AMC Update Tuesday 6/24/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/24/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan meets Greenlee at ConFusion. She gives him a glass. Aidan asks her what they are doing. Greenlee says that it is a peace offering.

Tad has breakfast with Kathy and tries to get her to eat. Jake walks up and asks if he can join in. Kathy watches Jake take a bite of a piece of toast. Dre and Cassandra walk in and look for Colby.

Colby and Adam walk into JR’s office. Adam says that Colby needs her own parking space. She looks outside and sees her new car.

At the prison, Erica visits with Jackson. Jackson asks Erica how she stays so confident. Erica says that she promised Carmen a retrial. Jack says that the only promise Erica has broken is the one she made him on their wedding day. Erica says that the broken promise was a favor because she is in prison. Carmen walks into the visitor’s room and joins the conversation. Jack says that he has run into a roadblock and that Carmen can’t work for anyone related to Jack or Erica. Carmen says that maybe Jack should give up because a stranger won’t take in a felon. Carmen says that Jack is good, but he can’t make miracles happen. Erica says that she can.

At Chandler, Colby thanks Adam for her new car. JR asks why Colby deserves a new car. Adam says that Colby is turning 18. Adam gives Colby keys to the car and to the lodge at the lake. Colby looks at her watch. She thanks Adam and gives him a hug and says that it doesn’t make what happened okay. Adam says that it is just a gift. Adam tells Colby to go have some fun and she leaves. JR asks Adam what that was all about.

Kathy draws a picture with Tad. Jake looks at the picture. Jake says that Tad is trying to get him to stay in Pine Valley. Kate asks Jake why he lives so far away from his family.

At ConFusion, Greenlee says that she wants to start over and that they should try to make the friends thing work. Greenlee admits to having spent the previous day with Ryan and that she is trying to get past everything with him, Ryan and Kendall. They talk about being friends. Greenlee says that friends don’t touch each other like that. Aidan says that he is madly in love with her.

At BJ’s, Dre and Cassandra talk about her current family situation. She says that it gets complicated sometimes. Colby walks in and apologizes for being late. Colby says that Adam bought her a new car and gave her keys to the lodge.

At Chandler, JR and Adam talk about Colby’s gift. JR says that Adam is trying to get Colby’s vote because she gets shares for her 18th birthday. JR says that he cares about the company and that is why he is there. Adam says that he can take care of the business. JR tells Adam that his web project isn’t dead in the water. Adam says that Fusion has an exclusive lock on Q&B. Adam says that JR would have saved embarrassment and time if he had come to Adam sooner.

At BJ’s, Colby asks Kathy if she wants to sit with the cool kids for a while. Tad says that it is okay and Kathy leaves with Colby. Tad and Jake talk about Jake staying in town. Tad asks Jake what is eating him. Jake says that he messed up a patient and could have cost them their life.

At ConFusion, Greenlee says that they can just keep their distance because she isn’t going to give him what he wants from her. Aidan says that he will be her friend because he doesn’t want to live without her.

Babe walks into Chandler with breakfast for JR. Babe says that she is on her way to Fusion and that she needed a time out from work. Babe and JR talk about what is going on at Fusion and at Chandler. JR and Babe talk about Adam’s motives for buying Colby a new car. JR says that he is going to take Chandler Enterprises and become CEO.

Adam walks into the visitor’s room to see Erica. Carmen realizes that Erica wants her to work for Adam. Adam tells Erica that her pep talk hasn’t worked yet. Adam tells Erica that he saw her show and it looked like she had never missed a beat. Erica tells Adam that she can take him from lunatic to hero that day.

At Chandler, Babe and JR talk about him wanting the company. Babe suggests that it is about JR sticking it to Adam, but JR tells her that he just wants to run the company the right way. JR says that he can handle Adam.

In the visitor’s room, Jack and Carmen talk about her “dream” room. Erica tells Adam what he needs to do. Erica and Adam talk about Carmen. Erica tells Adam that Carmen needs a job and a place to live. Adam says that Erica has lost her mind.

At BJ’s, Tad and Jake talk. Tad says that he doesn’t recognize Jake much anymore and that worries him. Tad tries to convince Jake to stay in town. Colby brings Kathy back over to the table. Kathy says that she was afraid that Tad left. Tad says that he isn’t going anywhere and Jake says that he isn’t for a while. Tad takes Kathy’s breakfast and says that he is going to eat it. Cassandra, Colby and Dre talk about Jesse’s new teaching job. Dre talks about his father. They talk about their fathers. Colby says that Cassandra and Dre have plans at the lodge for July 4th.

At ConFusion, Greenlee and Aidan talk about being friends. Greenlee says that she wants to put Aidan to work because she has to clean up the mess. Aidan helps Greenlee clean up and she gets something on her finger. She turns around and gets it on her face and Aidan helps her get it off her face. Greenlee and Aidan start kissing and undressing each other. Greenlee opens her eyes and tells Aidan that she has to go.

At Chandler, JR assures Babe that he won’t turn into Adam because he doesn’t want to be miserable. They talk about JR wanting to take over the company. JR says that all he needs is Babe to be on his side.

In the visitor’s room, Carmen and Jack talk about Erica’s plan. Erica tells Adam what Carmen could help him do. Adam says that Erica will owe him big time. Erica says that she is doing Adam a favor. Erica tells Adam that she will be released soon and she is going back to a very successful and influential talk show. Erica asks Adam if they have a deal.

At BJ’s, Jake grabs some bacon. Jake orders a coffee to go and Greenlee walks in. Greenlee is happy that they can be friends without any romantic or intimate feelings. Colby, Cassandra and Dre agree to meet for the weekend of July 4th. Tad and Kathy talk about being okay. Jake gets his coffee and tells Greenlee that he is staying in town for a while. Jake says that he will stay in a motel and Greenlee invites him to move in with her.

At Chandler, JR thanks Babe for breakfast and she thanks him for the pep talk. Babe says that she is proud of JR and JR asks if she is proud enough to marry him again. They leave for Richie’s arraignment.

In the visitor’s room, Carmen meets Adam. Carmen asks if they are shacking up or not. Adam says that he loathes Erica for this. Erica thanks him for stopping by. Adam leaves and Jack walks back in. Jack tells Carmen that he has her release papers. Erica hugs Carmen.

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