AMC Update Tuesday 6/10/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the hospital, Angie checks Ryan out and tells him that he can put his shirt back on now. Angie tells Ryan that his case is fascinating, but it has to be frustrating. Angie says that she is going to go over all his tests again and if there is anything she can do. Jake walks in. Jake and Ryan talk about the amnesia. Jake says that he might have found something to help Ryan get back what he lost.

Jesse meets Samuel. Jesse asks why he is there.

Kendall waits in the visitor’s room to see Erica. Kendall assures Erica that the boys are fine. Erica asks what is wrong because it is really early for a visit. Kendall says that maybe she just missed Erica.

Greenlee talks to Josh on the phone. Greenlee says that no one needs to know that they hooked up the previous night. Zach walks up and says too late. Greenlee hangs up and asks how much he heard. Zach says that he heard enough to know that she got past Aidan and asks whom the guy was. Zach says that it is nice to see her smiling again.

At the hospital, Jake and Angie talk about her specialty. Ryan talks about what he has heard about Angie. Jake asks Angie what she has come up with. Jake says that he has information that might be helpful and Ryan says that he would like to hear it. Angie suggests that it should wait until she gets the test results.

Jesse and Samuel talk about breakfast. Samuel tells Jesse that he will be served with a commendation for the Papel situation.

Jack meets Lily. She shows him the classes that she is going to be taking. Lily says that she is worried about him because there will be no one to check on him. Lily says that she feels very lucky to have gotten into MIT and that she wishes everyone in their family could feel as lucky as she does.

In the visitor’s room, Kendall says that she wanted to see Erica before work. Kendall says that she wishes she had half the strength that Erica does. Kendall tells Erica that she and Zach had a fight and he walked out. Kendall admits that she keeps pushing Zach away and she is afraid that she will lose Zach forever the next time. Kendall says that Zach came home and they tried to work it out, but he is still frustrated with her. Erica says that she has become quite a problem solver in prison. Erica asks what they fought about. Kendall says that they fought about everything and that she got jealous of Greenlee. Kendall says that Zach is always defending Greenlee. Erica asks Kendall why she is letting Greenlee cause problems in her marriage.

Zach gives Greenlee breakfast. They talk about her hookup the previous night. She says that she saw Aidan at ConFusion after her hookup.

At the hospital, Jake tells Ryan about deep brain stimulation. Angie and Jake talk about the risks of the operation. Ryan wonders if he would be able to be included. Jake and Angie disagree on when Ryan should try the operation. Angie says that Ryan has time. Jake says that if Ryan waits he could lose everything. Angie suggests that this is really about Jake.

Jesse and Samuel talk about Jesse’s time away from his family. They talk about the death of Samuel’s wife.

In the visitor’s room, Kendall and Erica talk about Greenlee’s influence on Kendall’s marriage to Zach. Kendall says that she and Greenlee have a complicated relationship. Erica tells Kendall to shut out all the chaos. Kendall realizes that Erica is telling her not to let Greenlee have so much control over Kendall’s feelings.

Greenlee tells Zach that she felt good the previous night. Zach and Greenlee talk about Aidan. Zach reminds Greenlee that she told him that if you love someone you could forgive anything. Greenlee asks Zach if he has forgiven Kendall and he says, “sure”. Greenlee tells Zach that Aidan wants to get back together with her.

Jack and Lily talk about why she is going to school so early. They talk about her family life and school life. Lily says that Pine Valley will always be her real home. Jack starts crying when he thinks about when Lily came to live with him. Jack tells Lily how proud he is of her. Lily takes Jack’s hand. They sit there crying.

Greenlee tells Zach that she doesn’t want Aidan after what happened with Kendall. Greenlee and Zach walk over to Jack and Lily. Zach says that he got Lily her new computer as a going away present.

In the visitor’s room, Kendall and Erica talk about what Kendall should focus on. Erica says that Kendall needs to focus on peace in daily routines and shut out the chaos. Erica tells Kendall that she is a wonderful businesswoman and mother. The guard says that their time is up. Erica tells Kendall to take care of herself and be strong and confident. They say goodbye and Erica gets up.

Jesse and Samuel talk. Jesse suggests that Samuel is trying to work him. Samuel tells Jesse how they are alike. Samuel suggests that it is time that Jesse went back to being a cop.

At the hospital, Angie and Jake disagree on Ryan’s treatment. They step out into the hall and talk about the procedure. Jake tells Angie never to talk to him like that in front of a patient again and walks away. Angie says that she wants to draw some blood and that they should look into Jake’s idea.

Jesse and Samuel talk. Jesse offers to help with Samuel’s campaign. Jesse says that he doesn’t want to work for the government. Samuel says that he has an offer from the mayor that will keep Jesse close to home.

Erica returns from her visit. Carmen asks about the visit. Erica and Carmen talk about Kendall’s problems. The other women talk about the woman who took over Erica’s show. Erica gets up and sees it. Carmen tells Erica that she has been replaced on New Beginnings.

Annie opens a paper about Ryan’s vasectomy. Ritchie walks in and Annie drops the letter. Ritchie picks it up and reads it.

At the hospital, Angie and Ryan talk about the procedure. Angie says that she is going to call him when she gets the results from the latest tests. Angie leaves the room and Jesse sees her in the hallway. Jesse says that he needs to talk to her about something and tells her that Samuel Woods offered him the chief of police job. Jake returns to Ryan’s room. Jake tells Ryan that the procedure is a long shot, but it is worth trying. Jake asks Ryan if he is interested.

Erica and the other inmates watch the new host of New Beginnings. Carmen tries to calm Erica down, but it doesn’t work. Erica starts throwing things around and ranting.

Zach and Greenlee talk about why they are going to miss Lily. Greenlee says that she has to meet Kendall for a game of tennis. Kendall shows up and sees Zach and Greenlee walking together.

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