AMC Update Thursday 6/12/08

All My Children Update Thursday 6/12/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jessie looks at his old police academy photo; Angie comes home. She tells him about her day; a staff meeting turned into an impromptu memorial for Julia. He wants to talk to her about the police chief job; he wants to plead his case, because he wants to take the job.

Carmen tells Erica that her New Beginning replacement was just temporary. Erica is afraid she is out of sight, and will be out of mind. She thinks it's a big problem. Carmen tells her there's only one thing to do; they have to bust out of prison.

Annie checks a test, and sees that she is ovulating. Ryan arrives at Fusion, and she tells him she has arranged for them to have a “date-night”; it sounds good to him, but Greenlee arrives holding an ice bag to her black eye, and interrupts them. Ryan asks, “What happened”?

JR has beaten Ritchie, and cornered him. He takes out a syringe, and says to Richie, “Let me introduce you to the last day of your life”.

Tad looks at Dixie, and asks is it really her, and is she there? She responds, “Yes. I’m really here”.

Tad tells Dixie he's missed her so much. He gets up to embrace her, but grabs his side in pain. Dixie tells him to rest, because he's been in so much pain. He asks if he's dead? She tells him that he is very much alive. She holds up her hand, and a light emanates from it. She asks him to touch her hand, and close his eyes. He's afraid at first, but then complies. This takes them to a place where they can make a wish; they both look up.

Jessie tells Angie that he knows she doesn't want him in the criminal field again, but the job being offered, is a desk job with a chance to be a leader. Angie believes that he will find a reason to get on the street, and put his life on the line. She doesn't have the courage or strength to go through that again.

Erica tells Carmen, that no one is busting out of jail, but thanks anyhow. Erica has to do her time even if it means saying goodbye to her show, “New Beginnings”. Carmen refuses to let Erica lose her show.

Ryan tells Greenlee she will be okay as long as she keeps ice on her eye. He looks at her eye again, takes the icepack; gives it to Annie, and asks her to get more ice. Annie stares rudely at him, then walks off. Greenlee tells Ryan that Kendall hit her on purpose. Annie stomps in with the icepack; she gives it to Greenlee, then say here put this back on your face. Ryan looks amused. Greenlee asks how they are doing. Annie answers, “Great, we were just making dinner arrangements”. Ryan tells Annie he can't do dinner tonight, because he has to go out of town. Annie tells Ryan, “No, you can't do this to me”.

JR tells Ritchie he's not as smart as he thinks. He accuses him of hitting Zach, and then covering him up in the bomb shelter. JR knows that Ritchie set him up, drugged him, and put him in bed with a hooker. Ritchie tries to deny it but JR tells him Babe, and he had Trina confirm the information. Ritchie admits to making a few mistakes. He tries to strike a deal with JR. JR promises to make sure that Richie’s death is as simple as possible.

Annie is upset with Ryan, and tells him that what he is doing is not fair, because she planned a special evening for them tonight. Ryan does not see the big deal and says, “It's just one night and if it's for me to meet with the memory doctor, it will happen. Greenlee ask Annie what's the big deal? Greenlee, ask Annie why wouldn't she want him to see if he can get help?

Dixie, and Tad are looking at their star, and speak of their past wishes on the star. Dixie thought she lost him forever, but she wished on that star, and then she got him back. She has heard all of his wishes since she left. Tad says his wishes worked because, they got Kate home, and Dixie has come back to him.

As Angie looks at Jessie's picture, she tells him that she knows how much being a cop meant to him. He corrected her and says, “What it still means to me”. She reminds him that they lost 20 years because of his police activity. He asks her how would she feel if she couldn't be a doctor again.

Ritchie begs JR to take him to the police, and he will confess. JR holds the syringe to his neck while telling Richie that he doesn't believe that he will follow through. Ritchie admits that he wouldn't have kidnapped JR if he had known that he would give him his bone marrow. JR grabs Ritchie and says, “You kidnapped me for my bone marrow”?

