AMC Update Wednesday 6/4/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica tells the guard that it must be a mistake and the guard asks if Erica wants to see the visitor.  Erica asks the guard who the visitor is.

At the hospital, Aidan asks Jake if Tad is awake.  Jake says that Krystal is in with Tad.  Aidan asks about Tadís condition and Jake says that Tad is doing well.  Jake asks Aidan why he looks like he lost his best friend.

At the beach, Ryan tells Greenlee that she shouldnít sneak up on people like that and asks what she is doing there.  She says that she is trying to figure out how her life jumped off the tracks.  She offers to move down the beach if he wants to be alone, but Ryan tells her to stay.

Annie stands at the clinic and asks if her blood work is ready yet.  Another patient asks her if she is pregnant and Annie says, ďNot yet!Ē

At the hospital, JR and Babe talk about Tad, Adam and Kate.  Babe says that it is okay because Tad has his daughter back, but JR says that it isnít okay and that Adam has lost his son.

In Tadís room, Tad remembers Adam saying that he found Kate and asks Krystal where Adam is.  Tad says that he needs to talk to Adam. 

Outside the room, Jake tries to get the truth out of Aidan.  Aidan says that he is going to wait to see Tad, but Jake suggests that they get a cup of coffee and talk about Greenlee.  Aidan says that Greenlee broke off the engagement.

At the beach, Greenlee and Ryan talk about Tad.  The conversation changes to Julia.  Ryan says that she doesnít have to pretend that everything is okay.  Greenlee asks about how he felt at Spikeís birthday party.  They talk about their problems.  Ryan says that one bullet can take away a life and Greenlee says that it can also take away four years.  Ryan suggests that it is his karma.  Ryan says that he wants his life back.  Greenlee assures him that he will get it all back.  Ryan says that he finally remembered something about Annie.

Annie meets with a doctor at the clinic about getting pregnant.  The doctor explains that her body has stopped producing and releasing eggs.  Annie says that it isnít possible because she needs to get pregnant.

At the hospital, JR and Babe talk about Adam knowing the truth.  JR says that Jake can back him up about Adam.  JR asks Jake to tell Babe what a snake Adam is.  JR tells Babe that Colby was supposed to be Jakeís daughter and that Adam switched the samples so that Colby wasnít Jakeís.  Jake turns to walk away and JR asks him if he is pissed about what happened.  Jake says that life is too short and walks away.

Adam meets with Erica in the visitorís room.  Erica asks him what he is doing there and he says that he needs her help.  Adam says that he needs a favor and she explains that so did she when she was charged with insider trading after receiving a tip from him.  She reminds him that he didnít want to get involved.  Erica asks him if he is sorry enough to finish her sentence for her.  Erica says that she is happy that he turned his back on her because it made her do the right thing.  Adam says that he knows something about doing the right thing.  Adam says that Tad got what he wanted.  Erica says that Tad gets to live.  Adam says that there are new developments about Tadís daughter, Kate, and that he found her for Tad.  Adam says that Kathy is Kate.  Erica realizes that Tadís daughter has been in Pine Valley for so long.  Erica asks Adam how long he kept Tad and Kathy apart before revealing that he knew the truth.  Adam says that he saved Tadís life by telling the truth.  Adam says that he has lost his children and Krystal.  Erica asks Adam if it was worth it.

In his room, Tad says that he needs to talk to Adam and asks Krystal to find him.  Krystal leaves to try to find Adam.  Tad asks Opal and Joe about Kathy.  Opal says that Ruth took Kathy home.  Opal says that she canít believe that she didnít recognize her own granddaughter.  Joe says that Kathy has been asking for Aunt Julia and they canít keep distracting her.  Tad says that he canít believe he didnít get to thank Julia.  Opal and Joe offer to talk to Kathy.  Tad says that it has to be him because he is her father.  Opal apologizes for trusting Rob.  Joe and Opal leave so that Tad can get some rest since he now has 2 daughters to look after.  Tad tells Dixie that their little girl is finally home and that sometimes when you wish on a star it really does come true. 

Krystal walks through the hospital while trying to get a hold of Adam.  Babe asks about Tad and Krystal says that it looks good.  Babe asks how Krystal is doing.  Krystal says that she took Tad for granted.  Krystal asks about JR and Babe says that hopefully JR is letting off some steam.  Krystal says that Adam isnít wired like the rest of them, but there is some good in him.  Krystal says that she doesnít love Adam, but she is starting to understand him.  Babe says that Adam doesnít deserve sympathy and asks Krystal to cut herself off from Adam for good.

