AMC Update Thursday 5/29/08

All My Children Update Thursday 5/29/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee walks into her house and sees a coat, and Alfonso, the stuffed tiger. She picks it up then says, “Am I stupid, my best friend betrayed me." Greenlee says that falling in love is too hard.

Angie tells Krystal that they won't know Tad's chances until they go in and operate. Zach asks Aidan if he has talked to Greenlee since she left him. Aidan tells Zach that whether he has talked to Greenlee or not is none of his business. Kendall says, “Greenlee is upset, and we all care”. Aidan says, “Yes she is upset and I am sorry about that, but I lost a friend today, and Tad is still fighting for his life; I can't do a damn thing to fix any of these things.” Kendall tells Zach that she have to fix things between Aidan and Greenlee. Zach reminds her that Aidan, and Greenlee are adults. Kendall blames herself for the one-night-stand. Zach tells her she can do more harm than good. Kendall leaves anyway.

Angie talks to her family about Tad. She kisses Jesse, then says, “Tad is in good hands”. Its Frankie’s off day, but he is going to help in the emergency room, because he doesn't want to watch the clock.

JR is upset that Adam has come to the hospital, but Babe thinks that her mom can handle Adam. Adam wants to know if Krystal is OK; she asks does she look OK? Her husband is in shock, and the doctors are not sure if he is going to make it.

We see Tad in his room. Joe tells Jake he doesn't have to assist. Jake wants to be there with Tad. Dixie tells Tad that his daughter needs him. Krystal asks about Kathy. Adam tells Krystal that Kathy keeps asking for her Aunt Julia. He said that Colby is good at changing the subject. Krystal is crying, because Kathy lost her parents, and now she has lost Julia. How do they tell her that she has no one? Dixie tells Adam that Kathy still has her father.

Greg brings coffee for everyone, and he asks if anyone is hungry. Cassie is with Ruth and Opal. Neither Opal nor Ruth is hungry. Greg teases about “Tad the CadĒ always keeping the ladies waiting; he is doing the same thing now since no word on his condition has been told to anyone all night. It's the morning after the wedding tragedy, and Krystal has just called Maria. Maria did not take the news of her sisterís death too well. Maria is trying to get guardianship of Kathy. Frankie tells Tadís family that Tad is still in surgery. JR asks why Adam is there? Adam is there, because his family is there; JR says he is the only family Adam has there. He reminds Adam that Krystal is not his family. Adam is worried about Tad. JR asks Adam if he has the grim reaper warmed up in the supply closet hiding, and waiting for Tad to die so he can swoop in, and get Krystal. Adam states firmly that he does not want Tad to die.

In the operating room, Jake is concerned that Tad is bleeding too much. They are afraid that he is bleeding out. Dixie is there, and Angie is holding Joe's hand.

Jesse’s idea of helping Tad is to find Kate, so Jesse, and Aidan try to find the adoption agency that handled Kate’s case in New Mexico. They want to find Kate for Tad, but they are frustrated with the lack of leads. They called tons of adoption agencies to no avail. They were getting nowhere. Aidan suggest that they play pool, darts, or pinball to get their minds off the case, because that’s what Tad would do. They make small talk. Aidan wishes he had been on the roof chasing Robert. Jesse thinks he was needed downstairs in case Robert came back downstairs, and started shooting again.

Jack visits Kendall at her home, but finds Zach instead. He wants to talk with her about Greenlee. Zach does not understand how Kendall can help with Greenlee. Zach wants to know what Jack intends to say to his wife. Jack blames Kendall for her part in breaking up Aidan and Greenlee. Zach knows that already; Greenlee broke it off with Aidan, because he slept with Zach’s wife. Jack asks if Zach is ok with what happened between Aidan and Kendall. Zach is not ok with it, but he has dealt with it and wants to put it in the past. He reminds Jack how he stood by Erica after she ran off with Jeff Martin. Zach thinks that when you love someone you forgive a lot of things. Jack want to know what brought about the change in Zach, so Zach credits Greenlee for showing him what is important while they were in the bunker.

Greenlee is asleep when Kendall wakes her up by stroking her hair. Kendall says, “Good morning”. Kendall brings donuts for herself and Greenlee. Kendall wants to work through what has happened between them, but Greenlee is not interested. Greenlee grabs the donuts and tosses them out of the door and orders Kendall to leave. Kendall is ready to fight for their friendship, and she is not leaving”.

Cassie asks Ruth if she wants a magazine. Ruth says she is fine. Cassie walks out, and sees Dre. She updates him on the events at the reception. Dre came to check on Tad.