Annie wants Ryan to get his memory back, but it's already returning on it's own. She doesn't understand why he has to go tonight? Greenlee says he has to go tonigh, because they pulled strings to get him the appointment. Greenlee butts in again with a comment, and Annie says, “Damn it Greenlee, when are you going to stop butting into our lives”? Greenlee, and Ryan are surprised by her outburst.

Carmen has arranged for all the inmates to get together, and they hold a big “Thank you” rally for Erica. The inmates tell their story, and speak of Erica’s support.

Tad asks Dixie did she bring Kate back to him, and get Adam to admit it. Dixie wants only to talk about Kate. Tad tells Dixie that Kate has the Martin twinkle in her eye. Tad is worried about Kate, and her experience with losing people she loves. Dixie tells Tad that Kate will be okay now, because she has him. Tad wants to be with Dixie also. According to Dixie, Kate is blessed to have Tad in her life. He realizes that Dixie is going away again. Dixie doesn’t want to discuss leaving. She asks him to make her laugh.

Greenlee apologizes for stepping into Ryan, and Annie’s discussion. She leaves to put makeup on. Ryan asks after Annie. He wants to know why she doesn't want him to get his memory back. Tonight was real important to Annie; she didn’t mean to be selfish. He’ll postpone his trip if Annie wants him to; Annie cries as she hugs him, then thanks him. Greenlee meets Ryan's eyes.

JR is really mad now since he has learned that Ritchie took his bone marrow. Now he understands why he got so sick; they stuck him with a dirty needle. JR tells Richie that he owes him for his life, and he's there to collect. JR is still brandishing the syringe.

Erica is overwhelmed, and thanks Carmen for arranging the celebration. Carmen wishes that they could show the world what Erica has done in the prison. Carmen walks off, but Erica thinks, “What a great idea!”

Tad tells Dixie a funny story about a fertility mask Jaime sent him. One night, Tad tried the mask on then went to sleep. When he awoke with a purple face from putting on the mask; he realized Jaime played a joke on him. Dixie laughs. Tad asks about Dixie’s location; she tells him she is in heaven where there is no pain, and no sorrow. He asks if she sees people she loved. Dixie has seen her Mom, and Tad's Grandma Kate. Dixie is thrilled about becoming a great grand mother one day. She is looking after Tad. She tells Tad to stay, and raise their daughter. He has to look after Jenny, JR, and Jaime. She must go and he must allow her to go. Tad can't do that; he has tried, and he can't let her go.

Ritchie promise JR that he will disappear and never come back, if he let him go. JR stepped back while still holding the syringe. He doesn’t believe that Richie will leave Pine Valley. He lunges at Ritchie; Ritchie screams as he is injected with the syringe.

Angie needs some time to feel safe, which is why she does not want Jesse to work at a dangerous job. Jessie hugs her, and says he is sorry.

Dixie must leave; it’s not her choice. There are rules. There is a time to die, and it's simply not his time. He knows why. Tad knows it’s because of Kate. It’s because of Kate, and Jenny. Dixie tells Tad it may seem like they won't be together for a long time, but it will pass in the blink of an eye. They are soulmates, and will be together forever. She needs him to understand? He nods in agreement that he has to let her go. Tad wishes he could touch Dixie one last time. Dixie replies, "You Can".

Jessie will call Sam Woods, and reject the job offer. Angie apologizes, and wishes she felt differently. Jessie understands, but sadly looks at his photo again.

Erica is on the phone with the network talking about her proposal for a new show she is calling “New Beginnings Behind Bars”.

Annie is happy, and suggest that they eat in. She leaves to make arrangements. Greenlee apologizes to Ryan for getting in the middle of their argument. Ryan comments that Annie is acting needy. Ryan asks her if she can leave work, and she tells him yes, because she is the boss. He wants to go for a motorcycle ride.

JR tells Ritchie that he has the antidote, and will give it to him if he admits to everything on tape. Ritchie starts convulsing.

Dixie touches Tad on his chest, and then they kiss. After the kiss, they stare at each other as Dixie fades away. Tad looks up at the star then says “Goodbye Dixie”. Dixie tells Tad that when it's his time, he'll understand. She tells him that he is free to live the rest of his life on Earth, and to love again.

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