AMC Update Thursday 6/19/08

All My Children Update Thursday 6/19/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan gives Greenlee a ride home; she asks him about his hand, he says it is fine. Aidan talks about Richie, and he says he cannot believe that he did what he did to Zach, and Greenlee. Aidan is upset, because she could have died. Greenlee says she didn’t die, because Aidan saved her.

Angie has invited Krystal over to talk; she tells her Jesse, and she had a fight that she described as reasonably bad. Angie is worried Jessie might not come home, because she allowed herself to get so angry that she just walked off. She is now sorry about her behavior.

Jesse comes over to speak with Tad; he gives his version of the fight with Angie.

Erica tells Carmen that letters, and phone calls are pouring into Jack’s office as a result of the show. Carmen is in a funk, and focus only on the negative aspects of her life. She has no family, and no man; her life is empty.

Barry tells Adam that JR planted the asylum story in the paper. He will assist Adam with getting back at JR, and teaching him a lesson. JR arrives, and tells Barry if he's there on Chandler business then he should be speaking to him, because he is in charge. Adam let JR know that they were just talking about him.

Adam talks about Ritchie drugging JR, and taking his bone marrow. Adam wants to make Ritchie suffer (but really he is hinting about what he's going to do to JR). JR talks of the media and making sure Adam shows them he is not crazy. Adam asks Colby what she wants to do for her eighteenth birthday party. Colby asks about Adam lying to Tad about Kathy. She tells Adam that she doesn't want anything from him ever again.

Frankie, and Randi are walking along the docks and eating ice cream. She tells Frankie to stop acting as if they are on a date. She’s already in a relationship. Frankie mentions her broken wrist, and tells her he thinks she is in an abusive relationship. He offers to help her.

Angie knows it's not fair to Jessie, but she wants him to do anything but police work. Krystal reminds her the job would be a desk job. Angie tells Krystal that Jesse, and she are more important than any job. If he asked her to give up her job she would; he wouldn’t do the same for her.

Greenlee, and Aidan are pleasant to each other. Aidan tells her that he saved her not to be a hero, but because he loves her, and he still loves her. He has to figure out what to do with his life. He explains that Tad turned over his business to him; now Aidan is full owner. Greenlee asks if he is going out of town. He says no. He ask if it is OK if she bumps into him once, and a while. Greenlee tells him that they can still be friends. Aidan asks if she knows how much that hurts him? Josh knocks at the door, and mentions that he left a cuff link there the other night.

Erica assures Carmen that her life has meaning. Carmen responds that she has no education. Erica is coaching her and trying to reassure her that things will work out. Carmen accuses her of seeing through rose-colored glasses, but says she is fresh out of rose-colored glasses. Erica wants to help Carmen be productive once she gets out; Carmen may not want to get out, because she is afraid she'll go back to the dark side. She doesn't believe she can stay straight without Erica’s help.

Greenlee went off to find the cufflink while Josh and Aidan had a strained conversation. Aidan wants to know what is Josh to Greenlee; Josh tells him that Greenlee, and he are friends. Aidan snarls that Greenlee is really into friends these days. Josh leaves and Aidan asks Greenlee, so are you and Josh? Greenlee tells him it's none of his business. Jack Calls Greenlee, and they arrange to meet later. Aidan tells her he doesn't want her with Josh; she bluntly tells him she doesn't care what he wants. If they are to be friends then Aidan has to deal with what she puts out.

Kathy takes a nap, and Tad and Jessie drink beers. They lament about how wonderful it is that Tad has Kathy now. Tad tells Jesse he needs to apologize to Angie. Jessie wants to, but feels he needs to stand his ground, because he is a cop! Tad explains Angie's side of things. Jesse was shot, and presumed dead for two decades. Tad thinks that Angie is scared. Jessie doesn't think Angie should make him choose; the old Angie wouldn't want him to choose.

Frankie spills ice cream on Randi; she becomes upset with him.

Aidan wants to make it right, but Greenlee tells him that it would involve trust, and she is fresh out of it.