In the visitorís room, Adam and Erica talk about Tad.  Adam apologizes for what he did to her.  Erica says that it sounded almost genuine and asks what he wants from her.  Erica asks what helped him choose this path towards goodness and Adam explains that Dixieís spirit has been haunting him.  Erica tells Adam that he needs a little prison time.

At the hospital, JR and Jake talk about Jakeís work.  JR says that he is trying to get his life back together. Jake agrees that Adam is a bastard and says that Babe looks good.  JR says that he and Babe arenít together anymore, but they are still close.  Jake tells JR that the town is like a broken record and that the coffee tastes like a couple of dogs took a bath in it.

At the clinic, the doctor tells Annie that they just have to give her hormones a boost and her eggs should be good again.  The doctor explains that Annie would be injecting herself and Annie says that she doesnít like needles.  The doctor says that Annie has options and that is a good thing.  Annie tells the doctor that her and her husband want to build on the life that they have and she wants to give him another child.

At the beach, Greenlee and Ryan talk about him remembering Annie.  Ryan tells Greenlee about the memories, but that they are only flashes.  He says that he didnít tell Annie that he didnít feel the feelings in the memories, but he did tell her about remembering her.  Ryan says that he thinks the feelings arenít coming back because maybe he never really loved Annie.  Greenlee tells Ryan about what Aidan said. 

In the visitorís room, Erica and Adam talk about what prison time would do for him.  Erica says that she will try to give him the benefit of her prison experience.  Erica tells Adam, ďBehavior gets you in and behavior gets you out.Ē  Erica says that atleast Adam has his freedom and that he needs to use it.  Erica tells Adam that he is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to.  Adam tells Erica that she is more beautiful than ever.  Erica tells Adam to go get his family back.

In his room, Krystal wakes Tad up.  Tad asks about Adam.  Tad says that all he wants is some answers about his daughter.  Krystal tells Tad that the party Adam planned for them was a front for a deal that he had made her.  Krystal tells Tad the deal that Adam made her.  Krystal tells Tad why JR moved back into the mansion and that she didnít tell Tad because she didnít want to get his hopes up.  Tad says that he might have been able to get Adam to talk.  Krystal tells Tad that she loves him and leaves so that he can rest. 

At the beach, Greenlee and Ryan talk about their relationship.  Greenlee says that Aidan thinks she never got over Ryan.  Greenlee says that she decided that she didnít want to have children and Aidan said that no man in her life would ever compare to Ryan.  Greenlee says that it is nice how they always come back to each other.  They lean in for a kiss.

At the clinic, Annie and the doctor talk about the side effects of the hormones.  The doctor tells her that her mood could change severely.

At the beach, Ryan pulls back and says that they canít do it.  Greenlee keeps trying, but Ryan tries to talk her out of it.  Ryan admits that he is really confused and frustrated.  Ryan says that Annie is his wife and he canít do it.  Greenlee apologizes and tells him that he is right about everything.  Ryan tells Greenlee that he wants her to find the man who is right for her, but he canít be that man.

Aidan visits Tadís room.  Tad says that he would do anything for a steak and some cabernet.  Aidan offers to treat Tad to steak and cabernet when he gets out of the hospital.  Tad tells Aidan about the new lady in his life.  Tad thanks Aidan for everything.  Aidan tells Tad that Adam wonít get away with it.

Babe walks up to JR in the waiting area and asks him if he wants to go get something to eat.  JR says that he isnít hungry and that Jake is still as arrogant and stubborn as he always was.  Babe asks what happened and JR says that Jake thinks he is above it all.  JR asks if she has heard from Ritchie and that he isnít going to move on until Ritchie gets what is coming to him.  Babe asks JR not to do anything and JR says that he will handle it.  JR tells her to stay out of it and walks away.

At the prison, Erica makes a phone call and leaves a message for Jack. 

At the beach, Ryan says that he has to get going.  Greenlee says that she has an interview to do with Kendall.  Ryan tells Greenlee that she can move on and be happy.  Ryan leaves and Greenlee turns towards the water.

In the waiting area, Babe calls Amanda about a plan they came up with.  Babe says that she is on her way over and the game is on.

In Tadís room, Krystal and JR visit with him.  Adam walks into the room and looks at Tad.

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