AMC Update Thursday 5/22/08

All My Children Update Thursday 5/22/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee slipped away from the party and asked Zach, Aidan, and Kendall to come with her. She had a flashback of Jack telling her that Aidan, and Kendall betrayed her. She lures them all into believing that she is OK then she lowers the boom. She tells Aidan that she changed her mind about having children. She knows that she cannot carry a child, but she will use a Surrogate, and she intends to ask Kendall. She asks Kendall if she would agree to be her surrogate, and then Aidan would have an excuse to have sex with her again. She asks Zach if he would have a problem with the surrogacy. A picture flashes in her head of Kendall and Aidan making love, and then smirking about it. Zach warns her not to make a scene at the wedding.

Aidan, and Kendall apologize. Greenlee hit, and pushes Aidan, and than attempt to hit Kendall, but Zach carts her away.

Tad introduces Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard to their guests. All My Children’s guest singer Ne-Yo sings for Angie, and Jessie’s first dance. Angie tells Jessie how much she enjoys marrying him.

Krystal forces Tad to dance with her, and Opal tries to get Robert to dance with her, but he tries to bow out. He promise to dance with her if she gives him some information. JR, and Babe dance as well.

Jake asked Kathy to dance with him, but she declines.

Robert gets advice from Opal on where to leave his surprise for Jesse, and Angie. Opal tells him about their bridal suite, suggesting that it is a good place to leave his surprise. As Robert turns to leave, Opal notices that he has a gun. He explains that he still has his permit for the gun. Opal tells him that she thought he was happy to see her.

Babe apologizes for believing Richie over JR.

Greg thinks that Jenny would have loved Angie, and Jessie’s wedding. He gives them a t-shirt, which they called a blast from the past.

Frankie tells Dre to ask Cassie to dance. Dre ask Cassie to dance, and she accepts.

Tad wants to stop dancing, but Krystal will not allow him to. Tad jokingly tells her that the Martins are bad dancers.

Colby asked Dre to dance, and he accepts; Adam calls to speak with Colby, because he believes she could be in Danger. Adam proceeds to the wedding.

Robert lures Opal away, and she thinks he is trying to seduce her. Opal tells him about the big surprise ending that Tad has set up for Angie, and Jesse. He has hired a helicopter to whisk the happy couple away. Robert puts her in a utility closet.

Greenlee calls Aidan a cheating, lying, son-of-a-bitch.

JR, and Babe talk about Dixie haunting Adam; JR said that he would like to think that Dixie would let JR, and Tad know she was doing it before she started.

Jack, feeling sorry for Krystal, cut in on Tad. Tad thanks him.

Julia, and Kathy chat with Tad about her new job, and the big move they will be making. Kathy wants Tad to go with them; Tad wishes he could. They will both miss each other.

Jessie, and Angie are really happy. Jessie dances with Cassie, who tells him that it's really hard not to like him.

JR, and Babe slip out of the party for some private time together. JR orders a room at the Casino.

Robert talked his way into the bridal suite.

Greenlee tells off Aidan, and Kendall, and then realizes Zach knew. She wants to get back at Aidan and Kendall so she suggests that she, and Zach sleep together. She tries to undress Zach right in front of Kendall, and Aidan. Zach makes her settle down.

JR, and Babe are engaged in foreplay.

Cassie tells Angie that she is happy for her.

Robert has sneaked into the bridal suite to search for the stuffed elephant, Mr. Trunks. Robert cut up the elephant but nothing was in it. He began to swear when he cannot find the diamond, and then Jesse walks into the room and says, “looking for this”? Jesse has a gun pointed at Robert, and he is holding the diamonds in a little pouch.

Dixie, the ghost talks to Adam who just arrived at the reception. She tells him that trouble is about to happen. He asks a clerk where is the reception being held.

Kendall tries to reason with Greenlee, but She runs off angry, and Zach follow. Aidan explodes at Kendall about Zack knowing about the affair. Aidan believes Zach sent him to Africa to get him killed.

Adam finds Colby, and is relieved that she is OK. He wants JR, Stuart and she to leave right away. It appears to others as if he is acting strange. Colby doesn't know where JR is, and Stuart has taken Marion home. Krystal sees a frantic Adam and then tells him to calm down. She asks to speak with him. He yells, “ I don't want to talk! There's not enough time”!

Uncle Robert tries to explain about the diamonds to Jesse. Jesse tells him to shut up, because he knows who he is, and now Robert is going to do what Jesse tells him to do. Robert blames Remy for putting the diamonds in the elephant. Jesse tells Robert to pull out his gun with two fingers, and then give it to him. Robert wants to know where he slipped up. Jesse tells him things finally added up over the past few weeks: such as what he did to Cassandra, the origami, the gun he uses, Tad not trusting him, and other stuff. Jesse calls Robert a sick twisted bastard. Robert wants to know where do they go from here. Jesse tells him that it is now payback time.

Angie misses Jesse, and Cassie tells her that he said he would be back in a minute.

Zach confronts Greenlee. She wants to know why he didn't tell her. Zach says for the same reason they didn't. I didn't want to see you hurt like this. He tries to explain it to Greenlee how Aidan, and Kendall thought they were dead; they were hurting inside, and needed comfort. He says he is trying to come to terms with it. It's time to pick up the pieces, and move on.

Aidan accuses Kendall of knowing that Zach was sending him over there as payback. Kendall did not agree with Aidan, because Zach released him from going. Aidan insist that Zach knew he would go, because of Tad’s brother Jake being the one held captive, but Zach did not know that Jake was the employee being held captive. He found out the same time that Aidan did. Kendall disagrees with that as well. In the end it was Aidan’s choice to go, not Zach’s. Aidan wants to confront Zach about sending him to Africa. Zach is talking to Greenlee telling her the reason he did not tell her about the “grief sex” is because he did not want to hurt her. He also told her that he began to understand the reason behind it. Kendall, and Aidan thought the he and Greenlee were dead and they substituted each other for the people they thought they lost. Greenlee is upset that Kendall, Zach, and Aidan all knew. They were supposed to be her friends, and her fiancée. She called them all liars, and then she stormed off.

Aidan runs toward Zach while he is talking to Greenlee and says, “Are you trying to make things worse”? Zach says, “No”. Aidan accuses Zack of sending him to Africa to get him killed; he dares Zach to admit it. Zach says, “I know you are not raising your voice to me after what you did!” Zack turns around look at Greenlee then turn toward Aidan, and give him a quick hit in the face. He grabs Aidan’s tie to prevent him from falling, then he says close to his face, “If I wanted you dead, you wouldn’t be here right now. You try to remember that.”

Adam makes a scene, and Tad tells him to leave. Jake tells Adam that he is leaving alone. Adam is not happy, because he wants his two children to leave with him. Tad says you better listen to my brother. Dixie is in the background, and says something to Adam to agitate him.

Jesse asks Robert if he should toy with him, like Robert did with him. Robert wants to make a deal for the diamonds. He tells Jesse that the diamond is worth millions; he will get it cut it into pieces and give some to Jesse. Jesse says, “Money money money, you think you can put a price on twenty years of my life? Robert starts ranting about how his life has been turned upside down for the past twenty years, how his wife left him all because he was so fixated on finding the diamond. He deserves the diamond according to him! He tells Jesse to either give it to him or shoot him!

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