AMC Update Thursday 6/5/08

All My Children Update Thursday 6/5/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee and Kendall are at Fusion talking about work.

Joe and Jake are at ConFusion, and Jake is happy about Tad, and wants to tell Ruth when Tad will be home for dinner. Jake plans on going back to Africa. Zach doesn’t think that it’s a good idea for Jake to return to Africa, because of the danger.

Determined to get the goods on Richie through Treena, Babe asks Amanda to assist her to look like a hooker.

JR is in Tad’s room being mean to Adam. Krystal tells him to stop, and JR looks surprised that she is speaking on Adam’s behalf; he leaves.

Greenlee, and Kendall are having a conference call at Fusion with an interviewer. The interviewer is seeking juicy details on the relationship of the two women. She wants to know how they handle being angry with each other. They respond that they turn to each other. Greenlee being sarcastic says she know she can trust Kendall, because she will never let her down.

Tad asked Adam if he really hate him that much to keep Kate away from him. Adam answers, “No”. Tad said that Adam kept Kate away for months. Adam tells Tad that he kept his kids. Tad says he didn't take Adam’s family; his wife, and kids came running. Tad thinks that Adam wants his kids to be his clones. Adam wants to know who should he model his kids after, Tad? Tad tells Adam he can't keep pushing his family away. Adam tells Tad that when he makes a mistake he is the devil, but when the Tad Martin’s make a mistake, Tad is always a hero.

Zach and Joe both agree that if Jake returns to Africa, he could be in danger. Joe is upset that Jake wants to return to Africa, but Jake believes that it’s his choice. Zach and Jake want to talk privately, so Joe leaves. Zach is Jake’s boss, and suggests that he not return to Africa, because the captors' leader that Jake treated died during the rescue operation. The captors are probably seeking revenge for his death. Jake asks that the next time Zach talk to him in private, and not in front of his father. Joe almost lost one son today, and does not need to hear that his other son is leaving for a dangerous place. Women and children are dying in Africa, and Jake wants to help. Zach asks if Jake’s family knows about his wife. Jake wants to know how Zach knows about his wife. Zach makes it his business to know about the people that work for him. Jake doesn’t think his personal life is Zach’s business.

Kendall, and Greenlee mention how well they work together. Kendall gives Greenlee all the credit. The interviewer say they act like they are perfect, but that can’t be because even sisters get mad at each other. Greenlee says that they do disagree sometimes. The interviewer wants to know if they fight; she is getting personal. Kendall, and Greenlee warn the interviewer that she is getting off topic, but she wants answers. Kendall, and Greenlee are asked if they backstab each other. They both get uncomfortable.

Tad reminds Adam about putting Dixie in a mental institute. Tad didn't want to see JR getting hurt. Adam tells Tad that his son was none of his business. Tad tells Adam that he was a bad parent. Adam says he loves his children. Tad talks about Skye, and Hailey running off. Tad also mentions Colby. Tad goes on about all of Adam’s kids running from him. Adam wants to know when does Tad retaliate for keeping information about Kate. Tad doesn’t want Adam to lose everything.

Kendall and Greenlee finish the conference call. The lady thanks them for a very enlightening interview. The women discuss how they felt they were answering gossip magazine questions. Greenlee says the interviewer was digging for dirt, and she could have given her some. Kendall accuses Greenlee of wanting Zach so that he can reject her again. Kendall snaps, and wants to know when will the anger over Aidan, and she be over. Greenlee wants to know if there is a time limit for getting over Kendall doing her fiancé. Kendall will not let Greenlee take Fusion under. Kendall accuses Greenlee of wanting to sleep with Zach. Greenlee doesn't need to sleep with Zach, because they are close enough already.

Opal calls Krystal, and tells her that Kathy is sleeping like an angel. Krystal tells JR that Kathy is sleeping like an angel. JR is still amazed that Kathy is his little sister, and he says he hates Adam. Krystal tells him that he loves his daddy, because his Daddy loves him even when he breaks his heart. JR has been so busy with his Dad's mental illness that he hasn't had time to deal with the psychopath Richie. Krystal tries to convince him to leave Richie alone.

Babe is going thru clothes with Amanda, looking for tramp outfits to use when pretending to be a prostitute. Amanda is trying to talk her out of it. Babe wants to show JR she is on his side. Amanda thinks that Babe has a dumb idea. Babe believes JR, and want to prove that now.

