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All My Children Update Monday 6/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Josh brings a cake to Kendall and Zach’s house. Zach asks about Tad. Josh says that Tad is stable. Kendall carries the cake into the room and yells for Ryan and Annie to come in. Kendall asks about Emma and Annie says that she wasn’t feeling well. Kendall shows Ryan where he can put his present and Annie asks if everything is okay with Kendall and Ryan. Kendall opens the door to see Greenlee standing there.

In the visitor’s room, Jack goes to see Erica. Erica asks about Tad. Erica says that Tad has to be alright. Jack says that Greenlee found out that Kendall and Aidan slept together and that he told her.

At the mansion, JR tells Babe that he is going through the list of people to keep informed about Tad. Babe tells him to keep the list because it will be the guest list for Tad’s welcome home party. Babe explains to JR that she covered with Kathy. JR says that there is never a good time to tell a child news like this.

At the hospital, Adam tells Jake that he has to talk to Tad, but Jake refuses to let Adam in the room. Aidan walks up and helps Jake escort Adam away. Adam says that he can help. Krystal walks in and asks Tad why he doesn’t want to wake up. Tad dreams about being with Dixie. He says that he is ready and tries to get her to go with him. Dixie says that they can’t and apologizes saying that she can’t. Tad thinks that Dixie doesn’t want to be with him. Dixie says that she does want to be with him, but she can’t be right now because he has to go back. Tad says that he can’t lose her again and Dixie promises him that she will always be in his heart. Tad says that it isn’t enough. Tad says that it isn’t fair and tells Dixie that it is his choice and that he wants to stay there with her now. Tad kisses Dixie. Dixie tells Tad that he has a life. Tad says that she is his life.

At the mansion, Colby comes in followed by Kathy and Little Adam. JR, Babe and Colby play with the kids and Colby leads the kids out of the room. Babe says that what Kathy is going through isn’t fair. Babe says that they are lucky because Little Adam has everything and two parents who love him.

In the visitor’s room, Erica tells Jack what she should be doing. Jack reminds Erica that Kendall and Greenlee have been able to get past a lot of things through the years. Erica tells him that it might be a fight to the death this time.

At Kendall’s, Greenlee says that she just came to give Spike his present. She goes to put her present with the rest of them and get a beer. Josh tells Greenlee that she looks great and she says that she has never felt better. Zach asks if he can get Greenlee anything and she reminds him that he already refused. She says that she will just help herself since it worked so well for Kendall. Annie walks up to Ryan and tells him to spill. Rachael brings Spike and Ian into the house. Annie asks Greenlee what is going on and asks if Aidan is coming. Greenlee tells Annie that her relationship with Aidan is over because of Kendall.

At the hospital, Krystal kisses Tad and sits down. Krystal grabs his hand and tells him that she would do anything to bring him back. Jake and Aidan try to figure out what Adam wants to do in Tad’s room. Krystal walks into the hall and Adam says that he wants to see Tad. Adam says that it is important and Krystal tells Jake and Aidan to get some caffeine. Krystal asks Adam why he is there. Adam says that he is trying to save Tad’s life. Opal and Ruth talk about the things Tad likes. They say that there is no chance that they are going to lose Tad. Krystal closes the doors to Tad’s room and reminds Adam that he hates Tad. Adam says that it is about family. Adam says that he is going into Tad’s room. Krystal says that if Adam goes in there she will never forgive him. Adam says that he knows that. Tad dreams about Dixie. Dixie tells Tad to think of his daughters because they need their father.

At Kendall’s, she and Ryan talk about Greenlee. Kendall thanks Ryan for talking to Greenlee. Ryan says that he didn’t do it for her. Kendall asks about his conversation with Greenlee. Josh brings Ian out to Kendall. Ryan takes Spike from Zach. Zach asks Annie if she wants a cookie. Annie watches Greenlee and Ryan playing with Spike. Annie says that everything has changed.

Palmer sits in the hospital and Opal walks in. They start sharing insults and Palmer reaches for her hand.

Tad dreams of Dixie. Dixie tells Tad that Jenny and Kate need him. He says that he needs her more than anything and that he can’t do it without her anymore. Dixie tells Tad to think of his family. Tad says that he can’t fail her again.

Krystal tells Adam that he needs to leave Tad in peace. Adam agrees and says that Tad will be fine. Krystal walks away and Adam calls for Dixie. Adam calls JR and asks him to bring Kathy to the hospital immediately.

Krystal kisses Tad’s forehead for Jenny. Krystal says that Tad has to stick around for a long time because Jenny needs him. Aidan walks in and says that they all need him.

Dixie tells Tad that he never failed her. Dixie tells him that things happen for a reason and that Kate is okay. Tad asks where Kate is and Dixie says that she can’t tell him because there are rules.

Jake walks in the room. Aidan leaves to go to the cafeteria and asks Krystal if she wants anything. Krystal and Jake watch Tad. Krystal says that Jake being there is another reason that Tad needs to open his eyes. Jake checks the monitor and Krystal asks if there have been any changes yet. Jake tells Krystal that she gave Tad everything and that Tad will come back because of that. Jake leaves.

Outside the room, Adam talks to Dixie. Adam says that he will take Kathy/Kate to Tad’s bedside, but he can’t tell the truth because he would lose everything. Adam reaches into his pocket and pulls out Kate’s adoption records.

In the visitor’s room, Jack and Erica talk about what is going on. Erica says that she only agreed to serve her time immediately so that Samuel would quit using her. Jack tells Erica that she has changed lives in the prison. Erica says that it isn’t the same as taking care of her family. Erica says that she wants it over because life without her family and him isn’t a life.

At Kendall’s, Greenlee asks Ryan if Kendall and Zach would be mad at her for letting Spike open his present. Greenlee says that maybe she will buy a motorcycle. Kendall and Zach talk about Greenlee and Annie. Kendall says that Annie will be fine because she is always perfect. Annie walks over to Greenlee and says that people make mistakes. Greenlee says that Aidan sleeping with Kendall and lying about it is a deal breaker. Annie says that she would fight to keep her man.

Dixie tells Tad that they had their time. Tad tells Dixie that they didn’t have enough. Tad asks Dixie to say that they can be together forever. Dixie starts crying and Tad comforts her. Tad kisses Dixie again.

In the visitor’s room, Jack and Erica say goodbye. Jack assures her that he will be back soon.

At Spike’s party, Josh tapes the party. Ryan says that he checked the implant because he wanted to make sure Spike heard the whole party. Rachael brings the cake in and everyone starts singing.

Dixie tells Tad that she loves him. JR and Babe bring Kathy to the hospital. Krystal asks Adam what he is saying about Kathy. Adam gives Krystal the adoption papers. Adam walks in and tells Tad that Kate is there. Dixie backs away from Tad while Adam says that Kathy is Kate. Tad opens his eyes.

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