AMC Update Monday 6/9/08

All My Children Update Monday 6/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee lies in Josh’s arms. They curl up together and talk about their bedroom encounter.

Amanda gets arrested and runs into Aidan. The cop says that Derek is on his way to L.A. for a new job. Aidan convinces the cop to let Amanda make her phone call. Amanda calls JR and tells him that Babe needs him immediately, while Babe, undercover as Candy, struggles with two men over money.

Kendall walks around her home waiting for Zach. She remembers talking to Zach about Greenlee taking Ryan away from her. Zach walks in and Kendall says that she was freaking out.

Annie reads information about the hormones and daydreams about telling Ryan that she is pregnant and him being excited. Annie gives herself a shot and sees Ryan standing in the doorway.

In his hospital room, Tad and Krystal talk about what he should tell Kathy. Colby brings Kathy into the room and leaves. Krystal helps Kathy up on Tad’s bed.

Adam sits at the mansion and remembers the things that Dixie said to him. Colby walks in and confronts Adam about keeping Kathy’s paternity a secret. Colby says that she just dropped Kathy off at the hospital. Adam tries to explain, but Colby says that she doesn’t want to hear it and walks away. Adam goes off in the other direction.

In his hospital room, Tad talks to Kathy. Tad tells Kathy that Julia died.

Babe struggles with the two men and says that she just wants to make a phone call. The man pulls her wig off and Treena recognizes her. Treena tells them to do whatever they want to Babe because she deserves it. JR walks in.

Annie hides the needle and tells Ryan that Emma wanted a good night kiss.

At her apartment, Greenlee and Josh talk about their encounter. Josh suggests that they go on a real date, but Greenlee thinks that he is just joking. Josh tells her that they should see what happens. Greenlee tells Josh that it was only a one-time thing. They say goodnight and Josh leaves.

At home, Kendall asks Zach where he went. Zach thinks that Kendall believed he went to Greenlee’s apartment to even the score. Kendall and Zach talk about Greenlee. Kendall thinks that Zach slept with Greenlee.

At the PVPD, Aidan and Amanda talk about what happened. Amanda says that she called JR.

At the hotel, JR checks on Babe. Treena says that she is leaving, but JR stops her. JR tells Treena to make herself comfortable and asks Babe about her motives.

At the PVPD, the cop takes the cuffs off of Amanda. Amanda calls Babe and Babe thanks her for calling JR. Amanda hangs up and tells Aidan that she needs a drink. Aidan says that he does too.

At the hotel, JR stops Treena from leaving again. JR says that he is about to become Treena’s worst nightmare. Babe and JR tell Treena that all they want is to know about what happened with Ritchie.

At home, Annie and Ryan talk. Ryan says that he needs to figure stuff out and that maybe he is making things worse. Ryan says that he saw Greenlee earlier that night.

At home, Kendall and Zach talk about where she thinks he went. Zach says that he went to the gym to blow off some steam. Kendall apologizes for being paranoid and assures Zach that she trusts him.

At ConFusion, Greenlee orders a drink and orders Amanda one. Greenlee and Amanda walk over to the table that Aidan is sitting at.

In his hospital room, Tad tells Kathy how much Julia loved her. Tad tells Kathy that he wants to take care of her. Krystal tells Kathy the real meaning of family. Kathy keeps looking from Krystal to Tad. Kathy runs out of the room, yelling no.

At home, Kendall and Zach talk about how far is too far for her to push him away. They talk about his “explosions”. They agree that less drama would be better for them. Kendall admits that when it comes to Greenlee, she is jealous and paranoid. Kendall kisses Zach.

At home, Annie and Ryan talk about Greenlee. They sit down and Annie gives Ryan a massage. Ryan takes his shirt off and bumps the pillow. Ryan finds the needle and confronts Annie with it.

At ConFusion, Greenlee and Amanda talk about Amanda getting arrested. Amanda says that she is happy that Aidan got her out of the police station and leaves. Aidan asks Greenlee about her night.

At the hotel, JR and Babe ask Treena questions about Ritchie. Treena says that she will end up dead if she talks. JR offers to send Treena somewhere that no one will find her and that she will be under his protection. Treena asks for a moment to think about it. Babe says that she didn’t want JR to do anything crazy. JR walks over to her and thanks her.

In his hospital room, Krystal keeps Tad from getting out of bed. Krystal goes to find Kathy. Kathy tells Krystal not to touch her. Adam walks in and tries to get through to Kathy. Adam tells Kathy about a woman who made him very happy. Krystal watches Adam as he talks about being sad when he lost the woman. Adam tells Kathy that a hug will make her feel better. Kathy holds Adam’s arm as he holds her close to him. Adam holds Kathy and talks to her about the people who love her. Krystal watches Adam with Kathy.

At home, Ryan asks Annie about the needle. Annie says that it was a B12 shot that the doctor prescribed and that she forgot to throw it away. Annie says that she hasn’t mastered the shots and Ryan offers to help her with the shots. Annie thanks him.

At home, Kendall suggests that they go to bed and asks Zach what is wrong.

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