AMC Update Monday 6/23/08

All My Children Update Monday 6/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Fusion, Babe asks Amanda about a layout. They talk about Annie and Greenlee being missing. Annie walks in and asks where Greenlee is. Kendall walks in with Lucy Danziger from Self-magazine. Kendall introduces the ladies to the editor and explains why Lucy is there.

At the marina, Greenlee shows Ryan a boat. Greenlee says that he is going with her. Ryan gets on the boat with her.

At the hospital, Angie and Jesse talk about his job as a professor. Frankie walks up and orders some tests. Angie and Frankie talk about the patient and she asks to see the patient. Frankie shows Angie to the room where Randi is laying on the bed. The police walk in and ask about “the hooker that got a beating from her pimp” and Frankie says that Randi isn’t a prostitute.

Aidan shows up to see Richie in jail, but Richie is not in his cell. Zach and Richie spend some time talking in the jail. Richie tries to get Zach to leave and starts yelling for the guard when he sees a club in Zach’s hand. Two guards talk about Richie. One guard says that Richie wasn’t feeling well and is getting checked out. Aidan leaves to wait upstairs for Richie to come back. Zach tells Richie that he is at a meeting with 5 witnesses. Richie starts yelling for a guard. Zach reminds Richie about locking him and Greenlee in the bomb shelter.

At Fusion, Kendall says that Lucy will be observing them throughout the day and tells Lucy to relax a bit. Babe tells Kendall about a current problem. Kendall suggests that they call Greenlee to see what she thinks about the solution and the other ladies don’t understand why they should have to wait for Greenlee. Babe asks if they are working in a flawless business or a flawless dictatorship.

At the hospital, Jesse and Frankie talk about Randi. Angie comes in and asks what Frankie knows about the patient. Jesse asks the cops some questions about the case. A doctor comes in and says that he got paged about a head injury. Frankie shows the doctor to the room and Jesse suggests that there is more to Randi than Frankie thought.

At Fusion, Kendall and Lucy talk about her visit. Lucy says that Kendall has nothing to worry about because Self loves Fusion. Kendall walks back into the office. Amanda and Annie talk about how she is doing. Annie says that she is fine and Amanda says that if Annie needs anything, she is there. Annie says that Richie deserves to be arrested for what he has done. Annie and Amanda talk about the guilt. Kendall asks Babe for a truce and Babe suggests that Kendall run it past Greenlee first. Kendall suggests that the situation is about Richie. Babe says that she hopes that Greenlee comes back to the office soon so that they can get back to business.

On the boat, Greenlee and Ryan talk about their current problems. Ryan says that Annie is afraid that he will remember that he never really loved her at all. Greenlee steers the boat. Greenlee says that Annie is working like a basket case and reminds Ryan that Annie broke into her apartment. Greenlee says that Ryan needs a break from everything. Ryan and Greenlee talk about the possibility that he never really loved Annie.

At Fusion, Annie leaves messages for Ryan and Kendall leaves messages for Greenlee. Annie suggests that Ryan and Greenlee are together. Babe walks in. Kendall asks if they are done flipping out and asks Babe what is going on. Babe says that needing Greenlee’s opinion about everything is crap. Kendall suggests that Babe is freaking out because of Richie. Babe announces to the room that she did not sleep with Richie.

Zach walks into his office and startles Myrtle.

At the jail, two guards talk about a game and pick Richie up off the floor. They drag Richie down the hall.

In his office, Zach and Myrtle talk about Richie. Myrtle suggests that Zach needs a drink and asks if the club did any good. Zach pours a drink and admits that his thoughts are in a dark place.

At the jail, Aidan visits Richie and says that Richie doesn’t look too good. Richie tells Aidan to get out.

At the hospital, Frankie and the doctor talk about Randi. Frankie says that he will scrub in for surgery. Angie tries to stop him, but Frankie says that he is going. Jesse talks to the police while Angie watches.

At Fusion, Annie asks Kendall to cut Babe some slack. Annie says that Greenlee should be at work more often, but Kendall says that Greenlee has a lot going on with Aidan. Annie says that Greenlee isn’t the only one who has had a lot going on and that Greenlee is the only one not at work.

On the boat, Ryan and Greenlee talk about what they said while they were on the water. Ryan tells Greenlee that the procedure has some possible side effects, such as killing him.

At Fusion, Kendall says that she is worried about Annie. Kendall claims that she understands what Annie is going through. Annie goes off on Kendall about Greenlee. Kendall says that it is about her and Greenlee and it doesn’t involve Annie. Annie suggests that Kendall is feeling guilty about sleeping with Aidan. Kendall tells Annie to calm down and Annie suggests that the whole thing is about Greenlee staying away from Zach.

In his office, Zach and Myrtle share a drink. They talk about Richie. Zach says that he wants to put Richie in a hole. Zach asks Myrtle for help with the situation. Myrtle reminds Zach that Kendall and the kids need him and can’t afford to lose him again. Zach kisses Myrtle on the cheek.

At the jail, Aidan and Richie talk about the lives that Richie messed with. Aidan says that he was supposed to be getting married that day. Aidan says that Richie won’t make it out in one piece.

At Fusion, Annie looks at an article about Richie on the computer. She closes the article and stares at a picture of her, Ryan and Emma. Amanda walks out and says that Annie and Ryan are great together.

On the boat, Greenlee says that he can’t have the procedure if it could kill him. They talk about alternatives.

At the jail, Aidan says that Greenlee didn’t do anything to Richie, but he tried to kill her any way. Aidan reminds Richie that he covered the bomb shelter to get rid of the only witness to the hit and run. Aidan says that he won’t wait around for an apology, but if the charges don’t stick, the beating Richie got that day will feel like a walk in the park.

At the hospital, Jesse and the cops talk about his decision to turn down the police chief job. The officers tell Jesse what they know about Randi’s situation.

At Fusion, Kendall looks at a paper and Babe tells Kendall that her issues with Fusion are valid and that things will get worse. Babe admits that she feels like a fool about Richie and Annie apologizes. Babe explains why she feels like a fool. Annie tells Babe that she isn’t the only one who was fooled by Richie’s lies. Babe says that she knows what it is like to have everyone hate you. Kendall, Amanda and Annie assure Babe that she isn’t the same as Richie. Kendall says that sometimes you care about the wrong people.

On the boat, Greenlee and Ryan talk about why he isn’t going to go through with the procedure. Ryan thanks Greenlee for inviting him and she thanks him for joining her. Greenlee asks Ryan if it is time to head back.

At the hospital, Frankie sits with Randi. Angie watches them from the doorway, while also watching Jesse talk to the cops.

Greenlee and Ryan get off the boat and talk about how fun the boat ride was.

At Fusion, Annie apologizes to Kendall for her actions. Kendall says that Ryan is a good guy.

Zach gets home and looks at the train tracks in the living room. He plays with the boys.

At the jail, Richie rolls over on his bunk.

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