AMC Update Wednesday 5/28/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

On the rooftop, Jake and Frankie get ready to transport Tad to the hospital. Frankie assures Angie that flying the plane is the easy part. Jesse thanks Frankie for making sure he didn’t kill Rob. Frankie gets in the plane and they take off. Angie and Jesse hold each other and watch the plane.

At the hospital, Joe and the doctors try to resuscitate Julia. Joe tells Krystal that she has to leave.

At the casino, Aidan tells the police what he knows about the incident. Jack asks Aidan where Greenlee is. Aidan says that Greenlee left before the shooting started. Jack asks Aidan why he told Greenlee about his night with Kendall at a wedding. Aidan says that he didn’t and that Jack told her.

At her apartment, Greenlee tries to kiss Zach again, but he stops her. Greenlee asks him how he could be so calm about Kendall betraying him.

At home, Ryan tries to get a hold of Emma’s babysitter. Annie walks in and Ryan tells her that Julia has been shot. Ryan tells Annie that it is serious and that he is trying to get a hold of the babysitter so that they can go to the hospital.

At her apartment, Zach assures Greenlee that he loves Kendall. Greenlee says that he has to get Kendall out of his life and that Kendall will betray him again. She reminds him of some things he said in the bomb shelter. Greenlee says that they can get through it together. Greenlee says that they wanted each other in the bomb shelter and that they should give into that. Greenlee asks him to forget about Kendall and make love to her. Zach looks up to see Kendall and Greenlee turns around.

At the hospital, Krystal tells Babe and JR that Julia is bad. JR asks about Tad and Babe realizes that Krystal doesn’t know. The doctors bring Tad in and Jake tells them about Tad’s condition. Dixie stands beside Tad touching his face.

At her apartment, Greenlee tells Kendall to go away because she is interrupting them. Kendall says that Zach is there to help Greenlee, not sleep with her. Kendall says that she wants to help too and that she wants to explain. Greenlee leaves. Zach tells Kendall that Greenlee jumped into the car and asked for a ride home. Kendall explains that she went to Ryan to see if he could help Greenlee.

At home, Ryan tells Annie that the babysitter is on the way. Annie tells Ryan what Julia has done for her. Annie wonders what will happen to Kathy if something happens to Julia. Ryan tells Annie to go to the hospital and that he will meet her there.

At the casino, Aidan tells Jack that he takes full responsibility. Aidan says that Greenlee needs some time alone. Aidan tells Jack that Zach punched him. Jack asks about Julia. Aidan says that Tad was shot while on the roof. They leave for the hospital.

At the hospital, Jake tells the doctor that he is operating on Tad. Frankie walks out in the hall. Frankie tells Krystal, Babe and JR that Tad has lost a lot of blood, but Jake is going to make sure that Tad lives. Angie and Jesse rush in and ask about Tad and Julia. Krystal tells them that Julia isn’t good. Angie asks Frankie to check out Greg’s arm and says that she is going to check on Julia. Angie asks Jesse to stay with Cassandra.

Joe and the other doctors try to work on Julia. Angie begs Julia to come back. Joe tries everything he can think of, but it doesn’t help. Angie tells Julia how sorry she is.

At Greenlee’s, Zach and Kendall talk about Greenlee. Kendall tells Zach about what happened at the wedding reception.

Greenlee stands beside the road and grabs her phone. She sees headlights and grabs her pepper spray. Ryan comes up and tells her about Julia being shot at the wedding reception. Ryan says that he doesn’t know if anyone else was shot. Ryan tells Greenlee that he knows what happened between Kendall and Aidan. Ryan comforts Greenlee.

Annie gets to the hospital asking about Julia. Jesse says that the doctors are working on Julia and Tad. Annie wants to see Julia, but Babe tells her that the doctors are trying to work on Julia.

Frankie and Greg talk about Julia. Frankie says that he invited Rob into their lives.

Joe and Angie talk about what happened to Rob. They leave Julia’s room. Angie tells Joe that Tad was shot. Joe steps into the waiting room and tells them that Julia died. Joe leaves to see how Tad is doing. Babe tries to comfort Krystal.

Joe walks into Tad’s room and Jake fills him in. Jake tells Joe that he is going to operate on Tad immediately.

Frankie walks into the waiting room and Cassandra tells him that Julia didn’t make it. Aidan and Jack arrive and try to comfort everyone. JR tells Krystal that Tad will be all right and that he won’t leave her and Jenny.

At the mansion, Adam remembers talking to Dixie about Tad and Kathy. Colby comes in with a blanket and says that there were other shooting victims. Dixie watches while Colby covers Kathy up. JR calls Colby and tells her that Julia is dead and that Tad was shot. Adam comforts Colby. Kathy wakes up asking for Julia.

At Greenlee’s, Zach tells Kendall that Julia died and Tad is critical.

Greenlee asks Ryan to fix her tire. Greenlee suggests that they get some motorcycles and take off. Ryan says that it sounds like a great idea. Greenlee and Ryan talk about running away together. Greenlee asks about Spike and Emma. Ryan says that the kids will be fine. Greenlee gets into her car and hears a news report about the shooting victims.

At the hospital, Angie and Jesse talk about what happened. They go to say a prayer for Julia and Tad. Aidan stands beside Julia’s body. Annie watches from the doorway. Jack sits in the waiting area. The doctors watch Tad. Opal watches from the doorway. Josh walks up to Joe and Ruth. JR, Babe and Krystal pray in the waiting area.

At the mansion, Adam tells Kathy that Julia is at work. Adam tells Kathy where the kitchen is and tells her to go get some cookies and milk. Adam looks at Dixie.

At the hospital, Zach asks about Tad. Kendall walks over to Aidan and tells him that she is sorry. Ryan and Greenlee walk in and Jack tells them that Julia didn’t make it. Ryan asks about Annie. Jack says that Ryan should check the chapel. Greenlee sees Kendall and Aidan down the hall. Annie walks out and sees Ryan with Greenlee and turns around.

Jake gives Joe an update on Tad. Krystal asks Joe if she can see Tad before he goes to surgery. Ruth encourages Joe to let her. Joe takes Krystal to see Tad.

JR says that he should call Jamie and tell him about Julia and Tad. Adam walks up. Adam says that he wants to be there for JR. Adam asks about Tad and JR says that Krystal is with Tad right now.

Krystal talks to Tad and tells him that she and Jenny need him, along with everyone else. Krystal tells Tad not to give up and that she loves him.

Aidan sits down and looks at Greenlee. Jack apologizes to Greenlee for telling her about Kendall and Aidan. Greenlee asks Ryan to take her home. Annie looks over and picks up a fertility pamphlet. Krystal comes out of Tad’s room and asks Adam what he is doing there and then changes her mind and asks about Kathy. Dixie stands behind Krystal and watches Adam.

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