AMC Update Friday 6/20/08

All My Children Update Friday 6/20/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jack and Greenlee are on the pier talking about her relationship with Aidan and Erica. Greenlee mention that Erica was good on her show, but she was shamefully flirting with Samuel Woods on national TV. Jack backs her off. He thinks she should consider forgiving Aidan.

Annie and Ryan are together, but she is sick and tired of talking about Richie. She pretends that she has an errand at Fusion, and need to finish a project. She leaves in a hurry.

Jake wants to talk to Ryan about his memory. Ryan wants to know when can he get his memory back.

Jesse let Angie know that when he said he took the job he meant the job at Pine Valley University. He will be professor Hubbard teaching criminology as a professor.

Kendall is reading a story to Spike on the sofa. Zach is listening, but he gets flashbacks of the night he was hit by Richie, and was locked in the bomb shelter. He gets so angry that he breaks the glass in his hand. Kendall, and Spike reacts to the noise. He hides his hand, and says he is OK. She wants to know what brought on his mood. Zach wants to know why Richie picked his family to mess with. That has to be more than just wanting to cover his tracks. Zach doesnít understand why he was picked randomly. Zach can protect his family, but not against random behavior. He asks how can he control that.

Annie is visiting Richie.

Jake tells Ryan that he cannot help him because of complications.

Angie is happy that Jesse will be a teacher, and Jesse corrects her that he will be a professor. This will be a great gig with benefits, and a nice office. Angie knows he is sacrificing his desire to be a cop, and she thanks him. If this new job makes his lady sleep at night then Jesse will do it for his family.

Frankie and Cassie come into the apartment and hear the good news. When they are told that Jesse will be a professor, they look as if they cannot believe it. They know he will not be happy.

Greenlee cannot believe what she is hearing from Jack. He is her father and wants her to get back with Aidan. Jack points out that she is working on forgiving Kendall, but not Aidan. Greenlee refuses to give Aidan another chance.

Cassie and Frankie know that Jesse wonít be happy being a professor. Jesse talks to Frankie and Frankie reminds him that he is a man of action not a man of theories.

Cassie talks to her mother and tells her that Jesse is taking the job because of her, not because he is happy about the job. Angie know she is being selfish, but she loves him, and donít want him to get hurt. She does not think that wanting him safe makes her a bad person. Cassie tells her she is entitled to her feelings after missing him for twenty years she has every right to want a life with him.

Annie reminds Richie that she did not get him into the mess he is in. He stole JRís bone marrow. Richie believes that the cops cannot make the charges stick. Richie locked Zach in the bomb shelter, but Richie has not been charged for that. Richie threatens Annie to bail him out, or he will tell Ryan that he can still have children.

Ryan has a blood condition that may prohibit him from having the procedure done to help his memory. Specific tests show that the procedure, if done on Ryan, could be fatal. Ryan is angry because he though the procedure would be the answer. His life has been hell living it without his full memory. Jake warns him against pushing the procedure because he doesnít want to be responsible for Ryan losing his life. Jake advises Ryan to visit with Dr. Casey and discuss his fears with him.

Annie tells Richie that she cannot help him. She is concerned that Ryan will notice the bail money. Richie advise her to put the money into his account then his father can write the check so Ryan will not know about it. Annie asks Richie to get Greenlee out of her life before he leaves Pine Valley. Richie asks her how? She doesnít know. She wants Greenlee gone so that she can love Ryan freely.

Greenlee is adamant about her feelings. Jack wants to know has she told Aidan how she feels, and why she feels the way she does. She says yes, but he thinks we have a chance. She remembers that Aidan saved her life. Jack reminds her that Aidan lived only to save her. He lived in the woods, and would not give up until she was found. She knows what Aidan did; she misses him, but that is not enough reason to take him back.

Kendall tells Zach that he cannot control everything. Zach thinks about Richie roaming around; he also wants Richie to suffer like Kendall and he suffered. He wants Richie to feel what he felt when he could not get to her, and when she could not find him. Zach blames Richie for starting the trouble. Zach was not home for Spikeís first birthday, because of Richie. Zach was not home for Ianís birth, because of Richie. Greenlee and Zach were locked in the bomb shelter, because of Richie, and Greenlee lost Aidan, because of Richie. Zach vows to make sure that nothing else bad happen because of Richie Novak.

Kendall begs Zach not to do anything to Richie that may put their family at risk. Zach tells her that this is different. Zach loves his family, and he tells Kendall that. He promises not to do anything that will jeopardize the family.

Angie has cooked dinner and wants everyone to eat. Frankie excuses himself. Jesse urges him to grab a piece of chicken or something. Frankie teases and ask, ďWhy chicken. Is it because I am blackĒ? They all laugh at the joke. Frankie leaves and Angie prays over dinner. She gives thanks for Professor Hubbard, and for Jesse putting family above his aspirations. Cassie looks at Jesse.

Greenlee is still on the pier with Jack. She is blaming Kendall for trying to steal Fusion in the past, and for having Ryanís baby. She mentions that she is jealous of Zach and Kendall. She is jealous of how Zach forgave Kendall and thinks that he did it because he couldnít live without her. He swallowed his pride. She thinks that Zach has the right idea, but she cannot follow in his footsteps.

Annie wants Greenlee away from Pine Valley. She doesnít know what will happen, but she wants to be free to love Ryan. Richie agrees to get rid of Greenlee in return for Annie paying his bail.

Zach has left, and Spike and Kendall are still playing on the sofa. He says Da, Da. Kendall tells him that they are lucky to have Daddy Zach, who would do anything for them. When Zach comes home, they plan to make him happy.

Cassie talks to Jesse about Pine Valley University. She thinks what he is doing is cool. Cassie would not give up her art for a man. She knows that Jesse loves being a cop so why a professor job? Jesse is taking the job for Angie and their family.

Two guards come to get Richie, and he brags about getting out on bail.

Greenlee suggest that she run away, and Jack reminds her that she has done that before, and it didnít work. He tells her that she deserve to be happy. He leaves and she sees Ryan down the way from her.

Annie is taking a spare key from Fusion when Kendall walks in. Kendall teases that she caught Annie; then Annie jumps.

Jake gives Frankie a file case of a girl who was hurt by her pimp. Jake has to leave and ask Frankie to help him out. The girl is Randi.

Kendall asks Annie if she is guilty much. Kendall asks about Amanda and Babe. No one is around and she has a big meeting. Itís not like Greenlee to miss a big meeting.

Jesse and Angie snuggle on the floor. She is glad he came around. They kiss and hold each other.

Ryan, and Greenlee talk to each other and decide to sail. Ryan tells her he is trying to get his mind together. Greenlee tells him not to think too much, because not much is left in his mind. They both laugh.

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