Frankie is examining a girl named Randy in the emergency room who is being difficult. She doesn't know how she got to the hospital; she was found in the street unconscious. Frankie asks for information, but Randy attempts to leave. Frankie is trying to get medical history. Randy asks him to do what he needs to to get her out of the hospital.

The doctors in the operating room talk about all the damage to Tad, who is still bleeding out. Jake tells the attending physician that Tad is his brother. The attending physician is telling Jake he needs to work faster. Jake cannot find the main bleeder. Tad becomes unstable.

Zach is still praising Greenlee for helping him in the bunker. He found forgiveness while there, which is why he can move on, and forgive Kendall. Jack is sarcastic and says, Greenlee helps Zach while in the bunker, and she ends up with her heart trampled. Zach is sorry that Greenlee is going through pain now, but he loves her as a friend.

Kendall refuses to leave. Greenlee accuses Kendall of being nice, because she is afraid of losing Fusion. Greenlee tells her if she wants to play nice, then give her Fusion.

Aidan feels guilty about not being there when Tad was shot. Jesse tells him to stop it. They go back to work. Aidan has a box of letters that Tad wrote to Kate so she will know he is looking for her. Jesse starts to read the letters.

Krystal tells Babe that they need to tell Kathy about Julia, but Babe advises her to wait for Tad.

The surgeon finds the source of Tad’s bleeding. The attending physician urges Jake to hurry, because they are losing Tad. Tad had to be resuscitated. Jake says to Tad, “Don't you do that to me big brother, don't you ever do that to me.

JR is waiting for Tad to be in recovery; Dixie is with him. Ruth asks him if he want to go to the chapel with Opal, and she. JR smiles as he feels someone’s presence; its Dixie.

Adam is dozing, and dreaming that Colby is telling him that Julia was sitting in her chair. Colby is saying, “ Daddy you told me to stay put. Had I listened to you, that could have been me being rushed into the emergency room. Colby is picturing herself being the victim. Adam wakes up startled with Dixie next to him. He says to Dixie, “You said my loved ones would suffer. Dixie says they are suffering, don't you see that. Adam says yes, he talks about his children. Dixie says, “Someone else close to you is suffering." Krystal walks by crying with Babe. Adam says "Krystal."

Jack says, ‘So you love my daughter”. Zach says, “Yes”. Jack says Greenlee has a hard time making friends. Zach says well she has one in me forever. Jack does not know how to help Greenlee.

Kendall tells Greenlee that they would be selling fudge in hell before she gives her Fusion. She also tells her to suck it up, because she stole her son, and her car. Greenlee would tear the company up, before sharing it with Kendall any longer. Kendall asks if Greenlee would kill Fusion? Greenlee says, “Try me”.

Dre tells Cassie that he had to leave the casino, because it reminded him of his mother on 9/11. She was in the South Tower. He had to go; so he left.

Frankie tells Randy that she has a fractured wrist and asks how it happened. Randy insists it is none of his business. He probes some more. She urges him to fix the arm so she can leave. Frankie is paged and leaves the cubicle.

Zach tells Jack that Kendall is at Greenlee’s trying to make amends. Jack is angry. Zach says that Kendall, and Greenlee are sisters, blood or no blood; Jack can't tear them apart.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she can't tear Fusion apart any more than she can. Greenlee tells Kendall that she hates her. Kendall suggests that they work together and get past Greenlee’s anger. Kendall will see Greenlee at the office. Greenlee reminds her that she knew how much she loved Aidan. Kendall tells her Aidan and she thought Zach and Greenlee were dead. Greenlee feels dead, and blames Kendall, her best friend for her feelings.

Frankie talks to a social worker about the girl found on the street; they go to see Randy, but she has disappeared. Jesse and Aidan show up at the hospital. Frankie asks about Jesse and Aidan’s search for Kate; they mention their disappointment over the lack of progress.

Krystal cries about not loving Tad enough. They are all tired of the wait for word on Tad. Adam approaches Krystal, but JR stops him. Krystal wants a couple of minutes to speak with Adam. She can’t believe Adam lied when he said he knew of Kate’s whereabouts. She wishes that Adam really knew where Kate was. Angie and Joe come out to tell everyone that Tad made it through surgery. Ruth looks at Joe, and says, “What aren't you saying?" He says they don't know if the repair will hold. The next twenty-four hours are crucial.

Jake tells Tad that he has done his job, and now Tad has to do his job”. Jake asks Tad not to go anywhere. Jake holds Tad’s hand.

Tad sees Dixie, and he tells her that he wishes they had another chance. Dixie tells him that they can.

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