AMC Update Tuesday 6/3/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita


Spikeís birthday party starts.  Greenlee and Annie stand off to the side of the room commenting on the party. 

Dixie backs away from Tad and Tad opens his eyes while Adam says that Kathy is Kate.  Krystal rushes into the room.  Tad looks at Adam and says, ďKateĒ and Adam assures Tad that Kathy is Kate and that she is right down the hall. 

Babe and JR play with Kathy.  Krystal walks in and says that Tad is awake.  Babe tells JR to go see Tad.  Kathy tells Opal not to be happy and Opal assures Kathy that she isnít sad.

Everyone stands around Tadís bed and Angie checks Tad out.  Joe tells Tad that Rob shot him.  Everyone welcomes Tad back.  JR asks Adam what he is doing there.  Tad asks Adam if it is true and Adam assures him it is.  JR asks what is going on.  Jake says that Adam should leave the room, but Tad refuses.  Krystal suggests that everyone just enjoy the moment for a while.  Kathy runs up to Tadís bed and Krystal helps her up on the bed.  Kathy asks if Tad is sick and he says that he is much better now.  Kathy requests a magic trick.  Babe escorts Kathy out of the room.  Joe says that they all need to give Tad some breathing room.  JR tells Adam to leave, but Tad says to let Adam stay. 

Outside, Jake and Ruth talk.  Ruth walks over to Opal.  They talk about Tad.  Jake tells Aidan and Jesse about Tadís recovery process.  JR wonders why Tad wants to speak to Adam.  Babe says that the only thing that matters is that Tad is okay.  Krystal walks over to Kathy.

Josh takes pictures of the family.  Kendall invites Annie into the picture, but Ian is hungry so she says that she is okay.  Ryan takes a picture of himself, Kendall, Zach and Spike.  Josh walks over to Annie.  He gets a phone call and tells everyone that Tad is awake.  Josh says that they should celebrate and then he will go over to the hospital.  Greenlee walks over to her phone and makes a phone call.  She calls Aidan and tells him that Tad is awake.  Greenlee tells Aidan to give Tad her love.  Aidan tells her that he has been thinking about her a lot and that he is going crazy.  Aidan tells Greenlee that they need to talk and asks for a chance. 

Greenlee and Aidan meet at her apartment.  She tells him that he can leave his key on the table.  She asks about Tad and tells him that she packed his clothes.  Greenlee tells Aidan to get his stuff and go.  Aidan says that he thought they were going to talk to try to get past what happened.  Aidan explains the situation to Greenlee.  Greenlee accuses Aidan of giving up on her.  Aidan says that he loves her and that he isnít giving up on them.

In Tadís hospital room, Joe and Angie finish checking on Tad.  Joe asks if he should get Krystal, but Tad says that he just wants to talk to Adam.  Joe and Angie leave.  Adam says that Tad cheated death again.  Tad asks if Kathy is really Kate and how Adam knew.  Adam assures Tad that Kathy is really Kate and Krystal shows him the adoption papers.  Tad asks Adam how he got it.  Adam says that it doesnít make a difference and that he found it in the mansion, but doesnít know how it got there.  Krystal says that the only thing that matters is that Tad now knows the truth.  Tad realizes that it is real and that Kathy is his daughter.  Everyone comes in and Krystal says that Tad got some good news and that it is a miracle.  Adam gets ready to leave and Tad stops him.  Tad tells Adam to tell everyone else.  Adam says that he found Kate and that it is Kathy.  JR asks Adam how long he has known and Adam says that he hasnít known for long.  Krystal reminds Adam that he came to her with a deal months ago.  Adam admits that he has known for a while.

At her apartment, Aidan and Greenlee talk about their relationship.  Aidan says that he loves and wants to marry her, but she says that it wonít happen.  Aidan says that it was only sex and that it didnít mean anything.  Greenlee asks about the details.  Aidan says that he wasnít thinking about Kendall.  Aidan explains the details of the situation to her. 

At home, Zach and Kendall talk about Tad and Greenlee.  Zach says that Greenlee feels betrayed and it isnít easy to get over it.  Ryan walks over to Annie and asks her how she is holding up.  Annie says that she is having trouble getting into the party spirit because someone she loved is gone.  Kendall asks Ryan if he wants to read Spike his bedtime story.  Josh offers, but Ryan says that he will do it.  Annie asks Ryan to give Spike a kiss for her. 