Frankie offers to pay for Randi’s dry cleaning; she refuses to take money. She doesn’t want to see him again. She leaves.

Angie feels that she's being selfish with Jesse's job choice. She knows that she should be able to get beyond her fears, but can't. She begins to talk about Jacob, Cassandra's father. He is a composer, and wrote at home. She never had to worry about him getting hurt. Jesse will never settle for nice and safe; she doesn't want him to settle. She can't go through the stress of losing Jesse again.

Randi continues to deny that she's being abused. She says the only thing she's afraid of is Frankie's stalking her. She threatens to get a restraining order.

Adam tells Barry that Colby will be eighteen, and is entitled to large shares of Chandler stock. Adam calls Colby into the study. Colby gives him some attitude, and he wants to know if she's always going to be cold with him.

Colby says that she should have taken Adam's advice, and gone away to college. She says that she loves him too much; and there is too much craziness. She's afraid that it will begin to feel "normal" to her, and she'll be just like Adam.

Aidan still has feelings for Greenlee. He wants to fix things between them, because he can't just turn off his feelings.

Adam, and Colby argue about how Liza stole her from him. Adam loves her, and will protect her. Colby tells Adam that he hurts people; she thinks that with a father like Adam, and a mother like Liza, she doesn't stand a chance. She doesn’t believe that they showed her what love is. Adam tells her that she's a lovely young woman, and that she'll fall in love. Colby answers, "I'm a Chandler; Chandlers don't do love. There's no way that I want to end up like you or mom; I should just skip the whole thing, and never love anyone, because it's safer that way."

Erica's asked Carmen about her past jobs. She worked in fast food, but there was this grease fire associated with her. She told her supervisor it wasn't her fault but they fired her anyway. Erica thinks it is a good idea to keep Carmen away from open flames. Carmen worked as a maid, and mentions the movie “Maid in Manhattan”. Erica asks if her dream is to be a maid in a big hotel. Carmen answers no; she is only interested in the Cinderella part.

JR visits Tad, and is glad to see him doing well. JR tells Tad that he looks well. Tad credits the power of chocolate chip cookies for the way he looks. JR has brought Kathy a dollhouse given to her by Colby. JR tells Tad that Kathy’s hair looks like Dixie's.

Jack visits Erica, and Carmen; Carmen asks for good news. The judge agreed to have a new trial for Carmen, and she will be on bail while awaiting the new trial. Carmen is happy. There are conditions to the bail; she has to have a job, and a permanent address. Erica asks Carmen to live with her, and work for her. Jack says no, because Erica is a convicted felon, but they will all figure something out.

Erica thinks she has a job for Carmen, with someone who could use her particular skills, and someone who owes Erica a favor. Adam is shown on the screen.

Randy is walking away from the pier. As she passes a building, a man jumps out, and grabs her by the arm. He asks her how she enjoyed the ice cream, and wants to know who the guy was. She tells him that he's hurting her.

Jesse goes home, and Angie is waiting for him. They stare at each other for a minute, and then embrace. Jesse smiles, and tells Angie, "I took the job." She gives him an angry stare.

Carmen asks Jack, and Erica if they can really help her, and Jack says that Erica never does anything halfway. Carmen tells Erica that she will make everything up to her. Erica tells her to be happy, and make a success of her life, whatever that may mean to her.

Adam asks Colby if she's going to pack her bags, and move out again. She says that she's not moving out, but that he makes things difficult. She says that she wants a father who doesn't lie, or hurt people. When she thinks she can trust him; he does something else. Adam tells Colby that if she wants the warm fuzzes, and bubble gum that she should run to Tad.

She says that she's staying for now. She reminds him that he's losing JR, but begs him not to lose her as well. She's seen who he can be, and wants a relationship with the good side of him. He owes her that, but to let her know so that she can leave just like everyone else has.

Aidan returns and grabs Greenlee, then plants a passionate kiss on her; he moves out of their kiss. Aidan says, "I can never be just a friend to you Greenlee." He leaves. Greenlee closes the door then touch her lips where he kissed her.

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