AMC Update Wednesday 6/18/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Krystal plays with Jenny and talks about Tad and Kathy coming home. Colby and Kathy walk in. Krystal welcomes Kathy home.

Aidan and Tad walk up to the door and talk before going inside. Tad says that what he went through changed him and his priorities.

Greenlee walks around the hospital. She asks Zach about Ritchie getting away with what he did. Kendall walks in and takes Zach’s hand. She reaches out for Greenlee’s hand, but Greenlee walks away.

In Ritchie’s room, Ritchie talks to the lawyer about why JR isn’t being arrested.

Annie and Ryan walk into the hospital. Annie apologizes to Zach for what Ritchie did. JR and Babe walk in and JR announces what Ritchie did to him. JR suggests that they turn to vigilante justice to deal with Ritchie. Ryan, Zach and Ryan talk about what to do about Ritchie. Babe walks out and tells JR that she feels stupid for believing Ritchie over him. Babe says that she is going to get some air and that she will be back. Annie says that she will be okay. Ryan tells Annie that she isn’t responsible, but she thinks that she is. Kendall tells Zach about Annie’s visit to Greenlee’s apartment. Greenlee walks out into the hall and bumps into JR. Greenlee thanks JR for getting Ritchie. JR asks where Aidan is and Greenlee says that JR has some things to catch up on.

Tad and Aidan talk outside Tad’s house. Tad says that he wants to give Aidan his half of the company. Aidan tries to talk Tad out of it, but Tad sticks to his decision. Tad says that it is about him living the rest of his life. They walk into the house and Krystal welcomes Tad home. Tad kisses Krystal and Jenny. Colby brings Kathy downstairs and Kathy runs into Tad’s arms.

JR and Greenlee talk at the hospital. Greenlee tells JR about Aidan’s infidelity. They talk about Zach’s reaction. Greenlee wonders why she is talking to JR and they agree that they don’t know. JR remembers a story that Stuart told him and shares it with Greenlee. JR tells Greenlee not to wish too big because the perfect man probably doesn’t exist. Babe visits Ritchie and confronts him about his lies. Ritchie apologizes for hurting Babe’s feelings and tells her that he still has feelings for her. Babe confronts Ritchie about hitting Zach. Babe says that Ritchie is a pathetic shell.

At home, Tad spends time with his daughters. Tad and Kathy talk about her new room. Colby and Kathy leave to get Tad’s surprise ready. Aidan offers to leave, but Tad stops him. Tad tells Krystal that he is giving the business to Aidan.

At the hospital, Zach walks over to Annie and Ryan. Zach assures Annie that it isn’t her fault and asks for a word with Ryan. Zach tells Ryan that Ritchie getting away with what happened is unacceptable and asks Ryan if he will get in the way if justice needs to be served. JR walks over to Kendall and asks about Babe. Kendall apologizes for her reaction to thinking that JR ran Zach down. Kendall says that JR seems different. Kendall says that JR might be someone worth knowing one day.

At home, Tad and Krystal talk about his decision. Tad says that all he wants to do is raise his family. Greenlee calls Aidan and tells him that Ritchie is being arrested. Greenlee tells Aidan what Ritchie has done and hangs up. Aidan tells Tad about the phone call and leaves.

At the hospital, Ritchie says that there is no proof that he was involved with Zach and Greenlee’s disappearance. Ritchie says that he isn’t going down for it because he has a secret weapon. Babe gives Ritchie something from Opal and Ritchie sees the Death card. Kendall and JR talk. JR says that Greenlee told him why she and Aidan broke up. JR apologizes for ruining their friendship and almost killing her. JR says that Zach is lucky to have Kendall and walks away.

At home, Tad and Krystal talk about Aidan. Krystal says that she is happy that Tad is alive. She tells him about her feelings when she thought she was going to lose Tad. Krystal made a deal with God. They share a kiss. Colby and Kathy walk in with the cake.

At the hospital, Ryan says that they should wait and see if it is necessary for him to stop Zach from doing anything with Ritchie. Aidan walks up. Aidan sees Greenlee. Kendall walks over to Annie. Kendall brings up Annie’s visit to Greenlee’s apartment. Kendall and Annie disagree about what happened. Kendall says that she is there if Annie needs to talk. Babe walks back in and JR asks her about Ritchie. Babe tells JR what Ritchie said. Annie walks up, followed by Greenlee, Ryan and Aidan. Greenlee asks about the “secret weapon”. Ryan asks Greenlee to back off from Annie because she didn’t do it. Greenlee walks away and so does Annie.

At home, Tad and Kathy eat some cake. They go upstairs to Kathy’s room. Colby and Krystal talk about Tad.

At the hospital, Greenlee and Zach talk about Annie breaking into Greenlee’s apartment. Greenlee admits that she was jealous when Ryan defended Annie. Kendall and Aidan talk about Greenlee. Annie thanks Ryan for defending her to Greenlee and asks him to hold her. Ritchie tells the lawyer that he wants to speak with Annie immediately. JR and Babe talk about their relationship. Ritchie’s lawyer comes out and announces that Ritchie wants to talk to Annie alone.

At home, Tad and Kathy talk about her room. He helps her decide where to put her clothes. Tad pulls out a stuffed animal and Kathy tells him that mommy gave it to her and said that he made her laugh. Tad and Kathy talk about the color of her room and she says that she wants it painted pink and that she will help. Tad tells Kathy that he will be there for her from now on.

At the hospital, Zach and Ryan tell Annie that she doesn’t have to see Ritchie, but she says that she needs to do it. JR and Aidan talk about Tad. JR thanks Aidan for helping Tad. Aidan walks over to Greenlee and thanks her for calling him. Greenlee and Aidan talk about Ritchie. Greenlee says that it won’t fix what happened. Annie walks into Ritchie’s hospital room and asks him why he tried to kill Zach and Greenlee. Annie tells Ritchie that he is going to jail and that he will pay for what he has done. Ritchie says that Annie is going to pay Ritchie’s bail. Ritchie tells Annie that if she doesn’t help him, he will tell Ryan that his vasectomy was never done.

At home, Tad and Kathy put a mark on the wall measuring how tall she is. Kathy promises not to write on the wall unless they are measuring her. Tad says that he will take her over to her grandparent’s house to see all of his marks. Tad tells Kathy about her new family.

At the hospital, Ritchie asks Annie to come up with his bail. Ritchie tells her that if she doesn’t do it, her life as she knows it will come to an end. The lawyer comes in and tells Ritchie that it is time to go downtown. The cops escort Ritchie through the hospital. Aidan punches Ritchie. Ritchie says that he won’t be pressing charges because if Aidan is locked up, he won’t see Ritchie walk away a free man. Greenlee looks at Aidan’s hand.

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