AMC Update Wednesday 5/21/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/21/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie walks over to the door of her hotel room and Jesse says that he wanted to check on her.

At home, Kendall asks Zach if he would marry her all over again and Zach says that he has always been married to her. Greenlee knocks on the door and says that she isn’t going to the party alone.

At home, Tad talks to Jenny about what is happening that day.

At the hotel, Angie searches for her earrings and Cassandra tries to calm her down. Cassandra shows Angie that she is already wearing the earrings and realizes that Angie is nervous. Frankie tries to get Jesse to have some breakfast and Jesse admits that he is nervous. Angie and Jesse tell Cassandra and Frankie what getting married means. Jesse tells Frankie to get dressed.

At the casino, Jack talks to Erica about Kendall and Aidan’s secret. Jack says that he won’t tell Greenlee. Babe and JR arrive and so do Colby and Dre. Colby and JR tell Babe how Adam is doing. Ruth and Joe talk with Jake about how happy they are he is staying in town. Kendall and Greenlee walk into the room and comment on how beautiful the room is. Zach walks in and tells Kendall that he is going to find the manager. Greenlee sees Aidan and asks where the ladies room is. Zach and Kendall talk about how Greenlee is doing. Zach leaves to find the manager. Aidan walks up and Kendall tells him to get it together. Aidan refuses to talk about his relationship with Greenlee, but Kendall keeps pushing. Aidan leaves. Rob tells someone that Angie and Jesse are in the building.

In the hotel room, Cassandra looks in her bag and says that she can’t find her earrings. Cassandra and Angie find boxes from Jesse. Cassandra opens her box to find a beautiful bracelet and tells Angie how lucky they are to have Jesse.

At the casino, Krystal and Tad talk about Jenny’s future wedding. Tad says that it will be a great day, but Dixie says that it won’t be. Wedding guests start gathering and talking amongst themselves while waiting for the ceremony to start. Greenlee starts talking about Aidan and leaves. Greg reunites with Opal. Stuart assures Marian why she will be welcomed at the ceremony. Tad and Greg reunite. Greg meets Krystal and baby Jenny. Greenlee looks outside and plays with her engagement ring while Aidan watches from across the room. Jesse and Frankie come downstairs and Jesse introduces Frankie, Tad and Jake to Ne-Yo. Jesse explains that Ne-Yo’s performance is a surprise for Angie. Tad sees Kathy and Julia arrive. Dixie watches Tad with Kathy. Julia introduces Kathy and Jake. Jake hears Dixie say that Tad needs him. Babe and Krystal talk about Adam. Kendall sees Jack and he asks about Greenlee. Jack leaves to find Greenlee. Aidan tells Greenlee that he can live without kids, but not without her. Julia and Jack bump into each other. Greenlee thanks Aidan for believing in them and Aidan promises her a great life. Aidan leaves to get some champagne and Greenlee starts to cry. Jack walks up and asks if Aidan did this to her. Jack says that Aidan decided to tell her at the wedding and Greenlee says that she brought it on herself. Jack says that Aidan and Kendall betrayed her. Kendall and Zach bump into Aidan and they toast to his relationship with Greenlee.

Rob walks around Angie’s home and realizes that Cassandra has the elephant with her.

At the casino, Colby catches Dre watching Cassandra. Jesse starts to freak out because it is taking so long and Frankie tries to calm him down. Jack asks Greenlee to let him help and Greenlee says that she has to do it on her own. Greenlee looks over at Zach, Kendall and Aidan. Krystal walks in and sits down. Cassandra enters and hears Ne-Yo start singing and smiles at Jesse. Flowers are lowered into the room and Angie enters. Angie sees Ne-Yo and Jesse says surprise. The ceremony starts while Ne-Yo continues his song. The minister asks the guests to join hands. Stuart, Greg, Tad, Frankie and Cassandra read passages. Angie thanks everyone for showing up and being so supportive. Jesse thanks the people who helped him return to his family. Angie and Jesse share some time speaking directly to each other. Jesse starts to cry. The minister proceeds with the ceremony. Greenlee watches Aidan while Jesse and Angie say their vows. Jesse and Angie are pronounced husband and wife. Rob shows up. The reception starts and Joe makes a toast to the newlyweds. Greg plays with Jenny. Opal tells Greg that she feels a spirit in the room with them now. Dixie watches Kathy and Tad. JR and Babe talk about weddings. Rob asks Krystal if there is private place he could put his wedding present, but Krystal has to check on Jenny. Cassandra thanks Jesse for the bracelet and the poem. Greenlee realizes that Aidan had sex with Kendall. Aidan asks Greenlee to tell them what she thinks and she says that she will.

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