AMC Update Tuesday 5/27/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/27/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse jumps off the roof of the building onto the plane. He struggles to keep holding onto the plane.

On the rooftop, Frankie and Jake try to move Tad, but he screams in pain from the gunshot wound.

Jesse manages to pull himself up to the door of the plane and starts fighting with Rob. Angie wakes up and takes control of the plane.

Inside the casino, Cassandra begs Aidan to let her go up to the roof to check on her family. Greg and Opal talk about her misguided opinion of Rob. Cassandra tries to go up to the roof, but is stopped.

Zach gets to Greenlee’s house and finds her throwing things. Zach says that she forgot her purse and he finds her tearing and throwing Aidan’s things.

Kendall shows up at Ryan’s house looking for Greenlee. Kendall tries to dodge Ryan’s questions, but finally tells him what happened at the reception. Kendall tells Ryan that Julia was shot.

At the hospital, Julia is rushed in and Joe orders tests. Krystal assures Julia that Kathy is fine.

On the rooftop, Jake and Frankie check Tad’s wound. They see the plane starting to come down and duck in time for the propeller to miss them.

Jesse and Rob keep fighting on the plane. Jesse slips and barely holds onto the door of the plane. Rob tries to pry Jesse’s fingers away from the door. Jesse pulls Rob from the plane and his body lands on the roof. Jesse climbs inside the plane.

At the hospital, Krystal goes into Julia’s room and assures her that Kathy is fine. Krystal says that everything will be fine and that Julia will be home with Kathy soon.

Colby, Kathy and Adam go to the mansion. Colby leaves to get some toys. Adam says that he is going to make himself a drink and asks Kathy if she wants some cookies and milk. Adam finds Kathy’s adoption papers by the bar and looks at Kathy.

On the rooftop, Frankie and Jake check Tad out. Jake assures Tad that he isn’t going anywhere. Dixie shows up. Jake says that they have to relieve it or they will lose Tad. Rob opens his eyes while lying on the roof.

At Ryan’s penthouse, he calls the hospital for an update on Julia. Kendall tells Ryan how beautiful the wedding was. Kendall explains that she wasn’t in the room when the shooting was going on. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee found out that she slept with Aidan. Kendall explains the circumstances of her one night with Aidan. Kendall admits that she doesn’t know what to do to make it right and that she doesn’t think that Greenlee will get over this.

At home, Greenlee keeps throwing things and tries to take her engagement ring off. She tells Zach that she hates Aidan and never wants to see him again.

At the casino, Cassandra and Dre talk about what happened. Dre turns and leaves. Aidan and Greg stop Cassandra from leaving. Greg says that Angie will be able to take care of herself and that she will stand up to Rob.

In the plane, Jesse and Angie try to control the plane. Jesse tries to land the plane.

On the rooftop, Jake and Frankie try to help Tad while Dixie watches. Rob grabs his gun and pulls himself up. Frankie stops Rob from shooting anyone else and a shot is fired into the air.

At Greenlee’s, Zach helps her get her engagement ring off. Greenlee asks Zach about his reaction to finding out. Zach pulls the engagement ring off her finger and she throws it across the room. Greenlee starts crying and Zach comforts her.

At Ryan’s, Kendall explains that she is worried about Greenlee. Ryan and Kendall talk about if he should go look for Greenlee. Kendall begs Ryan to try to help and realizes that she realizes that he doesn’t want to go after Greenlee because of his feelings for her.

On the rooftop, Jake tries to help Tad while Frankie fights with Rob. Dixie disappears. Frankie holds Rob down.

In the plane, Jesse and Angie profess their love and share a kiss. Jesse lands the plane on the roof.

At the hospital, Krystal and Julia talk about Kathy. Joe comes in and says that the bullet did damage to Julia’s liver.

At the mansion, Colby tries to keep Kathy calm. Kathy says that she wants Julia. Adam suggests that they draw Julia a big picture of a cat and Kathy helps him.

At the hospital, Julia refuses to have surgery.

At the casino, Aidan, Greg and Cassandra tell the police about Rob and the people on the roof.

On the roof, Angie tells Jesse that she is okay. They get out of the plane and hold each other. They walk away from the plane and find that Tad has been shot. Jesse asks Frankie to hold Rob still and grabs the gun off the ground pointing it at Rob. Angie and Jake try to help Tad. Rob tells Jesse to shoot him, but Frankie asks Jesse not to do it. Rob keeps trying to get Jesse to shoot, but Frankie tries to talk him out of it. Jesse pulls the hammer back, but pulls the gun away from Rob and hits him. The police run onto the roof and Frankie hands Rob over.

At the hospital, Krystal tries to tell Joe that Julia wants the surgery, but Julia says that she knows what she is doing and talks about the damage that has been done to her. Julia says that she would die either way. Joe asks if Julia wants to see Kathy, but she says no. Krystal holds Julia’s hand and cries. Krystal asks if there is anything she can do and Julia asks her to contact Maria in California because she is Kathy’s appointed guardian. Julia asks Krystal to tell Kathy how much she loves her.

On the rooftop, the police take Rob away. Frankie and Jesse talk about whether he did the right thing or not. Angie and Jake try to help Tad. Jesse and Frankie rush over. Angie announces that Tad doesn’t have much time. Frankie agrees to fly Tad to the hospital.

At Ryan’s, Kendall apologizes for bringing up Greenlee’s troubles. Kendall leaves.

At Greenlee’s, she says that being in the bomb shelter was easy, but trusting someone again wasn’t. Zach tells her a bad joke and she thanks him. He asks her if she wants a drink. Greenlee pulls Zach into a kiss.

At the hospital, Krystal tells Julia what she will tell Kathy. Julia tells Krystal some things about Kathy. Krystal and Julia both cry while discussing Kathy. Dixie stands beside Julia’s bedside and thanks Julia for taking such good care of Kathy. Dixie promises Julia that Kathy will be all right. Julia opens her eyes and says that Kathy is going to be all right and her heart stops.

On the rooftop, Jake and Frankie fly Tad to the hospital while Jesse and Angie watch them leave. Jesse and Angie hold each other on the roof while the plane takes off.

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