AMC Update Monday 6/16/08

All My Children Update Monday 6/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the hospital, Ritchie bumps into Zach. Zach recognizes Ritchie’s voice from the night he was hit by JR’s car and grabs Ritchie’s arm. JR informs the police that Ritchie is running and they grab him.

At Kendall’s, she and Josh talk about his night with Greenlee. Kendall proposes that he tries to make things work with Greenlee. Josh realizes that she thinks it would be good for her.

Ryan gets to the penthouse and finds a vase broken. He starts yelling for Annie and wonders what happened.

Greenlee gets home to find Annie sitting on her couch. Greenlee asks Annie what she wants. Annie says that she wants Greenlee to find her own man and to leave Annie’s husband alone. Annie tells Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Greenlee says that there is nothing going on with Ryan, but Annie thinks otherwise. Annie asks Greenlee why Ryan didn’t go home. Greenlee says that Ryan suggested a motorcycle ride to clear his head and asked her to go with him because he needed a friend. Annie tells Greenlee to own up to her feelings for Ryan.

At Kendall’s, she and Josh talk about what she would get out of his “relationship” with Greenlee. Josh tells Kendall to tell him what is really going on or he will leave. Kendall compares Josh and Erica. Kendall says that Greenlee has been all over the place since finding out about Aidan and Kendall’s one night and that Greenlee has been taking things too far. Josh tells Kendall not to let Greenlee into her head. Kendall says that there is nothing to distract Greenlee from ruining her life and suggests that Josh give Greenlee something else to think about, but Josh refuses.

At the hospital, JR and Zach talk about Ritchie. Zach says that Ritchie’s luck just ran out. A cop makes a call about a warrant. Angie checks Ritchie out. Angie and Ritchie argue about Jesse. JR and Zach talk about Ritchie stealing his bone marrow. Babe walks up. JR and Zach talk about the hit and run.

At Kendall’s, she tries to convince Josh to go along with it, but Josh keeps refusing. Josh suggests that Kendall and Greenlee work things out. Kendall realizes that Josh is telling her to grow up.

At Greenlee’s, she and Annie talk about Ryan. Greenlee says that she doesn’t want Ryan. Annie says that Greenlee always has to be Ryan’s first priority. Annie says that Greenlee is the same woman that ruined her wedding and that tried to blow up her life. Ryan calls Annie and asks her what happened. Annie covers and hangs up. Greenlee says that she wants for Annie and Ryan to get their life back. Annie says that Greenlee loves Ryan remembering her and not Annie. Annie says that she doesn’t want Greenlee around Ryan at all and reminds Greenlee that she walked out on Ryan when he was married to her. Annie tells Greenlee to leave her and Ryan alone.

Annie gets home to find Ryan cleaning up the mess. Ryan asks what happened. Annie explains that she waited for him to come home and got a dinner ready and she got upset. Annie asks him why he didn’t go home. He says that he went for a ride on his bike with Greenlee to escape for a while. Annie asks Ryan if he wants to leave her and go back to Greenlee.

At Kendall’s, she and Josh talk about what she should do with Greenlee. Josh gives Kendall advice, but Kendall says that she knows Greenlee better and tells him how Greenlee will react. Kendall asks Josh to call the police if she isn’t back in 6 hours and leaves.

At the hospital, JR and Babe talk to Treena. Treena agrees to speak with the police and JR calls the cop over. Treena walks away with the cop to give her statement. Ritchie wakes up to see Zach standing by the bed with the air hose in his hand. Zach puts his hand on Ritchie’s throat and taunts him before letting go. Ritchie asks Zach what he wants. Zach says that he wants to talk about the night that he and Greenlee went missing. Ritchie claims that he is innocent. Zach says that if Ritchie wants to leave the room alive, he will help Zach with something.

Greenlee locks her apartment door and Kendall knocks on it. Greenlee tells her to go away, but Kendall says that they need to talk. Kendall apologizes and asks Greenlee what happened to make it a night from hell. Kendall reminds Greenlee how much they have been through. Kendall says that she just wants a chance to make it up to Greenlee. Greenlee opens the door as Kendall starts to walk away. Kendall thinks that Greenlee is going to slam the door in her face, but Greenlee just opens it further.

At home, Ryan tells Annie that he isn’t leaving her for Greenlee. Annie tells Ryan that she hates to see him laughing and connecting with Greenlee. Ryan apologizes for springing the surgery on her. Annie tells Ryan that she went to Greenlee’s apartment and tells him about the “visit”. Annie says that this isn’t her, but she feels like she can’t win against Greenlee and doesn’t know how to compete with it. Ryan walks over to her and comforts her.

At the hospital, Zach and Ritchie talk about what the cops are doing. Zach says that he wants Ritchie to read something and Ritchie finally does it. Zach makes Ritchie read 3 lines that he remembers from the night of the hit and run. Treena comes back out and JR thanks her. Zach gives JR an alibi for the time when Ritchie claims he was kidnapped.

At Greenlee’s, she tells Kendall that she doesn’t forgive her. Greenlee says that she was happy it wasn’t Annie trying to break down the door. Greenlee tells Kendall what happened with Annie. Greenlee tells Kendall the full details of the night and Kendall asks questions about what Greenlee said. Kendall apologizes to Greenlee again and suggests that they try to figure out how to fix things between them. Kendall asks what she can do to make it okay.

At home, Ryan tells Annie that he feels like he is in a race to figure out who he is before the time runs out. Ryan assures Annie that he wants to feel the connection with her and that is why he wants to go with the procedure. Ryan asks her why she isn’t all for the procedure. Annie tells Ryan that when he got shot, she was afraid that she was going to lose him. Annie says that it was like he was giving her an extra dose of himself before he was going to block her out. Ryan says that the procedure could be just what he needs. Annie says no because what if he wakes up and realizes that he never loved her to begin with. Annie starts to walk away, but Ryan pulls her back and kisses her. They pull back and Ryan says that he isn’t sleeping in the guest room that night because he wants to be with her. Ryan picks her up and carries her up the stairs.

At Greenlee’s, she and Kendall talk about why Kendall is making suggestions. Greenlee says that she can’t go back to how it was, at least not yet. Kendall agrees to wait, but she says that she has to do something about Greenlee’s black eye. Kendall reaches up to fix it and Greenlee says that if Kendall makes her look like a clown she will kill her. Kendall starts to fix Greenlee’s face.

At the hospital, a cop says that the warrant is good to go. Angie tells JR what he has to do. Babe walks over to Zach and thanks him for all his help. Angie walks into Ritchie’s room and he asks what is going on. Angie says that it is kind of a lie detector test and that he should be prepared because the needle will sting.

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