AMC Update Tuesday 6/17/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In prison, Erica gets ready for her show. Erica meets with Val about how this show will get her replacement fired. Samuel shows up.

At the hospital, Frankie makes a call and tells Jake that a patient forgot something. Jake says that Frankie has a thing for the patient.

Angie and Jesse walk around. She tells him about the previous night and he tries to change the subject to their breakfast picnic.

Jack shows up at the prison to see Erica’s show. Erica and Jack talk about how the show got approved.

Zach shows up at Greenlee’s apartment and tells her that he thought about killing someone the previous night. Zach assures Greenlee that it wasn’t Aidan. Zach tells Greenlee about what happened at the hospital. Greenlee says that she wishes that Zach had killed the guy.

In the park, Angie and Jesse argue about him taking the police chief job.

At the hospital, Jake and Frankie talk about what the patient forgot. Jake tells Frankie about a woman in Africa.

At the prison, Erica asks Samuel why he is there. Erica admits that she isn’t ashamed to consider herself a convict. Samuel asks if he can stay to watch the show. Erica asks him to thank the governor for allowing the show. Jack walks over. Erica says that she has decided to wear her jumpsuit while doing the show, even though the warden offered to allow Erica to change. Erica says that she is hoping to get Carmen’s case reopened. Samuel tells Erica that it isn’t easy to reopen a case and Erica says that she loves a challenge. Jack says that Samuel has to learn not to say things like that around Erica. Erica walks over to the stage and says where the lights and chairs should be. Erica and Carmen talk about Carmen telling her story to the world. Erica starts the show and apologizes to her fans for her absence from the show. Erica announces that Samuel Woods is in the audience.

At the park, Angie and Jesse argue about his job and about what gets him up in the morning. Jesse says that he is still a cop and that being a cop helped him survive. Angie thinks that she is holding him back. Angie says that it isn’t going to happen again and that the police force is like him cheating on her.

At Greenlee’s, she and Zach talk about the man who left them for dead in the bomb shelter. Zach tells Greenlee that the person responsible is Ritchie Novak. Zach and Greenlee talk about Ritchie. Zach explains that Ritchie drugged JR and stole his bone marrow for a transplant. Greenlee says that Ritchie can’t get away with it and that putting him in jail won’t get her back her life. Greenlee tells Zach how being in the bomb shelter ruined her life. Zach says that he will make sure that Ritchie gets an extra 2 days in prison for her having to eat a snake.

At the hospital, Jake and Frankie talk about the patient. Frankie leaves after Jake gives him some advice.

At the prison, Erica interviews Samuel on the show. Erica explains what she has learned about her crime and Erica says that a crime was committed and she had to be arrested. Erica reminds everyone why she is in prison and says that Samuel helped her to be in front of the cameras. Jack and Carmen look at Erica.

At the park, Angie and Jesse talk about what being the chief of police means. They argue about if he should take the job or not and if it is a “safe” job. Angie reminds Jesse that the police force changed their family and all of their lives. Jesse says that he doesn’t want to run anymore.

At Greenlee’s, Zach brings her a cup of coffee. They talk about why he is distracting her. He tells her that he looked into Ritchie’s eyes and saw absolutely nothing. Zach says that he had a hold of Ritchie’s throat, but didn’t kill him. They talk about how being in the bomb shelter made them better people.

At the hospital, Jake talks to Ritchie about how bad he screwed up.

At the park, Angie tells Jesse that she respects him. She starts packing things back up. Angie tells him what she did “for” him over the 20 years he was gone. Jesse says that this job would make him feel useful. Angie asks Jesse to find another option that will make him happy.

At the prison, Erica and Samuel continue their interview. Erica thanks the audience for being so supportive of her. She answers some questions from her fans. Erica says that she thinks there are more worthy causes to rally for than for her release. Erica introduces Carmen and asks Carmen to share her story. Carmen freezes and Erica asks Carmen some questions to help her.

Frankie takes some medical directions to the patient. Frankie asks how she is feeling and she tells him to give her the instructions and get out.

At the hospital, Jake and Ritchie talk to. Jake says that Ritchie is twisted and now his actions are coming back to bite him in the ass. Jake says that they will have the conversation after the test results come back and leaves.

At Greenlee’s, she and Zach talk about her relationship with Aidan. Zach says that he hasn’t told Kendall about the situation with Ritchie. Zach comforts Greenlee.

At the hospital, Jake gets the results back and gives them to the cops. Jake walks into Ritchie’s room and says that his luck has run out.

At Greenlee’s, Zach gets a phone call. He tells Greenlee that Ritchie really did steal JR’s bone marrow. Greenlee and Zach leave for the police station.

At the prison, Erica speaks about Carmen. She says that Carmen doesn’t belong in prison at all. Erica talks to her audience and asks them to make their voices heard to everyone.

Frankie tells the woman that he would like the cup of coffee she offered the previous night. They leave to get the coffee.

At the park, Jesse tells Angie that she is not being rational. Angie says that her husband came back from the dead and that she is entitled to be irrational. Jesse compares Angie and her father. Angie packs things up and grabs things. She tells him to carry the basket and walks away.

At the hospital, Greenlee and Zach show up to see Ritchie arrested. Zach calls Kendall and says that the man who hurt them didn’t get away with it. Zach tells her that he is watching the man get arrested.

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