AMC Update Friday 6/13/08

All My Children Update Friday 6/13/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach walks toward Kendall on the sofa, and tells her that she looked cute in her tennis outfit. He liked the skirt on her, because it was short, very short. Kendall is preoccupied, and not listening. Zach ask about Kendall, and she reply that she is worried about Greenlee. They hear a knock on the door, and Zach opens it to a process server. He asks Zach if Kendall Hart Slater lives there? Kendall overhears, then comes to the door. She looks at the subpoena, which shows that she is being sued for one million dollars, in a civil suit by Greenlee. Josh walks in; he senses the mood right away, and realizes that he has walked in on something. Kendall shows him the subpoena, and tells him what she did to Greenlee on the tennis court.

Greenlee and Ryan went riding on their motorcycles; they stop at a bar for drinks. Ryan asks Greenlee about her shiner. She says it is fine, then she ask him what is he running from? Last week she asked him to go riding with her, but tonight, he asked her.

Annie steps into the penthouse with flowers, and a bag of goodies. She takes a crushed flower out of the bag, and pull the petal saying, “A baby boy”. She pulls another petal then say, “A baby girl”. The last petal was pulled as she said, “A baby boy”. She would like to get pregnant with Ryan Junior.

Richie starts to convulse, and JR becomes concerned. He calls Babe, and she suggests that JR get Richie to the hospital quickly; she will meet him there.

Jesse walks Angie to the hospital as she goes in for the night shift. She is taking a shift for a friend with a new baby. Jessie says that he is OK with turning down the chief of police job, because if it mess with Angie’s well being or happiness, it’s not worth it.

Richie is convulsing; JR tells him not to die on him. Richie is brought in to the hospital, and Jesse overhears him accusing JR of trying to poison him. Babe is at the hospital with JR. Jesse starts to ask questions.

Frankie walks into his parents at the hospital on his way out the door, after working his shift. As he began to leave, the nurse stops him, and tell him that the girl, Ronda is back in the hospital. Frankie heads over to her room to see her. Ronda asked to see a doctor, but she did not want him. She tells Frankie that she left the hospital before, because he was in her personal business, and put a social worker on her trail. He looked at her wrist on her last visit, but it still hurts. She is unable to work as a waitress. Frankie checked it out, and saw that it had been re-injured.

Ryan asks Greenlee what make her think that he is running away? According to Greenlee one minute they were at home, and the next minute they are at the bar. Ryan was excited after hearing the news about the brain stimulation with electrical impulses. He cannot understand why Annie is shooting it down. Greenlee understand how Ryan feels, he feels that he is stuck in a place not knowing who he is, or where he belongs. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is lucky to have her in his life, because he needs a friend. Greenlee tells him that Annie does not agree with him.

Kendall is upset over the assault and battery charges. She cannot believe Greenlee is suing her. She tells Josh that she hit Greenlee with a tennis ball while playing tennis. She tells him how Greenlee kept teasing her about sleeping with someone close to her that she loved. Josh say, “Oh man. I didn’t know that Greenlee would use that.” Kendall asks, “You’re the one that Greenlee slept with”?

Jesse starts to leave after telling Angie that he is having dinner with a friend. She figures out that his friend is a policeman. Jesse explains that his friend is a cop that teaches at a college, and he may have a job for Jesse.

Richie was brought in. JR lies, and says he found Richie on the street. Angie recognizes Richie. Richie wakes up, and point the finger at JR; he accuses him of trying to poison him. Angie instructs him to calm down. Richie asks her for help.

Jesse listens in, and asks JR if he tried to kill Richie. JR continues to lie, and say that Richie starts to confess to him as if he was a priest; he told him that he kidnapped Zach, stole JR’s car, and took his bone marrow. JR offers up Trina, the prostitute as a witness to Richie’s misdeeds.

Kendall mentions to Zach that Greenlee seduce her brother. The look on Zach’s face said he knew. She berates him for not telling her. He said that Josh is an attractive grown man, and whom he seduces is his business. Zach will talk to Greenlee, and try to get her to drop the charges. Josh will talk to her as well. They both mention that Kendall is allowing Greenlee to get to her. According to Zach, Greenlee acts out, cools off, and then stop her bad behavior.

Greenlee goes on and on about how Kendall hates her, and hit her on purpose. Ryan is not taking sides. Ryan knows that Kendall hit her, because she gave her a hard time. She tells Ryan about the lawsuit, and he hopes that she is kidding. She tells Ryan about the implication that she, and Zach had sex. Ryan thinks that she is behaving badly. Greenlee admits that the more damage she does, the worse she feels, but she cannot stop her behavior. As an example she pointed out her behavior when she returned to town. She did those things because she loved Ryan, and wanted him back. Ryan points out that maybe she is screwing with Kendall, because she wants their friendship back. Ryan gave her a big smile when she said she loved him.

Annie made dinner, but Ryan was not there. She finally realized that he was not coming, because he was with Greenlee.

Ian starts to cry, and Josh offers to see about him. Kendall, and Zach talks when he leaves the room. Zach know that Kendall was thinking he was the one who slept with Greenlee. Kendall tries to convince Zach that she trusts him, and know that he would not sleep with Greenlee. Zach is upset that she still mistrusts him. Josh put Ian to sleep.

Ronda has a hairline fracture, and need a soft cask. She refuses at first. Ritchie offers to help Ronda in case she is in trouble. She rejects his offer.

The police come to investigate JR, and Richie’s story. Jessie believes JR, because Angie believes that the puncture wounds on JR could be related to a bone marrow extraction. JR insists that Richie made a dying man’s confession to him. Babe tells Jesse that she believe JR. Her baby, and she could have gotten sick. Richie should be arrested. There was no poison injected into Richie’s body; JR used saline. Jesse investigated the JR, and Richie incident as if he was a policeman. The rookie coop who came to investigate hears rumors on the street that Jesse was getting the police chief job.

Richie calls Annie. He learns that Ryan is missing again, and Annie is angry. Richie tells her he needs something.

Zach goes to the hospital to see Tad. He kisses Kendall before he leaves. Josh senses the tension. He wants to know how is Kendall, and Zach’s relationship.

Greenlee continues to rag on Kendall, but Ryan is tired of hearing it. He wish they find their way back to each other, because he loves them both.

Annie is mad at Ryan, and she blames Greenlee for him not showing up to dinner.

Babe is upset with herself for believing Richie over JR. JR promises that Richie is going down.

Jesse continues to speak to the rookie policemen about Richie. He ran Richie’s rap sheet when he showed up in Pine Valley. Richie was arrested for armed robbery, and assault. Jesse thinks that there is sufficient paperwork to support JR’s story. He gives the police information on an affidavit, and a judge who could convict on the evidence they have.

Richie asks Angie to send Babe to his room. Angie tells him that Babe is not there to see him. He admits that they had a falling out. Angie suggests that he rest, and save his strength. Richie asks for Angie’s help. She asks him to put his oxygen mask on.

Ryan brings Greenlee home. She is very happy. He pushes her hair back.

Kendall, and Josh sit on the sofa and she asks about Greenlee, and their night of passion.

As Greenlee enters her apartment she sees Annie sitting on the sofa waiting for her.

The police ask about Trina, and JR has her on speed dial.

Ritchie sneaks out of the hospital. On his way out of the door, he walks into Zach and says, “Sorry there”. Zach remembers the voice and tone he heard as he was shoved out of his car. The perpetrator said, “Sorry there, but you may have to leave”, as he shoves Zach out of the car. Zach turns around; grab Ritchie by the head, and says, “Wait a minute”.

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