At the hospital, Angie and Jesse walk into the waiting area and talk about Kathy and what happened to Julia.  Angie feels guilty for Juliaís death, but Jesse tells her that Rob was the only one who was responsible. 

In Tadís room, everyone looks at the adoption papers.  Adam leaves and Krystal, Ruth, and Opal follow her.  JR asks Tad if it is true.  JR asks how they are supposed to tell Kathy.  Tad asks to talk to Julia and Joe says that Julia didnít make it. 

Adam walks into the waiting area and Krystal stops him.  Opal and Ruth agree that Tad should tell Kathy.  Opal asks Ruth to take Kathy out of the room so that she can speak to Adam.  Opal says that it is time for Adam to explain himself.  Opal tells Angie, Jesse and Babe that Kathy is Kate.  Adam says that he would like to speak to Krystal alone, but Krystal refuses.  Adam says that Tad has survived and has his child back.  Opal asks Adam how long he has known.  Jake tells Adam to be gone by the time he gets back or Jake will put him in the ground himself.  Angie asks if Tad knows and Krystal says that Tad just found out.  Krystal asks everyone to leave so that she can speak to Adam.  Krystal asks Adam if she had left Tad if he would have told Tad about his daughter.  Adam tells Krystal that he came clean with Tad because it was the right thing to do.

At home, Zach asks Josh if he is going to the hospital.  Annie says that she should get going.  Josh walks Annie out.  Kendall comes out and realizes that everyone left.  Ryan realizes that Annie is gone too.  Zach invites Ryan to stay for a drink and he agrees.  They toast to Spike. 

At her apartment, Greenlee and Aidan talk about what happened between him and Kendall.  Aidan says that Greenlee loves Kendall and Ryan enough to forgive them, but not him.  He says that she doesnít have to forgive him now, but eventually she should.  Aidan tells her that she found the perfect excuse to be miserable for the rest of her life. 

In Tadís room, JR, Joe and Tad talk about Julia and Kathy.  Tad asks Joe how he is supposed to tell Kathy.  JR says that Kathy is lucky to have Tad as a parent because there is no better father out there.  Joe says that Tad needs rest.  Joe gets paged and tells Tad that he will be back soon.  JR asks Tad to take care of himself.  Tad tells JR that he loves him.  JR leaves.  Angie and Jesse walk into Tadís room. 

JR walks over to Babe and Kathy.  Babe tells JR that she heard about the news and they agree that it is incredible.  Kathy asks JR if he knows any magic tricks.  JR shows Kathy the same trick that Tad does for her.  JR says that someday he will teach her the trick.

In the waiting area, Krystal and Adam talk about his reasons for coming clean about Kate.  Adam explains that he found out that if Tad didnít find his daughter, he would die.  Tad asks Krystal to believe that he did what he did out of love.

At her apartment, Greenlee says that she wanted to be happy more than anything and she thought she finally found that, but it is too late.  Aidan suggests that she is back to waiting for Ryan. 

Ryan gets up to leave Zach and Kendallís.  Ryan says that he doesnít know if he is helping Annie by being around.  Kendall says that Ryan just needs to be patient.  Ryan leaves.

At her apartment, Aidan tells Greenlee to be honest about it.  Greenlee says that it isnít about Ryan; it is about Aidan betraying her.  Aidan says that he loved her, supported her and believed in her and he gave up on the idea of having children for her.  Greenlee thinks that Aidan did it out of guilt, but he denies it and says that he did it out of love.  Aidan asks for a chance to show her how much he loves her.  Greenlee turns around and grabs her engagement ring and gives it back to him.  Greenlee tells him to take the ring, get his things and go.  Greenlee walks out. 

At home, Kendall and Zach pick up after the party.  They talk about Greenlee, Annie, Erica and Julia.  Zach holds Kendall and tells her to focus on the good parts of the party.  Kendall says that Greenlee is out for blood and that she hopes Greenlee doesnít do something she regrets.

Aidan grabs his stuff from Greenleeís apartment and leaves.

Ryan sits on the beach.  Greenlee puts her hand on his shoulder and he flips her around.

Opal brings Kathy in to see Tad. 

Krystal and Adam talk in the waiting area.  Krystal says that she doesnít believe Adam.  Adam says that it was worth it because he saved her a lot of pain.  JR walks in and tells Adam that they are done.  JR says that Adam has been hiding Kate from her family.  JR says that he doesnít hate Adam, but he doesnít care about him either.  JR announces that Tad Martin is his father and walks away. 

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