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All My Children Update Friday 5/23/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Dixie warns Adam that tragedy will strike.

Angie enters the bridal suite, and then Robert get the drop on Jesse, and takes Angie hostage. Jesse, and Angie are fearful as each offers themselves up for letting the other one go. Jesse then tries to bargain with Robert for the diamond. Robert is not impressed as he reminds Jesse that he is in no position to bargain. He instructs Jesse to hand over the diamond.

Zach tells Kendall it’s time to go. They leave, but Kendall insists that Greenlee needs her, and she wants to return to the ballroom to speak with Greenlee.

Jesse put the diamond on the floor then kicks it toward Robert. Robert says to Angie, “Darling will you put that over here. Who would have known “till death do we part” would come so soon”.

Kendall wants to know if Zach saw the look on Greenlee’s face; she thinks she killed Greenlee’s love for Aidan and herself. Zach thinks that once Greenlee has had time to digest what has happened she will move on. Kendall says that Greenlee is now mad with Aidan, and her. Greenlee is also mad at Zach, but she will forgive him, because he did not tell her about the one-night-stand to spare hurting her. She believes that Greenlee will not turn back, and she holds a grudge longer than anyone. She is sad because they had moved on from the hurt; they had become friends again, and things were good. Zach tells her that Greenlee is shocked, and Kendall should give her a moment.

Aidan tries to explain to Greenlee that Kendall, and he thought Zach, and she was dead; that led to the one-night-stand. Greenlee thought Aidan was honorable, but now she knows he is not. She tells Aidan that there is nothing to talk about, or explain.

Zach continue to try to persuade Kendall to allow Greenlee to cool off, but his suggestions falls on deaf ears. He tells Kendall that Greenlee is not ready to listen to her, because she betrayed her trust. If given time, he believes that their friendship will be fine. Kendall says that she ruined their friendship, and Fusion. Zach thinks that she is getting ahead of herself. Kendall believes that Fusion is successful when Greenlee, and she are in sync. She now wishes that Greenlee had slugged her like Zach slugged Aidan. The look on Zach’s face shows that he is glad he hit Aidan. Zach says that he did it for himself, and Greenlee.

Greenlee remind Aidan that she was in the hole, and all she could think of was him, but he was making love to Kendall. She is now in hell. He can’t even imagine what she is going through now. Aidan hates to see her in pain. While she was missing, he never stopped thinking about her.

Jack asks Julia if she has seen Greenlee. Kathy walks up to Aunt Julia, and tells her that she hurt her knee.

Adam asks Dre has he seen JR. Dre saw Babe, and JR go upstairs where the rooms are. Krystal over hears the conversation and says, “Will she ever learn”? Adam responds, “I was just thinking the same thing about JR”. Adam goes to find out if JR checked into the hotel.

Tad wants Adam to leave. Adam reminds him that he did him a favor when he thought his family was in danger. Tad asked Adam to allow his family to stay at the mansion for protection. Now Adam believes that his family is in danger; he will get Colby, and JR and take them to uncle Stuart’s home for safety. He warns Tad that if he tries to stop him, he will break him like a twig. Dixie warns Adam that there is only one way to change the future. Today is the day when there will be a difference between life, and death.

JR, and Babe are making love in the casino hotel. Babe warns JR that they cannot stay in bed forever. They need to figure things out. Babe wonders why they are together again. JR says blame it on the wedding, because weddings make people want to pair off.

Angie, and Jesse want to offer themselves as sacrifices so that Robert will let the other one go. Robert has a bright idea to shoot Jesse, and let him die in Angie’s arms. Angie taunts him, and says that he has never been in love, and he is jealous of Jesse and she. Robert tells her about the love of his life that he met in Vegas. He allowed his love for the diamond to ruin his marriage. Angie tells him to take his diamond, and go. Jesse want to know how Robert plan on getting out of the hotel alive with all of their friends watching. Robert will take Angie as hostage to help with his escape.

The guests are dancing, and still enjoying themselves. Krystal is upset with Tad’s treatment of Adam, because she believes that Adam is ill. Tad lashes back at her, because he sometimes feels that there are three people in his marriage, Adam being the third.

Opal is making noise in the closet. Greg overhears her, and let her out. Opal is mad as a hatter.

Jack is leaving the party. Jake is leaving as well, but as he leaves Dixie knock something over in front of him to stop him. She tells him to stay because Tad needs him. Jake gets a feeling that he should stay at the party.

Jesse, and Angie profess their love for each other. Robert points the gun at Jesse, and Jesse tells him that his anger is personal. Robert agrees, because Jesse caused him to lose twenty years of his life as well. Angie screams as Robert points the gun at Jesse. JR hears the scream in his room. Adam hears the scream as he ride upstairs in the elevator. Robert, and Angie head towards the elevator; JR opens his hotel door, and Robert shoot at him; JR closes the door. Adam is ordered out of the elevator. Jesse runs after the elevator, when he finds that it has left, he takes the stairs. JR is fine; Robert missed.

Colby is downstairs waiting for Adam.

Greenlee tells Aidan that they are finished, and she runs away.

Angie, and Robert come down to the ballroom entrance in the elevator. Aidan sees Robert’s gun, then draws his gun. He orders Robert to put down his gun. Robert shoots at Aidan.

Colby takes Kathy to the bathroom for Julia. When they try to leave, the bathroom door will not open. Dixie is shown holding the door.

Robert enters the ballroom, and Opal calls him a despicable snake. Tad asks what the hell is Robert doing? Robert shoots into the crowd, and hit Julia. Julia falls forward, everyone screams. He shoot again, then hit Greg. Robert takes Angie, and leaves the room; Tad, Jake, and Frankie chase after him. Angie yells out that they are headed for the roof.

Dixie taps Kathy on the shoulder. Kathy turns around, and smiles at Dixie as if she can see her. Dr. Martin, and Ruth treat Julia; Julia asks about her condition. Krystal yells to Colby, and Kathy to stay out of the room.

Jesse, Frankie, and Jake are right behind Robert. Aidan stays downstairs in case Robert returns.

Angie is shocked when she sees the helicopter on the roof. Robert shoots the pilot. He places Angie in the plane, and then knocks her out. He sits in the pilot seat.

Zach is upset that Kendall is not listening. He tells her that he will hug, and kiss her, but not right now, so go, and let Greenlee reject her, because he will not try to stop her.

Adam finds Colby, and Kathy and then hugs them both. Julia is taken to the hospital. JR reports the shooting to the front desk. The police are on their way. Babe has a change of heart, because life is fleeting. Kathy asks for Aunt Julia!

Kendall asks Aidan about Greenlee, but Greenlee has left. Zach is in his car when Greenlee jumps in and asks to be taken home.

The helicopter takes off; Robert shoots at Jesse, Tad, Frankie, and Jake. Dixie jumps in front of Tad, but he is hit. Jake calls Tad’s name.

Jesse runs and leaps off the building to hold onto the helicopter!

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