him to treat Carmen right. Jack thinks Erica made good friends in jail. Erica is sad to see Carmen go, because she made it easier for her in the prison. Jack tells Erica she'll be fine, because she is Erica Kane. She thanks Jack for everything he has done.

Krystal suggests that Colby, and she take a ride around the neighborhood to search for Kathy. They leave for the search. Colby tells Tad that they have looked all over; the police are on their way. Tad says, “I can't lose her again, I just can't”. Krystal notices Kathy peeking out from behind the sofa; she points out Kathy to Tad. He begs her to come out of hiding. She does. He begs Kathy not to ever do that again. He asks her if she misses her Aunt Julia, and her old room. Kathy nods yes. Tad asks her to promise to tell him when she feels bad, so that he can make it better.

Jake, and Aidan come to an agreement about watching over Greenlee.

Ryan and Zach break into Richie's hotel room and find Annie knocked out on the floor.

Richie arrives at Fusion and says, “Well hello ladies, surprise! Surprise”!

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