AMC Update Friday 6/6/08

All My Children Update Friday 6/6/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee meets Jake at ConFusion. After they have a drink, she tells him that she wants sex from him, because she wants to forget.

Zach tells Kendall that she is playing him; she wants to know how she is playing him when she is trying to be nice to him. He believes that her niceness is being forced. He knows something is behind her behavior, and want to know what it is. Kendall thinks that maybe she should come home, and be a bitch since Zach does not like her doting on him. He does like the doting, but only when it is real. He knows she is lying to him, and does not appreciate it. He asks why is she so worked up. She fibs about something Greenlee did. She is jealous of Zach, and Greenlee’s relationship. Zach does not understand her jealousy, because at first she pushed their relationship, and now she is upset over it. He does not understand what she wants. Zach doesn’t see the problem with Greenlee, but Kendall is upset, and thinks he always defend Greenlee. He disagrees. Zach believe that Greenlee has a right to be upset right now. Kendall wants to know why she is upset with her, but not with Zach. Zach reminds her that she is the one who slept with Greenlee’s fiancé.

Greenlee, and Jake get two long island ice teas. Jake reminds Greenlee that what they had together was better than sex. Greenlee then tells him that she was kidding about having sex. She, and Jake agree that life sucks, and they have a contest to prove that Greenlee’s life sucks more than Jake’s. They tell stories about negatives events that happened to them during the year; if the other person cannot top your story with their own, they have to drink a shot. Greenlee, and Jake have shots ready on the table. They are battling for the winner of the “life sucks” award.

Tad has a new attitude about Adam, because of Kathy. He is grateful to Adam. Krystal does not want to forget Adam’s past atrocities. Krystal wants Tad to remember that Adam has known about Kathy for six months, and did not open his mouth. If Tad wasn’t at death door, he Adam may have remained closed mouth. Tad doesn’t want to focus on that, he chooses to focus on the fact that Adam did the right thing. Krystal does not understand how they can shake hands, and then all is well between them.

JR is upset over the newspaper article in the Herald. He blames Adam for all of Chandler Enterprise’s problems since he is the one who argued with a ghost. JR is going to the office to do damage control.

Candi, the hooker (Babe) asks Treena many questions about being a prostitute. Tony, the pimp shows up, and offers Babe and Treena a job meeting two male clients in a hotel.

Jake and Greenlee are wasted. Greenlee wins as the person with the most negative things that happened to her. She is the queen of “Life Sucks”.

Kendall is jealous of Greenlee. Zach tells her that Greenlee is his friend, nothing more. Kendall thinks that Greenlee sees thing differently with Zach than he does. He is not responsible for how Greenlee views things, and he tells that to Kendall. It is important how Zach, and Kendall see things.

When Babe see the two clients in the hotel room, she becomes fearful. She calls Amanda on her phone, while she is in the bathroom. Amanda suggests that she bail out.

Jake drunkenly tells Greenlee that life will get better, because she has hit bottom, and there is only one way to go, and that is up. Greenlee want a promise in writing that life will get better. Josh shows up, and Greenlee ask him what is his number from one to ten on the “life sucks scale”. Josh says his number is a five. She calls Josh handsome. He calls her drunk.

Kendall does not understand why Zach is upset over what she is saying about Greenlee and his relationship. Just because Greenlee says something, does not make it so. There is nothing between them other than friendship. He asks her again to trust in their relationship, she says she does, but she is not convincing. He wants her to let the things Greenlee says go so that they can move away from the one-night-stand. She should focus her attention on them, not on Greenlee, and Aidan.

Tad feels strange since he does not hate Adam any longer. Krystal says that she has many reasons to continue to hate Adam; she names Jenny as the main reason. She says, “Adam has stockpiled a whole mess of evil.” She accuses Adam of doing a lot of wrong to Tad, and her. She calls Adam a cold bloodied son-of-a-bitch. Tad believe that Krystal want to see bad in Adam in order to help control her feelings for Adam. She is afraid if Adam changes, she would have to reconsider her feelings for him. Jake made Greenlee a crown; it accompany her “Queen of Suck” title. She thanks him. Greenlee vents about Kendall in front of Josh; Josh understands. Greenlee says she has nothing, but Josh reminds her that she has Jack, and Fusion; she agrees, and is happy.

Zach ask Kendall if what they have is enough. Kendall remembers that Greenlee stole Ryan, a man she once loved. Zach reminds her that he is not Ryan. Kendall vows that she will not let Greenlee steal Zach from her. Zach say’s, “I can see that; you are going to push me away instead”. Zach starts to walk out of the door. Kendall calls him back, but Zach leaves. She is now upset, because she is reminded of the last time he left her in anger, he felled into the bunker. She frantically calls him on his cell phone. She leaves a message telling him she loves him, and ask that he return to finish their conversation.

Tad tells Krystal that he knows that he, and she does not have the same passion that Adam, and she had. Krystal thinks that Tad sounds like he wants her to return to Adam. She reminds Tad that Dixie, and he had passion as well.

JR, and Adam want to know who leaked the article about his stay in the asylum. JR warns Adam to stay out of the damn news. Adam calls Benny, and asks him to find out the name of the guy who leaked the story about Adam.

Amanda waits for Babe to call her back. Two men approach Amanda, and believe that she is a hooker. They arrest Amanda. Babe tries to leave the hotel, and Tony her date gets pushy.

Krystal tells Tad that he has a heart of gold. Tad is ready to see Kathy. His daughter deserves answers, but he has no clue about what he will say to her.

Kendall says out loud, “The last time Zach disappeared, he was with Greenlee”.

Greenlee is shown in a drunken stumble backing toward the bed and taking off her clothes. She is telling someone to not be shy. We cannot see whom she is talking to.

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