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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/20/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rob tells Alan that now that the Papel case is over, he thought it was a good time to retire and Pine Valley seemed like a good place because he has family there. Alan says that the FBI doesn’t think that Rob actually shot Papel.

At home, Angie and Jesse are reunited with Greg. Greg explains that he had to show up for their wedding. Angie and Greg agree that the only thing that could make the reunion better would be if Jenny could have been there.

At the Comeback, Aidan tells Tad that Greenlee doesn’t want to have children with him. Julia tells someone on the phone that her visa is already approved and that she could be there in a week. She hangs up. Her and Jake talk about her new job. Aidan admits that someday he would like children and that Greenlee never wants children. Aidan says that he is rethinking his future with Greenlee.

At ConFusion, Greenlee tells Kendall, Amanda and Babe that she never wants to have children. Amanda says that there are enough bad mothers in the world. Babe says that Janet truly loves Amanda. The women talk about their mothers. Greenlee says that Aidan bolted when she said she didn’t want to have children. Greenlee changes the subject to Babe’s love life.

In Zach’s office, he and JR talk about Chandler Enterprises and about Adam being locked up. JR says that he isn’t leaving without the reports and Zach says that it will cost JR.

In Adam’s cell, Dixie says that Adam cannot beat fate and Adam says that Tad took everything from him. Dixie tells Adam that he is only thinking of himself and that he needs to realize the pain and suffering that is coming. Adam says that he can take anything that her universe could throw at him and Dixie says that maybe someone he loves will have to take the pain and suffering instead of him. Adam thinks that Dixie is threatening his family. Dixie explains that she is trying to guide him into doing the right thing. Dixie tells Adam that if he doesn’t do the right thing others will suffer and walks away. Adam asks who will suffer and Dixie says that the ones he loves the most. Stuart arrives to see Adam.

At home, Angie introduces Greg to Cassandra. Cassandra shows Greg a picture of him from the past that she was looking at and asks about Jenny, the woman in the picture. Angie and Jesse talk about Jenny. They talk about Greg and Jenny’s love story. Cassandra asks about Jenny and apologizes when Greg explains that Jenny passed away. Angie says that there is something that she, Jesse and Greg need to do together and they leave. Frankie and Cassandra get their things ready to go to the hotel. Cassandra picks up the photo album and walks over to her bag.

Rob agrees to come over to the bureau in a couple of days, but Alan says that it can’t wait that long. Rob agrees to go and goes to grab his bag. Rob comes back out with a gun and shoots Alan.

Angie, Jesse and Greg arrive at the cemetery to visit Jenny’s grave. Angie says that they need to be there and Jesse tells Jenny that they are all together again.

At the Comeback, Julia shows Jake pictures of Kathy. Aidan says that he has to decide if he wants a life without children and Tad says that Aidan has to remember that Greenlee has chosen him. Tad asks Aidan what is more important, a life with children that he hasn’t met yet or a life with the woman that he loves. Jake comes back to the table with a pitcher of beer and shots.

At ConFusion, the Fusion ladies talk about Babe’s love life. Babe tells the ladies what happened with Ritchie. Babe says that she hasn’t told Annie yet, but she is going to get even with Ritchie.

In his office, Zach asks JR to help him figure out who ran him down with JR’s car. JR says that it will cost Zach.

In Adam’s cell, Adam tells Stuart what “Dixie” said to him. Adam says that he can’t let his loved ones get hurt and that he has to find a way to stop Dixie. Stuart tells Adam to stop.

At Jenny’s grave, Angie tells Jenny about her miracle. Greg listens as Angie and Jesse talk to Jenny. Jesse remembers the summer he spent with Jenny in the city. Greg steps up and talks to Jenny. Greg remembers first meeting Jenny and various moments from their life together. Greg starts to cry and tells Jenny that he will never stop loving her.

At home, Cassandra draws a picture while Frankie starts getting their things together. Frankie asks Cassandra if she has to take her backpack everywhere and she says that it has everything she needs to sleep. Rob listens in and says that by the following day he will have his prize. Rob locks Alan in a trunk and puts his gun in the holster. He turns out the lights and puts a do not disturb sign on the door before leaving.

At Jenny’s grave, Angie and Jesse get up and leave Greg sitting there. Greg tells Jenny how much he misses her and how he wishes that she returned to him the way that Jesse returned to Angie. Greg puts a rose on Jenny’s grave and tells her that he will see her again some day and leaves.

In Adam’s cell, he claims that Dixie was really there. Stuart says that he believes Adam, but he doesn’t think the doctors will. Stuart says that if Adam acts normal and promises that he won’t hurt himself then Adam will be released. Stuart offers to ask Dixie to stop bothering Adam. Stuart leaves and Dixie warns Adam that he can only protect the people he loves by doing what is right.

In Zach’s office, he and JR talk about Zach’s faith in JR. JR gets ready to leave and Zach says that they have a common enemy and together they can take the person down. JR leaves.

Angie and Jesse return home to find Cassandra and Frankie gone. Jesse realizes that they are probably on their way to the hotel by now. Jesse finds a picture that Cassandra drew that is identical to the one in the photo album. Angie says that they should get going to the hotel. Jesse says that he is going to drive her to the hotel and that he is going to stay home for the night because there are some things that he has to take care of.

At the Comeback, Tad, Jake and Aidan toast to women. They talk about women.

At ConFusion, Greenlee says that if things don’t work out with Aidan she is done with men. Greenlee asks if men are really worth it.

Aidan tells the guys at the Comeback bad things about women, while Greenlee tells the ladies at ConFusion bad things about men. Aidan says that it isn’t worth it. Greenlee says that her life is good with or without Aidan. Greenlee gets up from the table at ConFusion and calls Aidan, but gets his voicemail. Aidan gets up from the table at the Comeback and calls Greenlee, but gets her voicemail. They both hang up looking disappointed.

JR shows up at the institution to see Adam and waits outside while the doctor examines Adam. The doctor comes out followed by Adam. Adam says that he is going to keep his loved ones safe and hugs JR. JR and Adam leave.

Kendall wakes up and looks at Zach. Zach tells Kendall that he was watching her sleep. They start kissing.

Aidan wakes up at Tad’s office and finds a watch. He looks at the cell phone sitting on the table.

Greenlee wakes up at home and looks at her cell phone.

Aidan walks around the office with his cell phone. He sits down and starts doing something on his phone.

Cassandra starts getting ready for the wedding at the hotel. She unzips her bag and grabs something.

Rob gambles in the casino.

Jake looks at pictures from his wedding. He looks at the ring on his necklace.

Tad tries to button the cuff of his shirt and Dixie helps him.

Angie is surprised by flowers at her hotel room.

Jesse pulls out his tux and lays it out. He opens the box and looks at Angie’s ring.

Angie smiles and says that it is her wedding day.

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