AMC Update Wednesday 6/25/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Annie and Ryan talk about Richie’s hearing. Ryan assures Annie that Richie won’t get away with what he did. Annie remembers her talking to Richie about him getting out.

At BJ’s, Jake turns down Greenlee’s offer.

At the hospital, Jesse and Angie talk about Randi. Angie tries to convince Jesse to stay out of it.

Kendall, Zach, Babe and JR show up at the courthouse and assure Annie that Richie won’t hurt any of them again. A guard brings Richie over and Richie says hi to Annie. Richie tells everyone to enjoy the show. Annie and Ryan talk about what happened to Richie’s face. JR assures Babe that he didn’t do it. Kendall and Zach talk about Richie getting beat on. Kendall says that whoever beat up Richie has some serious pull. JR suggests that after the hearing, he and Babe should go to her place and enjoy a game of strip poker. Babe apologizes to Annie for not listening to her. The hearing starts.

At BJ’s, Jake tells Greenlee why it is a bad idea for them to live together.

At the hospital, Randi wakes up and asks Frankie what happened. She asks for privacy and Frankie tells her about the surgery. Angie and Jesse talk about the patient. Randi and Frankie talk about the night she was attacked. Frankie says that he wants to help, but she needs to tell him the truth. Angie and Jesse talk about how close Frankie is getting to Randi. Randi says that her boyfriend hits her sometimes, but she isn’t going to leave him. Frankie asks when she is going to stop lying to him.

Richie pleads “not guilty” and announces that he is representing himself. Richie tells the judge that no one can plead for his freedom better than himself. Richie tells the judge about being serving 7 years in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. The judge orders a recess. Ryan and Annie talk about why Richie is representing himself. Opal shows up and Babe fills her in. Opal assures Babe that it isn’t her fault. Opal tells JR and Babe about Richie’s tarot card reading. Kendall and Zach talk about Richie getting beat up in jail. Zach agrees to give the person a message from Kendall.

At the hospital, Angie admits that Jesse is right. Angie makes Jesse repeat after her, but he changes the words around. Angie leaves to check on a patient after pretending she was going to strangle him. Jesse asks Frankie questions about what Randi said.

At the courthouse, the guard comes over and says that Richie is going to put Annie on the stand.

At BJ’s, Jake finishes his milkshake and Greenlee asks him to make a decision. Greenlee thinks that Jake is scared to move in with her, but Jake says that she is using him. Jake turns her down.

Jesse watches a man harass a woman at a bar. Jesse offers to buy the guy a drink.

At the hospital, Randi tells Frankie that it isn’t what he thinks. Frankie assures Randi that she can trust him. Randi admits that she is a prostitute and tells Frankie to get out. Angie rushes in and asks what is going on. Angie asks Frankie for a word in private and they stop outside. Frankie tells Angie about Randi. Angie tells Frankie to be careful.

At the courthouse, the D.A. says that Richie is a flight risk. Richie says that he has deep ties to the community. Richie assures the judge that he isn’t a flight risk. Richie calls Annie to the stand. Richie looks back at Zach.

At the hospital, Frankie tries to convince Randi that she has to fight back. Frankie says that she will probably end up in the morgue next time. Frankie tells Randi that she is beautiful and that he doesn’t want her to be afraid anymore. Randi says that she doesn’t need anything from Frankie. Frankie asks why she is protecting the guy. Randi says that the guy loves her.

At the bar, Jesse and the man sit down for a drink. Jesse says that he saw Randi in the hospital talking to a cop.

At the courthouse, JR speaks up. Richie questions Annie about her testimony at his trial before. Annie tries to convince the judge that she was trying to help Richie. Richie asks Annie to read some things from a court order. All the previous charges against Richie were dismissed. Ryan tries to get Richie to leave Annie alone. Richie says that he is done with Annie and she walks back to Ryan. Richie says that he was set up before and now he is being set up again. Richie asks the judge to grant him bail.

At the hospital, Randi mistakes the man for Frankie. She opens her eyes and sees the man that Jesse was talking to. He says that she will learn to keep her mouth shut. The man realizes that he was set up.

At BJ’s, Greenlee tells Jake why she isn’t at the courthouse for Richie’s hearing. Greenlee says that she would kill Richie and admits that she still gets nightmares about being stuck in the hole. Greenlee tries to get Jake to change his mind about moving in with her.

At the courthouse, the judge asks Richie where he is living and Zach says that there are plenty of rooms at the casino and that he would be happy to keep an eye on Richie. The judge says that if Richie doesn’t have a local residence. Richie gives the judge a letter from the manager of the Pine Cone hotel. The judge says that Richie has to wear a monitoring device at all times and sets bail at $100,000. Richie thanks the judge and looks at Annie. JR and Babe talk about where she is staying. Kendall and Zach talk about Richie being free while Erica is in jail. Annie says that her brother is getting away because of her. Kendall walks over and says that they won’t let Richie get away with it.

At the hospital, the cop takes the man away. Frankie tells Randi that it’s over and she yells at him for doing that to her. Jesse tells Angie that the man was Randi’s pimp. Angie realizes that Jesse did it. Jesse and Angie talk about their kids.

At BJ’s, Greenlee tells Jake that Richie got out on bail. Jake agrees to move in with her to keep Richie away from her. Greenlee thanks him.

At the courthouse, Richie thanks everyone for coming to his hearing. Richie leaves with the guard. Richie meets Opal outside and she says that death is at his door.

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