AMC Update Friday 5/30/08

All My Children Update Friday 5/30/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach, and Kendall get ready for Spike’s second birthday party. They wonder if people will come to the party, because of all the tragedy.

Jesse walks up behind Angie, and hugs her as she cooks.

Tad is in a deep coma, and Dixie is by his side as they have a “second chance” dream life. Tad, and Dixie are back in time, seven years before. Dixie becomes pregnant with Kate. There are discussions about having a child, then they kiss to seal their agreement.

Adam asks JR about his grandson, Lil A. He also asks about Kathy. JR mentions that Kathy is fine until she finds out about her mother, Julia. Adam tells JR that Julia is not Kathy’s mother. JR accuses Adam of not knowing anything about family, and relationships. Adam asks JR what would he do if Tad died. JR would go to someplace dark, and lie down in a corner.

Jesse takes coffee out of Angie’s hands, because he thinks that she is in caffeine overload. Angie is crying, and is upset over Julia’s death. What happened at the wedding should not have happened, because it was a happy occasion; now they are burying Julia, and maybe Tad as well. She asks, how did it happen.

Kendall asks Zach how do they stay strong. Zach says it is hard, but we have our family. Kendall agrees that Spike, and Ian were their miracles. A baloon takes off, and another one pops. Zach, and Kendall laugh. Rachel calls, and Kendall asks that she keep the boys busy for another two hours, because Zach, and she still have work to do. Zach mentions that he can do a lot in two hours, so they get sexy.

Second chance - Dixie is now pregnant, then has the baby. Tad, and she gushes over their little girl, Kate. Tad asks Dixie if what they are experiencing, real, because he thought he lost them. She tells Tad that he has been there the entire time. We see a happy family taking pictures of birthdays, Christmas, and other special events. They watch Kate grow up, and make her first steps. They look at family pictures, and Tad thinks he look like Johnny Depp in the picture.

Krystal urges Tad to come back to Jenny, and she.

JR tells Lil A, and Kathy to get blueberry muffins in the kitchen. He talks to Adam about Tad, and Kate. Adam blames Dixie for giving Tad’s child away. Adam reminds JR that Tad made him think that his son was dead. JR justifies Tad’s actions. Adam also blames Tad for stealing his kids: Colby, and JR. JR blames Adam for walking away from Krystal. Adam accuses Tad of sleeping with Krystal, and getting her pregnant, then marrying her. To Adam that was his most painful experience. JR thinks that Tad wakes up everyday to find out that his daughter is still missing. Tad loses his daughter everyday.

Zach, and Kendall finish decorating. Zach wonders if he deserves his family. Kendall assures him that he does, and she tells him that she loves him more than anything. Zach picks Kendall up, put her over his shoulder, and take her to the bedroom.

Second chance - Dixie is sitting on the sofa; she calls Tad to join her so that she can slap some loving on him. They begin to fool around.

Krystal continues to ask Tad to come back to Jenny, and her.

JR thinks that Kathy is a good kid. He forgot how close Tad, and Kathy are, and believes that if she loses Tad as well she will be devasted. Adam reminds him that Tad is not dead yet. He suggests that JR not torture himself over “What Ifs”. JR vows to spend the rest of his life trying to find Kate. He promises not to give up.

Jesse, and Angie are in the doctor’s quarters. Angie loses faith in Tad’s recovery. Jesse reminds her that faith brought them through the Papel incident. She thinks her pager is not working, because she has not received word on Tad.

Second chance - Kate is a teenager graduating from high school. She will be off to college soon. They make decisions on what to do with their empty nest. They laugh, tease each other, then fool around.

Adam advises JR to focus on his own family. JR asks Adam to name the people that he love. He then tells Adam that those same people love Tad too; he tells Adam to stop dancing on Tad’s grave, and think about what his death would do to the people that love him.

Jesse walks into Tad’s room, and sits next to him. He urges Tad to come back.

Second chance - Kate is now married; Dixie, and Tad are much older. They have grandchildren, and have been married for forty-five years.

JR wants to bring Kate to Tad. Adam gets upset over JR’s words, then leaves. Jesse wants to know what do they have to do to get Tad to come back. He really wants to know what can he do to get Tad to come back?

Zach tells Kendall that for a second he though it was his birthday. Kendall asks what will they do if more bad things happen? He says they will lean on each other. Kendall believes that she leaned on him through his time in the bunker, but she was not there for him to lean on. Kendall wants to celebrate Spike. Zach, and she intend to celebrate Julia, Tad and life as well. They kiss each other with a photo of their sons sitting in front of them on the coffee table.

Jesse finds Angie sleeping, but she awakens as he sits next to her. She pulls him down on the bed, and takes him in her arms so that she can pamper him.

Adam comes to see Tad, but Jake tries to stop him by asking, “What the hell do you want”? Jake wants Adam to leave. Adam asks him if Tad can hear him while he is unconscious?

Second chance - Tad start to walk off hand in hand with Dixie; he intends to stay with her forever!

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