Krystal tells JR he has made a lot of progress, he can't let a loser like Richie get to him. He asks what she thinks about Babe, and him. Krystal says that as parents the two of them are great, but as a couple they stink. Krystal thinks that after all that time of them beating each other up, the scars may not go away. JR wants to know if she is talking about Babe, and him or his father, and her.

Adam tells Tad that he couldn’t let him die without telling the truth. Tad says you mean she couldn’t. Adam says, who? Tad says Dixie; she had a hand in this. Adam admits she did. Tad says he's glad to have his little girl back, and that Adam had the guts to do the right thing. He thanks Adam, but he then goes on to say that he still hate Adam’s guts.

Tad and Adam shake hands, then Adam leaves in tears. Babe is dressed up like a hooker, and her new name is Candi.

Jake tells Joe he really wants to get back to Africa. Joe assures him if he has anything he needs to talk about, he is there. Joe makes another pitch about Jake's wonderful work at the hospital. Jake then tells him that he, and his wife Carolyn are no longer together.

Adam arrives home, and pours a drink; he is surprised that JR is still there. JR let Adam know that he is angry with him for what he did to Tad, but he won't let the business go down the toilet. JR reminds him that he took control of Chandler Enterprises, while Adam was having his mental issues. Adam is fine now, and intends to be in control of Chandler. JR accuses Adam of using him then throwing him aside.

Greenlee is trying to convince Kendall that she and Zach are closer than Kendall and Zach. She says she knows everything about Zach. Kendall disagrees with Greenlee, because she knows more about Zach. Greenlee tries to convince Kendall that husbands and wives never tell each other everything. She insists that she and Zach shared the truth.

Krystal asks Tad about the meeting with Adam? Tad thinks that it went well, because no one was killed. Tad tells Krystal that they have a lot of catching up to do. He asks, “Who would think that Adam Chandler would do the right thing”? Tad is scared to talk to Kathy, because he has so much to say to her. Krystal thinks that Kathy will have a lot to deal with when she hears about Julia’s death, and about Tad being her father. He asks about Kathy, and Krystal tells him that Kathy is off to dreamland. He goes on to talk about how every day he put a little love aside for Kate hoping to find her, and now she is in Pine Valley in the form of Kathy.

Adam tells JR his services are no longer needed. JR believes that the business would have gone under during Adam’s illness if it weren’t for him. They argue over each other’s capabilities of running the company. Adam says that in a straitjacket he would be the better man for Chandler than JR.

Kendall arrives home, and Zach asks about the interview. Kendall throws her handbag down then says, “I could kill her”.

Babe and Amanda arrive at Treena’s street corner, Babe tells Amanda to hide. A man approaches, and asks for a date. Candy tells him to keep walking. Treena sees her and asks, “What the hell are you doing here”?

JR and Adam are still arguing. JR says he has proven he should be right there at Chandler with Adam. Adam thinks maybe one day JR can run Chandler; JR hopes it is before the company go bankrupt. Berry calls and tell JR to look at the headlines of the Herald that is now on the Internet. JR looks at the Internet, and Adam asks JR what is it. JR says, it looks like they’re going to bankrupt sooner than they thought. The headline reads, “Mental Breakdown - Head of Chandler in the Asylum”.

Krystal is getting ready to leave so Tad could rest. They speak of Adam a bit more. Tad tells her that he thanked Adam for giving Kate to him. Krystal is surprised. Tad says what Adam did today, took unbelievable courage. Krystal advises Tad not to forgive Adam, because that can’t happen.

Greenlee runs into Jake at ConFusion. Jake tries to beg off saying he's not good company. He knows that Greenlee doesn't take no for an answer so Jake asks if she wants a drink.

Zach asks what happened with Greenlee. Kendall pretends that Greenlee was annoying, because she gave wrong answers during the interview. She caters to Zach by telling him she loves him, then she tells him she is lucky to have him. She feels sorry for Greenlee, because Greenlee has no idea how it feels to be with a man like Zach. She offers to pick up his favorite meal at an Italian restaurant, and get a good bottle of wine with dinner. She offers to end the evening with a nice hot bath. Zach ask why she is doing what she is doing? She responds, doing what? He asks, why are you trying to play me?

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